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An author anthology series in the grand tradition of ''Series/AlfredHitchcockPresents'', ''The Ray Bradbury Theater'' featured television adaptations of the stories of - unsurprisingly - Creator/RayBradbury. The series ran on two different networks between 1985 and 1992. Sixty-five of Bradbury's stories were adapted for the series, though some episodes mixed in elements and themes from more than one tale.

Early episodes feature a surprising number of well-known actors including Creator/DrewBarrymore, Creator/JeffGoldblum, and even [[Creator/WilliamShatner The Shat]].

!!This series provides examples of:
* AgeWithoutYouth : "Hail and Farewell"
* TheAloner : "The Long Years"
* AfterTheEnd : "To The Chicago Abyss"
* AmusementParkOfDoom : "The Black Ferris"
* BuriedAlive : "The Screaming Woman"
* CassandraTruth : "The Screaming Woman", "The Man Upstairs", "The Black Ferris"
* CharacterFilibuster : "To The Chicago Abyss"
* CreepyCircusMusic : "The Black Ferris"
* DepravedDwarf: Averted in "The Dwarf" [[spoiler:at first]]
* EnfantTerrible : "The Small Assassin", "Let's Play Poison" and "The Veldt"
* EvilPhone : "The Wind"
* FountainOfYouth : "The Black Ferris"
* FutureMeScaresMe : "Touch of Petulance"
* {{Hall of Mirrors}}: In "The Dwarf"
* {{Heat Wave}}: "Touched with Fire"
* HolodeckMalfunction : "The Veldt"
* KidsAreCruel : "Let's Play Poison" and "The Playground"
* MoodWhiplash : "Gotcha!"
* MyFutureSelfAndMe : "Touch of Petulance"
* OurVampiresAreDifferent : "The Man Upstairs"
* ReplacementGoldfish : "The Long Years"