''Cold Squad'' (1998-2005) is a Canadian PoliceProcedural about a unit of homicide detectives who investigate cold cases. The series ran for seven seasons on Creator/{{CTV}} with a frequently changing cast; Julie Stewart as Sgt. Ali [=McCormick=] was the only cast member to remain for the entire series run.

!!Provides examples of:

* DeathbedConfession: "Picasso's Mistake" begins with a serial killer, convicted of killing six women, confessing to a priest as he lays dying that he only murdered five. This sets off an investigation to find a [[JackTheRipoff copycat]].
* GovernmentAgencyOfFiction: The cold case division.
* OnlyBadGuysCallTheirLawyers:
** {{Exploited}} in "Personal Politics": the suspect asks to speak with his lawyer, but the detectives say that there's no need to get a lawyer involved, they just need him to explain his alibi. Wanting to appear helpful, he does so -- and then the detectives immediately tear the alibi apart, having previously questioned the other people involved, and merely needing him to either confess or get caught in an obvious lie.
** In "All in the Family," the fact that a suspect not only got a lawyer, but got an ''expensive'' lawyer, provides a clue that he's guilty of more than the police knew about.
* {{Retool}}: Between Season 2 and Season 3, almost the entire cast was replaced, as well as the sets, and the credits sequence and music were changed.
* RevisitingTheColdCase: The premise of the series.