'''This page should not be confused with the subtypes of the MentorArchetype, which can be found [[Main/{{Mentors}} here.]]'''

This is an edutainment children's show about TeenGenius, Oliver Cates, who creates his own invention called the Visicron. With it, he can bring any historical person into the present for 36 hours, after which, they get sent back to their proper time with no memory of their time in the present. With the Visicron, Oliver, along with his SecretKeeper and girlfriend Dee, use it to bring various famous people throughout history to help them on the various problems the face and to usually deliver the Main/{{Aesop}} of the episode.

This show also has one of the rare cases of introducing {{Suspiciously Similar Substitute}}s ''before'' the original characters left. About halfway into Season 2, Oliver's [[CousinOliver younger cousins]], Simon and Crystal, are introduced and slowly integrated into the main cast throughout the season, eventually joining Oliver and Dee on some adventures. At the end of the season, Oliver goes to college and passes the Visicron on to Simon and Crystal. The shows lasts for another season with Simon and Crystal as the stars.

Every single subtype of the [[Main/{{Mentors}} Mentor Archetype]] was probably used in this series at some point or another. Yes, [[BrokenPedestal even]] [[FairWeatherMentor the]] [[EvilMentor evil]] [[TreacherousAdvisor ones!]]
!!This show provides examples of:
* AgentScully (Oliver)
* CousinOliver (Simon and Crystal, ''not'' Oliver!)
* EvilMentor (Vlad Tepes)
* {{Expy}} (Simon and Crystal)
* HollywoodAtheist (Played straight with Dee's mother and ''possibly'' averted with Oliver, who's implied to be either an atheist or an agnostic)
* LoveableRogue (Blackbeard)
* MyGirlIsNotASlut (One episode has Oliver unintentionally spreading rumors around school that he and Dee had sex! (And remember that this is a ''kid's show!'') Of course, they just [[DoubleEntendre never call it by it's name]]. Naturally, Dee's popularity is threatened whereas Oliver's skyrockets.)
* RelationshipUpgrade (Oliver and Dee, at the end of the first season.)
* SanDimasTime
* ShutUpKiss
* StealthMentor (In the Season 2 finale, [[spoiler: Oliver is one to ''[[FutureMeScaresMe himself!]]]]''
* TreacherousAdvisor (W.R. Hearst)