''Single-Handed'' is a dark Irish miniseries about a police officer operating in rural western Ireland.

Sergeant Jack Driscoll of the ''Garda Síochána'' (Irish police) returns to his small hometown to take over from his retiring father, a former Garda and slowly begins to unravel the web of corruption and crime infesting the area. Because the town is so small almost everyone he investigates has some sort of history with his family.

Three two-episode, single-story series aired on [=RTÉ=] One, one each on consecutive nights in 2007, 2008 and 2009. A six-part series started airing in November 2010. In a very rare example of an Irish series being sold abroad ''Single-Handed'' was aired on British network ITV in August 2009, repackaged as double-length, two-hour episodes on three consecutive Sundays. The fourth series capitalised on this by telling it's story in three sets of two-parters, with with the a-story resolved after each two and a b-story stretching across the series.

!!This show provides examples of:
* DownerEnding
* [[spoiler: IncestIsRelative]]
* UsefulNotes/IrishTravellers
* PoliceProcedural
* RealIsBrown: The palette is muted to say the least.
* SceneryPorn: This is one seriously beautiful police drama.