->'''''[[DeanMartin Dean]]:''''' ''Max? So fly away? I don't get this.''
->'''''[[JerryLewis Jerry]]:''''' ''Well, your name is really Dean but I called you Max and I told you to fly away because Maxfli is the name of a golf ball and the sponsor doesn't want us to make any plugs.''
->'''''Dean:''''' ''We need the golf balls!''
->'''''Jerry:''''' ''Because we both play golf so send them to the house right away.''
->'''''Dean:''''' ''Maxfli!''
->'''''Jerry:''''' ''Oh, I can just see the sponsor now, squeezing all of the Colgate toothpaste out of the tube and he's screaming something awful!''

A live VarietyShow from the 1950's which was hosted by a rotating group of entertainers. The title refers to the show's primary sponsor, Colgate-Palmolive. The November 22, 1953 episode was the first NTSC color television broadcast.

Some of the most famous acts of the day appeared either as hosts or guest stars, including Creator/AbbottAndCostello, [[Music/DeanMartin Martin]] and [[Creator/JerryLewis Lewis]], [[TheJackBennyProgram Jack Benny]], Creator/BobHope, Music/FrankSinatra, Creator/EthelMerman, [[Series/TheHoneymooners Jackie Gleason]], [[Film/SinginInTheRain Donald O'Connor]], CharltonHeston and [[Film/FromHereToEternity Burt Lancaster]].

Lasted five and a half years before going off the air due to competition from ''Series/TheEdSullivanShow''.

!!This series provides examples of:

* AsHimself: Sometimes the celebrities played a completely fictional character and sometimes they were this.
* ButtMonkey: Jerry Lewis and Lou Costello typically assumed the role whenever they appeared.
* TheCameo: An entire episode was spent building up to a 30-second bit by Jack Benny.
* TheCastShowoff: The plot was usually unimportant. No one cared if it got pulverized in the name of [[RuleOfFunny Funny]].
* ComedicSociopathy: Often aimed at Jerry Lewis or Lou Costello during their appearances.
* CrowdSong: In the musical episodes, along with [[SpontaneousChoreography everything else]] a musical [[SummonBackupDancers usually entails]].
* GameShowAppearance: On September 18, 1955, [[http://www.archive.org/details/Colgate-Comedy-Hour-S6E1 the Season 6 premiere]] opened with ''The $64,000,000 Question'', hosted by Hal April (DeanMartin) and sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive (naturally). Returning champ Morty M.M. Morton (JerryLewis) is forced to go for $32,000,000 and manages to survive... then is submerged underwater for the long-winded final question, leading to many ad-libs by Lewis.
* TheHost: Various entertainers shared the duty in a month-or-so rotation. Martin and Lewis were the only ones to remain in the rotation for the entire run of the show.
* {{Improv}}: Some guests preferred to do this rather than follow the script.
* LargeHam: Many, many of them.
* NoFourthWall: Though sometimes the performers would build one and then knock it down again, just for fun.
* RuleOfFunny: Very often the only rule there was.
* SpecialGuest: The guest star(s) of the week.
* SpiritualSuccessor: To [[{{Vaudeville}} vaudeville]].
* ThrowItIn: If something funny came up during pre-show rehearsal, it would often be written into the script.
* TropeCoTropeOfTheWeek: Very common when the show was on the air.