''Grace Under Fire'' is a {{Sit Comic}} starring Brett Butler as the eponymous Grace Kelly with content finding humor in Working Class life, Single Motherhood and a somewhat Redneck feel.

Famously hit the skids in its fourth season due to its pill-popping star's on-set antics. Surprisingly, the show limped its way to a fifth season, but was abruptly canceled when Butler's rehab stumbled.
!!Tropes include:
* ActorAllusion: When some black friends of Grace are offended by her and her boyfriend Rick, they accuse Rick of being like "one of those racist cops from ''Series/InTheHeatOfTheNight''." The actor who played Rick, Alan Autry, was indeed one on that show.
* ComingOutStory: With [[spoiler:Grace's Father In-Law Emmet]]
* {{Crossover}}: In 1997, ABC forced a crossover stunt on ''Grace'' and the other Wednesday night sitcoms - ''Series/{{Coach}}'', ''Series/{{Ellen}}'' and ''Series/TheDrewCareyShow''. Titled "Viva Las Vegas," the idea was that characters from the four shows would be in Las Vegas for different reasons and encounter each other. Only a couple characters from each series did this, however, and they amounted to [[TheCameo cameos]] at best. This series' contribution was "Vega$."
* DisappearedDad: Grace's ex Jimmy at times although he would turn up sporadically.
* DomesticAbuse: Grace and her ex-husband Jimmy.
* EpunymousTitle
* HappilyMarried: Wade and Nadine
* InformedFlaw: Jimmy was always described as an abusive alcoholic but he was never seen either being abusive or heavily drunk.
** Not quite. When he first reappears in Grace's life at the beginning of season 2 (he was TheUnseen for season 1), it seems as if it's possible they may reconcile. Then they get into a minor argument about something, and he cocks his hand to hit her backhanded. He stops himself, and points out that he ''did'' stop, but Grace says that it would only be a matter of time before he didn't stop himself.
* KissingCousins: mentioned several times as being common in Jimmy's family
* OffTheWagon: Grace would have occasional episodes of this and Butler's would later effect the show. Her stay in rehab resulted in the final season being moved to mid-season replacement.
* RealSongThemeTune: Lady Madonna sung by ArethaFranklin, a well known cover of Music/TheBeatles song.
* RealitySubtext: Grace, like Brett, was a recovering alcoholic.
* SoapOperaRapidAgingSyndrome: Quentin went from eleven to fifteen between seasons.
* SpiritualSuccessor: to ''{{Roseanne}}'' which dealt with many of the same issues and themes. Not surprising since series creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre was a former ''Roseanne'' writer.
* StayInTheKitchen: discussed frequently and believed fervently by Grace's mother in-law.