[[caption-width-right:330:[[KilledOffForReal Who killed Giselle López?]] [[spoiler:Marga Molinari]]]]
'''Botineras''' was a 2009 Argentine telenovela, set in the world of football. "Botineras" is a term used for the women that seduce football players, and became rich with them. It began as a comedy, and shifted into a police procedural afterwards.

The main character is Cristian "Chiqui" Flores, who was playing in Spain and returns to Argentina to get married with his girl, Marga Molinari. He returned to the "Club Deportivo El Cristal" (fictionl). Cappa, a Spanish player rival of Flores, had been killed under unclear circumstances, so the police had to investigate him. For this purpose the agent Laura Posse arranges a secret identity as a "Botinera", helped by Giselle López (who run an agency of such women), and is renamed as "Mía".

However, as the plot advances, new cases begin to pile to the whole issue. Tato Marín had killed Flores' parent to turn into a parental figure for him and secure him as his player; the lawyer Nino Paredes was aware of this and blackmailed him with it. Vanina is killed by Lalo, who was drunk and run the car backwards instead of forwards. And several other murders, kidnappings, killing attempts, etc. In special, the murder of Giselle involved the plots for a very long time afterwards.

!! "Botineras" includes examples of:
* ActionGirl: Laura Posse.
* AmoralAttorney: Nino, [[spoiler: no surprise he was the BigBad in the end.]]
* CampGay: Paul, Giselle's assistant and stylist.
* DesignatedLoveInterest: So, Laura is with the Agent Javier Salgado, and Cristian with Marga, but Laura and Cristian are "the" couple and will end together in a happy ending, despite of everything else, right? No! They both stayed with the people mentioned, to the end. There are too many police investigations, criminals at large and loose ends to pursuit difficult romances.
* EvilMatriarch: Ethel, Marga's mother, who forced her to go to Giselle and transform her daughter into a "botinera" so that she could live a comfortable and luxurious life in Europe alongside her daughter, with little to no regards towards Marga's own opinions or dreams.
* FamousLastWords:
** "Don't do it, friend… please." [[spoiler: Andres Cappa]]
** "Please, don't!" [[spoiler: Solange]]
* GenreShift: from comedy to police procedural; around halfway through the show's run the comedy time was significantly shorter as the show grew DarkerAndEdgier.
* InstantBulletDeath: [[spoiler: Solange]] dies from a single bullet shot to the heart.
* KilledOffForReal: When Florencia Peña resigned, her character (Giselle López) was killed. Killed by [[HeWhoMustNotBeSeen someone who could not be seen]], and for a long time nobody knew who did it, neither the other characters, nor the viewers, and there were hints pointing to several characters. The mystery lasted for a long time. [[spoiler:The assassin was Marga Molinari]]
** [[spoiler: Solange]] is executed by [[spoiler: Nino]] in episode 17.
* LifeOfTheParty: Cristian's best friend Anguila is mostly recognized for being this by the media, instead of due to his ability playing soccer.
* LukeIAmYourFather: Humberto Arregui, head of the police department, found out that he was Laura's father. She did not like it very much...
* MsFanservice: Marga. While all the main females such as Giselle, Vanina and Laura (only while posing as Mia, of course) provide their fair share of fanservice, resident FieryRedhead Marga Molinari is definitely the queen of this trope, as just about every episode has her show off her body in some way; the most blatant example is probably episode 18, in which Marga is seen wearing nothing but her lingerie during the entire episode for absolutely no reason other than fanservice.
* PlotTriggeringDeath: Andres Cappa's death (in which Cristian and his inner circle is suspected to be involved with, and what Laura is tasked with investigating) is what kickstarts the plot.
* PutOnABus: After Giselle's death, her assistants Cata and Paul are shipped off in two different directions; Cata goes to work in Venezuela, while Paul gets hired in Europe as a model's personal stylist.
* SecretIdentity: No superheros or other weird stuff: Police officer Laura Posse created a secret identity to infiltrate the football world as Mia, a fashionable young "botinera".
* SecretKeeper: Giselle Lopez knew that "Mía" was a police all along. It couldn't be otherwise, she taught her how to be a "botinera".
* TheBabyTrap: Celeste tries to pul one on Cristian, claiming her son is Cristian's (it isn't). He pays her off to avoid her going to the media… which is what she wanted all along.
* TheCavalryArrivesLate: n the finale, Laura Posse faced Nino Paredes alone, before the rest of the police could get to her support.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Laura and Giselle are a case of this. Giselle is a woman with "normal" girly interests (clothes, make-up, etc), while Laura is a woman with more traditionally manly interests (guns, work, sports, etc) as well as not very concerned with her looks. This differences cause them to clash more often than not, with Giselle thinking Laura is an "ugly, boy-ish mess" while Laura thinks Giselle is an "old, self-centered hag". They make quite a good team when their interests align though.
* WhamEpisode: Episode 17, in which [[spoiler: Solange discovers (part of) Tato and Nino's secret ploy in drugging their soccer players to upgrade their performances, flees the scene and is discovered only by Nino, who follows her and shoots her in cold blood.]]
* YourCheatingHeart: Before the series' start, Laura divorced her husband Marcos because she caught him cheating on her with another woman.
** Cristian is seen cheating on Marga several times as well, specially early in the series.