'''''Hallmark Hall of Fame''''' is a [[LongRunner long-running]] (since 1951) series of {{Made For TV Movie}}s produced and promoted by the Hallmark greeting card company in the US, and broadcast on several different networks, most recently the Hallmark Channel. Outside of Creator/{{PBS}} programs and the Met, ''Hallmark Hall of Fame'' is one of the few productions still sponsored and aired (on occasion) by a single corporate [[ProductPlacement benefactor]].

The films themselves include adaptations of literary classics as well as original works, and run the gamut from hard-hitting drama and tragedy, to soft-tissue {{Melodrama}}, to comedy and slice-of-life pics.

For the more general [[ShowGenres Genre]] of shows that express some form of "HallmarkSentiment", see AHallmarkPresentation.

For the DarkerAndEdgier version, see Creator/{{HBO}}, LifetimeMovieOfTheWeek.

Not to be confused with movies made for the Hallmark Channel, which often aren't part of this series.
!!Show list
::'''Notable Entries in the Series'''\\
''Theatre/AmahlAndTheNightVisitors'' - The first one, restaged several times.

!!This LongRunner series contains examples of:
* ChannelHop: From Creator/{{NBC}} (1951-78), to Creator/{{CBS}} (1978-80), to Creator/{{PBS}} (1980-81), back to CBS (1981-89), to Creator/{{ABC}} (1989-95), back to CBS (1995-2011), back to ABC (2011-14), and finally to the Hallmark Channel (2014- ).
* GenreAnthology
* AHallmarkPresentation: The [[TropeNamers Trope Namer]].
* MadeForTVMovie