Charades GameShow that ran on Creator/{{CBS}} from 1984-86 with Tom Kennedy as host in which two celebrity/contestant teams acted out a series of words charade-style with one teammate as the actor and the other as guesser.

The correctly-guessed words were then inserted into a sentence on the gameboard, after which the team had a chance to identify what the sentence was describing for some cash. $500 won the game and the right to play the bonus round.
!!GameShow Tropes in use:
* BonusRound: Guess up to ten words for $100 each, then three ''more'' words for ten times that amount (up to $10,000).
* ConsolationPrize
* GameShowWinningsCap: Contestants originally stayed on until they lost once; in September 1984, this was altered to have players stay on until they lost ''twice''.
* GoldenSnitch: The first two rounds were worth $100 each, while the next two rounds were $250 each. As $500 was needed to win, the two $100 rounds had absolutely no bearing on the game.
* HomeGame: Averted in the case of the show itself, although it ''was'' partially based on one, released in 1975 with [[Series/ILoveLucy Lucille Ball]] on the cover and also called ''Body Language''. Notably, it was created by Dr. Cody Sweet, who was the first platform speaker on nonverbal communication. (Contrary to popular belief, this board game has no connection with ''Body Language'''s precursor, ''Series/{{Showoffs}}'', though the series and board game both came out in the same year.)
* Personnel:
** TheAnnouncer: Johnny Olson, in his last series. After his death in late 1985, Gene Wood took over for the rest of the run.
** GameShowHost: Tom Kennedy, one of the most prolific in the genre.
** StudioAudience: Possibly averted. In the Johnny Olson incident under the YMMV tab, he was shown on-camera in front of what were obviously vacant seats.
* PromotionalConsideration
!!This show provides examples of:
* RearrangeTheSong: The show's ticket plug music was remixed as the ThemeTune of the 1985 ''{{Series/Concentration}}'' pilot, then carried over into ''Classic Concentration''.
* ShowTheFolksAtHome: The words to be pantomimed are shown to the home viewers.