''[=McCloud=]'' is an American television police drama that aired on Creator/{{NBC}} from 1970 to 1977.

Dennis Weaver stars as Marshal Sam [=McCloud=], a law officer from Taos, UsefulNotes/NewMexico on semi-permanent "special assignment" with the New York City Police Department.

Not to be confused with the film ''Film/BrewsterMcCloud'', cartoonist Creator/ScottMcCloud, or a certain [[VideoGame/StarFox space fox]].
!!''[=McCloud=]'' contains examples of:
* ArsonMurderAndLifesaving: This trope was [[Administrivia/RenamedTropes originally named]] the [=McCloud=] Speech.
* TheCameo: At the end of "The Concrete Corral," the TV Western star who [=McCloud=] is told to keep an eye on is played by a disguised and uncredited Doug [=McClure=] (from ''The Virginian''/''The Man From Shiloh'').
* ChristmasEpisode: Season 7's "'Twas the Fight Before Christmas...".
* ClearMyName: Chief Clifford in "Cowboy In Paradise," Sgt. Broadhurst in "Shivaree On Delancey Street"[[note]]Broadhurst is suspected of being on the take, instead of killing someone like the other two[[/note]] and [=McCloud=] himself in "The Great Taxicab Stampede."
* CowboyCop: A literal example.
* CurseCutShort: In the episode "Butch Cassidy Rides Again", a passenger on a train curses as the train whistle blows.
* DaChief: Chief of Detectives Peter B. Clifford.
* FishOutOfWater
* HandCannon: [=McCloud=] uses a Colt .45. In "The Great Taxicab Stampede," a nighttime shootout results in the death of a cab driver, and upon seeing the very large hole in the young man, everyone concludes [=McCloud=] must have shot him.
* HeatWave: "This Must Be the Alamo" has the precinct dealing with this as well as a BigBlackout.
* HealthcareMotivation: [[spoiler: Simms in "The Great Taxicab Stampede" has betrayed the department to a drug kingpin to pay for his wife's medical bills.]]
* McGuffin: The "Saracen Horse" in "The Million Dollar Roundup".
* NewOldWest: Although [=McCloud=]'s not a time-traveler, the show's HighConcept could easily be defined as "What if an OldWest lawman went to New York City?"
* ReplacedTheThemeTune: Twice.
* ReunionShow: 1989's ''The Return Of Sam [=McCloud=]''. Unlike ''Series/{{Columbo}}'', this went no further.
* SayMyName: Chief Peter B. Clifford whenever New Mexico lawman Sam [=McCloud=] gets on his nerves, which is all the time.
* SceneryPorn: The show definitely took advantage of the New York setting, with recognizable landmarks (such as the Bow Bridge in Central Park) popping up frequently.
* StrangeCopInAStrangeLand
* TitleDrop: "Horse Stealing On Fifth Avenue" and "The Man With The Golden Hat."
* WheelProgram: The show was part of two of these, ''Four in One'' (1970) and ''Series/TheNBCMysteryMovie'' (1971-77).