''Instant Star'' was a Canadian SoapOpera and TeenDrama created by Linda Schuyler (the same woman who created ''Series/DegrassiTheNextGeneration''). Lead character Jude Harrison, an amatuer singer-songwriter musician, wins an ''Series/AmericanIdol''-type competition and recording contract and is instantly thrust into the world of celebrity and fame. She has to overcome problems with both her personal and professional life, such as her parents' divorce and maintaining her career and pleasing her record label.

The show, like ''Degrassi'', is very much like a SoapOpera, oftentimes outdoing ''Degrassi'' with completely outlandish plots and characters. But also like ''Degrassi'', it is balanced with a teenage realism and feel. The soundtrack to the series is pure teen pop, which pretty much makes this show the ultimate GuiltyPleasure. It aired on The N, now known as Creator/{{TeenNick}}, from 2004-2008 in the United States.

!!This TV show has examples of the following:
* AdamWesting -- Stacey Farber and Aubrey "Drake" Graham guest starred as themselves on one episode. The show has also had fun with the Degrassi cast members in some commercials, such as [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTHfFfyYZXY this one.]]
* TheAlcoholic -- Patsy, and that leads her to [[KilledOffForReal her demise.]]
* AlphaBitch -- Karma.
* AnimalWrongsGroup -- Jude had red paint thrown at her while wearing a fur coat by a PETA CaptainErsatz group.
* AsianAirhead -- Karma, the type one "Trixie Tang."
* BittersweetEnding -- Jude accepts a record contract in London, and the future looks bright for her -- unfortunately, she breaks up with Tommy and chooses her music over him. Fortunately for fans of the ship, the web finale rectifies this.
* BlackBestFriend -- Kat
* BoyBand -- Tommy was part of Boyz Attack, an old 90s boy band. He doesn't like to be reminded of that, as he's moving on to be a top producer.
* BreakTheCutie: Jude's life kind of sucks, especially in the first season.
* CoolBigSis -- Sadie
* DivorceAssetsConflict -- Jude and Sadie's parents divorced in the second season and this was the cause for much stress for Jude.
* GuiltyPleasure -- Defined.
* FieryRedhead -- Jude. The actress Alexz Johnson's hair is naturally blond though, and in season 2, she went with the blond look.
* KilledOffForReal -- Patsy.
* LeftHanging -- The show's fourth season was planned to be the end, but a lot of plot threads weren't closed, most likely leaving those open for a possible fifth season. It didn't happen.
* LoveTriangle -- Jude, Tommy and Jamie. This was the driving force for much of the show.
* MeaningfulName -- [[Music/TheBeatles Jude and Sadie Harrison.]]
* MusicIsPolitics
* PassThePopcorn: Jude is seen eating from a bowl of popcorn while Tommy talks to an bandmate who he doesn't get along with
* PutOnABus -- Jude's friend Kat appeared sporadically in the second season before heading out on a LongBusTrip.
* TheJailBaitWait -- Jude and Tommy...
* ShipSinking -- The two Jude ships Jude/Tommy and Jude/Jamie were torpedoed in the last season, much to the fans' chagrin.
** There is a web finale that was filmed that shows Jude marrying Tommy years later, and having his baby.
* ShowWithinAShow -- The Instant Star competition, which is obviously modeled after ''Series/AmericanIdol''.
* StraightGay -- Instant Star winner #2 Mason, who is a [[GayCowboy a country music singer.]]
* {{Yandere}} -- Megan, in the show's fourth season.