[[caption-width-right:212:From left: [[FunnyForeigner Ryu]], [[LiterallyLovingThyNeighbor Jin Rak]], [[UnkemptBeauty Dok Mi]], [[GenkiGuy Enrique]], [[TheCasanova Dong Hoon]]]]

The third installment of the "Oh! Boy Project" series from tvN, a South Korean cable network. Based on a webtoon by Yoo Hyun-sook titled "I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day," it's the story of a girl who rarely leaves her apartment, preferring her own company. However, she [[ThePeepingTom peeks into the apartment building next door]] to spy on Han Tae-joon, following his routine through [[NaughtyBirdwatching binoculars]].

One day, his younger cousin, Enrique, moves in with him. After a series of unfortunate meetings, he and recluse Go Dok Mi develop a relationship. There are also other 'pretty boys' in the complex, including a [[FunnyForeigner Japanese culinary student]] and two [[OneHourWorkWeek webtoon artists]], one of which has a secret crush on Dok Mi.

!!This series contains examples of:

* ButNotTooForeign: Enrique, a Korean who grew up in Spain, but holds dual-citizenship and speaks fluent Korean despite his foreign-sounding name.
* TheCasanova: Which Dong Hoon pretends to be to cover up that he's actually working multiple jobs
* DeathbringerTheAdorable: Tae-joon's fuzzy dog is named "Hippo."
* EveryoneCanSeeIt: Everyone in the building knows that Jin Rak likes Dok Mi.
* ExpositionBeam: Enrique and Dok Mi can understand what each other is thinking.
* FistPump: Jin Rak during the tenant demonstrations, and Enrique on multiple occasions will pump their fist as a sign of encouragment.
* FreudianSlip: When Dok Mi asks Jin Rak to see the Van Gogh exhibition together, he admits that he likes ... loves ... Van Dok Mi. Um, Van Gogh.
* FunnyForeigner: Watanabe Ryu.
* [[GenkiGirl Genki Guy]]: Enrique, who is seemingly happy and bubbly almost 24/7. (Shown to be a facade.)
* GivenNameReveal: Jin Rak's real name is Jae Won.
* HeatWave: Inverted. Dok Mi keeps her apartment at slightly above freezing and walks around with a bottle full of hot water.
* HotForTeacher: Dok Mi and Do Hwi's back-story involves a (sort of) LoveTriangle with their HotTeacher back in high school.
* TheInsomniac: Jin Rak's and Dong Hoon's webtoon manager has vowed not to sleep more than 4 hours a night until she turns 35. Her reasoning: she doesn't have education or money; time is the only thing she has, so why waste it?
* LampshadeHanging: The security guard alludes to the drama's name by calling himself "a butterfly in a field of flowers." (Almost a TitleDrop.)
* LiterallyLovingThyNeighbor: Since nearly everyone lives in the same area/apartment, this is basically a description of every romantic relationship in the show, but it's especially true for Jin Rak and Dok Mi.
* LoveDodecahedron: Dok Mi is interested in Tae Joon and Jin Rak is interested in Dok Mi. Enrique is spending a lot of time with Dok Mi so that he can recover from the knowledge that his first love Seo Young is in love with his cousin Tae Joon. Do Hwi is pursuing Jin Rak, even though Dong Hoon thinks she is more his type of girl. The security guard is pursuing Im Jung and she seems to be interested in Watanabe Ryu, but maybe she is just helping him because his Korean is so bad.
* LoveEpiphany: Enrique [[LiteralMetaphor gets hit by one]].
%%* [[ManicPixieDreamGirl Manic Pixie Dream Guy]]: Enrique.
* MultiethnicName: Enrique Geum.
* NaughtyBirdwatching: Dok Mi was just...checking on the neighbor's dog. Yep, that was it.
* OneHourWorkWeek: {{Subverted}}.
** Jin Rok and Dong Hoon are both webtoon artists, so they work from home. They're seen doing some work from time to time. And their job doesn't pay well. Dong Hoon even has a second job. And a third. [[OverlyLongGag And a fourth]] ...
** Dok Mi, a copy writer, who spends a large part of her day ''actually'' working.
* PandaingToTheAudience: Enrique. Seriously, right down to his slippers.
* ThePeepingTom: Dok Mi
* PunnyName:
** 고독 (''godok'') means loneliness, 미 (''mi'') means beauty; therefore "Go Dok Mi" can be translated as "lonely beauty."
** Enrique Geum's Korean nickname is the last two syllables of his name 케금 (''kae-geum''). And also, Geum means gold in Korean.
* RaceForYourLove: Jin Rak runs after Enrique's car to stop him from driving off with Dok Mi.
* ShoutOut:
--> '''Dong Hoon''': How much ... [[http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Autumn_Tale How much will you give me]]?
* ShowWithinAShow: Jin Rok and Dong Hoon's ''Flower Boy Next Door''.
* TalkingInYourSleep:
--> '''Dong Hoon''': Five hundred ... Five hundred ... Five hundred eighty man (5,800,000). [[note]] Large numbers in Korean are broken up into ten-thousands (man), so 80,000 is literally "8 man" or 8 ten-thousands. And 800,000 is "80 man" or "80 ten-thousands."[[/note]]
* YouOweMe: The webtoon manager bails Dong Hoon out of some trouble as his guarantor, when he ends up owing 5,800,000 won (~$5400 USD).
* UnkemptBeauty: Dok Mi, who tends to be quiet and wear bulky dark clothing
%%* WeUsedToBeFriends: Dok Mi[=/=]Do Hwi.