Kids' GameShow that ran for the 1987-88 season on Creator/{{NBC}} Saturday mornings. Basically ''TheNewlywedGame'' [-[[RecycledINSPACE FOR KIDS!]]-]

Three pairs of siblings (one boy and one girl) answered questions about their siblings, each predicting the other's answers. After one round of the girls answering first (25, 50 and 75 points, respectively), followed by one round of the boys answering first (50, 75 and 150 points, respectively), the pair with the highest score got a chance to win a showcase of 20 fabulous kids' prizes in a BonusRound.
!!GameShow Tropes in use:
* BonusRound: The Pick-A-Prize Arcade. Twenty prizes are displayed, 10 boys' prizes and 10 girls' prizes. Before the bonus round, the girl chose six boys' prizes she thought her brother would most likely pick to win; the boy did the same thing with the girls' prizes. Then, the girl picked six girls' prizes, followed by the boy picking six boys' prizes. The siblings kept each prize they matched, and got all 20 prizes if they matched 10 prizes total (out of 12 picks).
* DoubleTheDollars: Close enough.
* Personnel:
** TheAnnouncer: Dean Goss, best known as a San Francisco DJ. He was the announcer on ''HighRollers'' during this same season.
** GameShowHost: Laurie Faso, a bit actor. This was most likely [[GenderBlenderName his]] best-known work, besides ''Marlo and the Magic Movie Machine''.
!!This show provides examples of:
* ChristmasEpisode: Laurie dressed up as Santa for the Pick-a-Prize Arcade segment, [[InUniverse with the show explaining that Laurie somehow ended up in the Iso-Zone, so he asked Santa to help out]].
* ConspicuousCG: The kids were "teleported" to the "[[SoundProofBooth Iso-zone]]" before each round. The teleportation effect was pure 1980s-era cheese.
* DieHardOnAnX
* HollywoodNerd: Laurie's wardrobe included [[FamilyMatters Urkel-esque]] suspenders and cheesy tweed sport coats. Combined with the horn-rims...
* NintendoHard: Getting all 20 prizes in the Bonus Round. The kids had to match on 10 picks out of 12.
* [[PinkGirlBlueBoy Pink Girl Yellow Boy]]: The layout of the Bonus Round. Girls' prizes on the pink half; boys' prizes on the yellow half.
* RearrangeTheSong: A slightly re-arranged version of the theme would later turn up on TreasureMall.