[[caption: Mother.]]

In 1965, Creator/{{NBC}} put a show on opposite ''{{Combat}}'' and ''Series/{{Rawhide}}'' about the antics of lawyer Dave Crabtree ([[Series/{{Coach}} Jerry Van Dyke]]), a typically hapless sitcom family man who discovers that his mother has returned from the grave as a 1928 Porter open touring automobile (a Ford Model T modified by the then-ubiquitous George Barris, who also did the [[Music/TheMonkees Monkeemobile]] and the 1960s [[Series/{{Batman}} Batmobile]]).

The show was critically lambasted and caused NBC to be something of a laughingstock for greenlighting it in the first place. The {{ratings}} were horrid across the board except, interestingly, in what we now call the young-adult demographic...but back then, they didn't keep track of that sort of thing.

Despite this, NBC left the show on for an entire season, likely to burn off the episodes and recoup some sort of investment (a common tactic in television).
!!This show provides examples of:
* AndStarring: Miss Ann Southern.
* BackFromTheDead
* DastardlyWhiplash: Captain Manzini is a pastiche of silent movie villains, complete with sinister mustache.
* DeadPersonConversation
* TemporalParadox: How does a dead mother get reincarnated into a car that ''already exists?'' Presumably, the writers took "reincarnated" to mean "got stuck in a car and possessed it".
* TheyFightCrime