[[caption-width-right:296:The one on the left is an android. Really.]]

After the success of the movie ''Film/LogansRun'' in 1976, some bright studio executives decided it would make a wonderful idea for a TV series -- provided the sets, costumes, special effects, and shooting locations for the series weren't too expensive.

'''''Logan's Run''''' (1977-1978) was the result. Only 14 episodes of the series were filmed, and only 12 of those were broadcast before the series was cancelled.

!!''Logan's Run'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* AcceptableFeminineGoals: Jessica very much wanted to know who her mother was, and had a soft spot for children, implying part of her reason for running was to be a mother.
* AfterTheEnd: A nuclear war in 2119 wrecked human civilization. The survivors squirreled themselves away in various niches around the world. The protagonists come from one such niche, the City of Domes, exactly 200 years after the war.
* BadassPacifist: Jessica 6. She was a [[TheChick chick]] of the highest order, but her strong convictions and sheer will to live kept her going, and even convinced a respected Sandman to defect.
* BloodlessCarnage: The movie showed the victims of Carousel exploding in midair. In the TV series, they just turned into purple crystals and disappeared. (This was likely due to the same network mandate against depictions of violence that led to the Stun setting on the Sandmen's guns.)
* DefectorFromDecadence: Logan and Jessica both.
* CoolCar: Or at least, as cool as could be managed on a shoestring TV budget. Logan and Jessica find a hovercraft hidden away in the U.S. Capitol building soon after they escape from the City of Domes.
* DarkSecret: Everyone in the City of Domes believes they will be reincarnated if they end their lives at 30 in Carousel, and that knowing who your mother and father were would be weird. But the sordid truth is, Carousel just kills them, and normal childbearing is forbidden so as to strictly control the birth rate. As one of the secret Elders explained, no one works and everyone consumes, so they have to get rid of them before they get old enough to wear down and become an even bigger drain on the city's resources.
* HitmanWithAHeart: By comparison to his sociopathic literary counterpart and the JerkWithAHeartOfGold played by Michael York, Harrison's Logan was a pleasant and well-mannered guy who happened to have a job killing those trying to escape state-ordered death. Also, unlike his movie and book counterparts, he was already having his doubts.
* HuntingTheMostDangerousGame: A bored, CrazySurvivalist husband and wife made a habit of killing Runners that passed by their estate, and have the keys mounted as trophies.
* RecycledTheSeries: Saul David and MGM studios had no dreams of a TV series when they were filming the movie.
* LaResistance: Jessica was an active member of it back in the Domed City.
* RidiculouslyHumanRobots: Rem is an android who looks, moves, and acts identically to a human -- even to the extent of becoming sexually aroused by a female android in one episode. (He expressed said arousal by having sparks involuntarily pop out of his shoulder.)
* StableTimeLoop: In the episode "Man out of Time" (written by Creator/JMichaelStraczynski), a man goes into the past to try and prevent the nuclear war, but he ends up ''causing'' the war by introducing time travel technology to the past.
* SternChase: Logan and Jessica are pursued by Francis 7 and his gang of Sandmen, who are determined to bring them back and wipe their memories. Francis 7 is doing this because, if he succeeds, he might just get a seat on the Council of Elders who really runs the City of Domes, and thus be allowed to live past 30.
* StunGuns: Due to the network's restrictions on TV series violence, a "stun" setting was added to the Sandmen's guns. It fired blue stripes instead of the normal bunsen-burner flamegun effect.
* WanderingTheEarth: In their never-ending search for Sanctuary, Logan, Jessica, and Rem encounter a new isolated pocket of humanity every week.