[[caption-width-right:250:Left to right: A, Pipo, Clarilú, Lapiz, B, C]]

'''''El Jardín de Clarilú''''' (English: Clarilú's Garden) is a pre-school targeted series on the Latin American [[Creator/DisneyChannel Disney Junior Channel]], being one of the first shows created regionally for Latin America. The show features a little girl named Clarilú who solves several mysteries taking place on her garden along with her best friend Lapiz, a pencil-dog. The show follows a StrictlyFormula where Clarilú gets a letter from one of her friends at the beginning of the episode, which encourages her to find a lost object and figure out who sent the letter. The series attempts to blend in animation techniques with live-action segments, immersing the actors and puppets into an animated world.

!'''''El Jardín de Clarilú''''' features examples of:

* AlphabetSoupCans: Most of times, Griselda, Pipo and Loli act as if they are unable or unwilling to help Clarilú unless she solves a spelling puzzle. They're the same characters that give out hints that leads one to believe they already know who sent the card.
* EdutainmentShow: The aim of the show is to teach little children about words and pronunciation, which is emphasized on the letters Clarilú receives.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: One of the episodes focused on Lapiz losing his "funny hole". It turned out to be a [[PortableHole hole]] that's fun to play with.
** The ABC's are an A, a B and a C.
* FakeInteractivity: Clarilú often finds herself talking to the audience, specially when trying to figure out the clues.
* FlowerInHerHair: Clarilú.
* FourLeggedInsect: Irina and Loli are two interesting examples, since they are a butterfly and a dragonfly, respectively, yet both are bipedal. Griselda the spider, though, is represented with her respective eight legs.
* InformedSpecies: Cuac and Duvet. They're supposed to be ducks, but they look much more like pelicans. Their deformed beaks might be the cause of it, though.
* ImprobableHairStyle: Clarilú's hair is as much as you would like to go with a girl her age.
* NoIndoorVoice: Irina screams every other word at the top of her lungs. She also uses a megaphone.
* PortableHole: Lapiz's "funny hole".
* RockTrio: The ABC's, naturally.
* TalkingAnimal: Roco, Loli, Irina and Griselda are a talking snail, dragonfly, butterfly and spider.
* ThemeTune: AEIOU, which gets a reprise at the end of each episode, courtesy of the ABC's.