BeautyAndTheGeek is a RealityTV show that has [[MultinationalShows British, American and Australian versions]]. The premise of the show is to get together a group of beautiful women and a group of geeks, and to pair them off with each other. The groups then have to complete challenges outside of their typical comfort zone, for example the beauties may have to visit a ComicBook convention. If a team wins the challenge, they become safe from elimination, and have to choose one of the other teams to send to the elimination room. Elimination is a run-off between two teams, is decided in eight questions, 2 for each person. The beauties have to answer questions on typical geek topics, and the geeks have to answer questions on dating and fashion.

The American version of the show ran for five seasons, and each show has had a slightly different format. The British version lasted only one season but the Australian version has been much more successful, completing three seasons and with a fourth in production.

!Tropes present in the show:

* BrainlessBeauty: Most of the beauties, although there are a few who are fairly intelligent and come across as BookDumb but otherwise savvy.
* BreakoutCharacter: (In the Us version), this is actually the first reality TV show that Megan Hauserman participated in. And you will be shocked at how nice, and how amazingly UTR in her appearance.
* DumbBlonde: Many of the beauties fit this trope. In fact this trope is part of the point of the series.
* EliminationCatchphrase: “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave the mansion”.
* EliminatedFromTheRace: Generally, the teams are eliminated by a quiz.
* FanserviceFauxFight: A promo for the Australian version featured a pillow fight between the beauties and the geeks. The beauties, of course, were clad in lingerie.
* {{Geek}}
* GenderInvertedTrope: In Season 4, there was one male beauty and one female geek. The Australian show has also tried this spin.
* GreedyJew: Inverted. While the American/British opening song is about [[ getting lots of money]], the Israeli version is about two people working up the courage to come together from different worlds. Although one of the contestants on the second season was ridiculously stingy for no apparent reason, partially playing straight the AllJewsAreCheapskates trope.
* NoSocialSkills: Many of the geeks.
* RealityTVShowMansion: They live in a mansion for the duration of the show.
* TransatlanticEquivalent: There are both British and American versions of this show, though there was only one season in Britain. There is also a successful Australian version.