GameShow created by Creator/JayWolpert for Creator/MarkGoodson, which aired on Creator/{{CBS}} from 1976-77. Host Creator/AlexTrebek read a series of clues to two contestants, who were in {{Sound Proof Booth}}s. When one player buzzed in to guess the subject, the other player's booth closed. An incorrect answer resulted in a "penalty clue" and free guess for the opposing player. A correct answer was worth $50 and allowed the player to Dare their opponent to guess the answer with the next clue for $100. If the dared player missed, the darer could "Double Dare" with one more clue for $200. A correct answer on a Dare awarded $50, while one on a Double Dare awarded $100.

The first player to score $500 played the BonusRound against "The Spoilers," usually three men (sometimes two men and a woman) with doctorates in different disciplines. The contestant was shown a subject and tried to stump the Spoilers by choosing four clues from a pool of eight, with the ability to pass up to four if they felt it was too easy. Each time a Spoiler didn't guess the answer, the contestant received $100; if a Spoiler guessed the answer, they received $100 and sat out for the rest of the round. If at least one Spoiler remained stumped after the fourth clue, the contestant won $5,000.

Not to be confused with Creator/{{Nickelodeon}}'s ''[[Series/DoubleDare1986 Double Dare]]'', which is a very different (and much messier) show.
!!GameShowTropes in use:
* BonusRound: Try to stump three doctorates by selecting just the right four clues from a pool of eight for $5,000.
* GameShowWinningsCap: $25,000.
* LosingHorns: Type A. Recycled from ''Series/ThePriceIsRight'', minus the first two notes.
* Personnel:
** TheAnnouncer: Johnny Olson and Gene Wood shared this role.
** GameShowHost: Alex Trebek, in his only game for CBS.
** StudioAudience
* ShowTheFolksAtHome: Any time a new subject was put into play, Trebek would remind viewers to look away until they heard the bell if they were playing along at home.
* SoundProofBooth: Each contestant was placed in one, as were each of the Spoilers.
!!This series provides examples of:
* DownerEnding: One contestant had gotten three clues by three spoilers for a total of $900. Unfortunately, she missed out on $5,000 when all three Spoilers got the answer with the last clue.
* EpicFail: Even after the maximum 10 clues, both players were unable to identify Louise Lasser, the star of ''Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman''.
* FunnyAfro: Trebek had one, believe it or not. Complete with the PornStache he had then, he could not ''look'' more [=70s=] than he did on ''Double Dare''. And he had it during almost all of his 1970s hosting gigs.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: During the final few episodes, the writers were starting to have fun with their clues (well, if that worked for getting ''[[Series/MatchGame The Match Game]]'' UnCancelled...). The GrandFinale featured a hilarious round with [[ some rather racy clues]] for "[[spoiler:boomerang]]". The hilarity is only amplified further through Trebek, who was either completely oblivious to what they planted in there, or outright knew and delivered it straight.
-->"[[BiggerIsBetterInBed The more horizontal this thing is kept while in action]], the more you'll get what you're after."\\
"In the film ''Film/{{Walkabout}}'', the lead male straps one against his thigh with his loincloth."\\
"To use one properly, [[ADateWithRosiePalms grip it firmly with three fingers at the curve near the tip]]."
** This clue for [[ToiletHumor "Toilet"]]:
-->"When members of the French Resistance used this in World War II, they'd say, 'I'm off to telephone Hitler.'"
* RecycledSoundtrack: Probably as a payback for taking assorted sound effects from other CBS shows (including ''Series/ThePriceIsRight'''s LosingHorns, the sound when the player pulls the giant bonus lever from the "Face the Devil" bonus round of Series/TheJokersWild, and that one sound from Penny Ante and ''Series/TriviaTrap''), the ''entire'' intro (music and all) was recycled on ''Series/CardSharks''.
* SophisticatedAsHell: Trebek, as is typical for his hosting gigs.