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The premise of this {{sitcom}} is simple: A Martian anthropologist (Ray Walston) is stranded on Earth when his saucer crashes. He is taken in by Tim (Creator/BillBixby), a kindly but not too bright earthling who happens, of all things, to be a newspaper reporter. "Uncle Martin" fortunately looks just like a human being except for two retractable rabbit-ear antennae which emerge from his head. He has some special powers, but not enough to keep himself or his human sidekick out of trouble with their feather brained landlady and her suspicious love interest. Nor is he able to repair his saucer, hidden in the garage, possibly because he's not a mechanic.

A [[TheMovie movie adaptation]] was released in 1999 [[Film/MyFavoriteMartian that went by the same name]].

''[-Not to be confused with "YourFavoriteMartian", an animated music video series by Website/YouTube sensation Ray William Johnson.-]''

!! This TV series provides examples of:

* AlienAmongUs: Uncle Martin.
* AnimatedAdaptation: A short-lived Creator/{{Filmation}} version, ''My Favorite Martians.''
* AmusingAlien: Martin
* CowboyEpisode: "Go West, Young Martian".
* DoNotAdjustYourSet: In one episode, martin has a problem with his head, causing him to broadcast everything he sees and hears to every television station (and thus to every set) in the United States.
* MindOverMatter: Martin can move things with his mind.
* PstandardPsychicPstance: Martin does this.
* PsychicPowers: Martin
* SecretChaser: Lorelei Brown
* StopTrick: Used often for {{invisibility}}.
* ZeeRust: A lot of Martian technology, like the spaceship.