''Sam and Friends'' was the first television show to feature Franchise/TheMuppets. It ran from May 9, 1955, to December 15, 1961 on WRC, NBC's owned-and-operated station in Washington, D.C. This was where Jim Henson invented the idea of using the camera's viewpoint to make a television show with puppets more than just a filmed puppet show: there was no need to hide the performers as long as they were out of camera range, enabling the puppets to be filmed just like live actors.
!!This show provides examples of:

* BigEater: Yorick.
* BreakoutCharacter: Kermit
* CastOfSnowflakes
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: This was the first appearance of Kermit the ... nondescript lizard thing. He didn't become a frog until some years after this show ended.
** Jim Henson wasn't comfortable voicing puppets yet, so the early run of the show was segments synced to novelty records.
* EnforcedPlug: Esskay Meats.
* LostForever: Only a small number of this show's episodes have survived.
* ParodyEpisode:
** "Powder-Burn" is a parody of ''Series/{{Gunsmoke}}''.
** "Poison to Poison" is a parody of the TalkShow ''Person to Person''.
* ProtagonistAndFriends
* TrashTheSet: In the final episode, Kermit and Harry blow up all the scenery and equipment since they won't need it anymore.