--> ''If it's Sunday, it's ''Meet the Press''.''

Creator/{{NBC}} news TalkShow, originally moderated by Lawrence E. Spivak. Was hosted by Tim Russert, under the title ''Meet the Press With Tim Russert'', until his death in June 2008. David Gregory hosted from December 2008 to August 2014, and as of September 2014, Chuck Todd is now hosting the program.

Launched on the radio in 1945, ''Meet the Press'' had its television premiere in 1947. It is the [[LongRunners longest running show]] in the history of television.

The Creator/{{ABC}} network ran its own Sunday Morning talk-talk with ''IssuesAndAnswers''; that ran from 1960 to 1981, when it was replaced by the still-running ''This Week''. Creator/{{CBS}}'s competing offering was ''FaceTheNation'', which started in 1954 and is still on the air.

''Meet The Press'' was once described by [[{{Series/TheDailyShow}} Jon Stewart]] as "one of those shows that exists so that [[ClipShow clips from it can be shown on other shows]]".
!! Tropes featured include:
* LongRunner
* NotableOriginalMusic: "The Pulse of Events", part of the NBC News suite ''The Mission'', composed by [[{{Music/JohnWilliams}} John Williams]].
* {{Political Program|mes}}
* SoundToScreenAdaptation
* TalkShow