Politically incorrect BritCom that ran between 1977 and 1979. The show was about a hapless class of students learning English as a [[FunWithForeignLanguages foreign language]]. It has been much criticized for its xenophobic outlook and heavy use of ethnic stereotypes, but at the time it was appreciated that the show [[FairForItsDay gave actors of colour a bigger presence on TV.]] Hilariously, it was outsourced abroad to great acclaim. To this day it is still re-run on Comedy Central in India and elsewhere.

Four main characters worked at the college of adult education where the show is set:

* Jeremy Brown, teacher of English as a foreign language
* Miss Courtney, strict principal of the college
* Sid, the Cockney caretaker
* Gladys, a tea lady with a penchant for gossip

Jeremy's students were:

* Giovanni Cupello, a macho Italian
* Danielle Favre, a French nymphomaniac
* Anna Schmidt, a humourless German
* Juan Cervantes, a Spanish bartender with hilarious '70s sideburns
* Maximillian Papandrious, a stereotypical Greek
* Jamila Ranjha, an Indian housewife
* Ranjeet Singh and Ali Nadim, an Indian Sikh and Pakistani Muslim (respectively) who constantly fight
* Chung Su-Lee, a fanatical Chinese communist
* Ingrid Svenson, a Swedish nymphomaniac
* Taro Nagazumi, a Japanese businessman
* Zoltán Szabó, a Hungarian with a strange tendency to burst into song

The series was later adapted (unsuccessfully) in the US as ''What A Country'', starring Yakov Smirnoff.

!!Tropes used included:
* AllMenArePerverts[=/=]AllWomenAreLustful - When Brown's away from class, his students will either be messing around or reading something racy. With the exception of Jamila who'll probably be reading something about knitting.
* BerserkButton - Miss Courtney's reaction when addressed as "Mrs"
* BritishAccents
* BrawnHilda - Anna has no problem beating the shit out of anyone who annoys her.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint - A lot.
-->'''Mr Brown''': After William the Conqueror came his son, William the Red-
-->'''Ali''': Oh blimey! You are having a communist king?!
-->'''Su-Lee''': (open mouthed grin and waving a Chinese flag enthusiastically)
-->'''Mr Brown''': What? Oh no, he was killed "the Red" on account of his red hair.
-->'''Su-Lee''': (sullenly stops waving and sits down)
* CatchPhrase - "Oh blimey!", "¿Por favor?", "Okey - cokey", "MISS Courtney!", "Jolly good!", "A thousand apologies"
* DeadpanSnarker: Mr Brown had his moments.
-->'''Mr Brown''': (seeing Giovanni dressed up in typical Mafia getup, look of disgust) Are you representing ''Italy'' or the ''Mafia''?
-->'''Giovanni''': I REPRESENT '''SICILY'''!
* EverythingsSexierInFrench - Danielle
* FanService: Danielle and later Ingrid
* FinalSeasonCasting: Many characters left before the fourth series, leaving Giovanni, Juan, Anna and Ranjeet as the only survivors of the original class (though Ingrid was brought back from season two.)
* {{Flanderization}}
* FunnyForeigner: Though mostly portrayed sympathetically.
* FunWithForeignLanguages
* GermanicDepressives: Anna.
* GermanicEfficiency: Invoked and discussed.
-->'''Mr Brown''': (Taking register) And you?
-->'''Anna''': Anna Schmidt. German. ''Au paire''.
-->'''Mr Brown''': Ah! Good old fashioned Germanic efficiency.
-->'''Anna''': Germans are very efficient.
* HilarityEnsues: Several episodes centred around the characters' brushes with the law through misunderstandings of English.
* ModernMinstrelsy
* MyLocal: The characters were rarely seen outside of a school setting, but would often congregate in the college canteen.
* NationalStereotypes: By the truckload.
* RunningGag: Ali saying 'squeeze me please', Ranjeet's thousand apologies and Taro putting -oh at the end of every word.
* StockBritishPhrases: Sid speaks in nothing but these.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Ingrid, replacing Danielle.
* ThemeTuneCameo: During the school's talent night.
* WackyHomeroom - Oh yes.
* WimpFight: Both Giovanni and Maxmillian get into a fight in one episode where they basically skip around each other with fists raised talking about how they're gonna hurt the other, but never once actually throw a punch. Lampshaded by Danielle.
-->"Fighting?! It was more like dancing!"