'''America's Test Kitchen''' is a CookingShow on PBS and essentially the TV version of ''Cook's Illustrated'' magazine, hosted by editor Christopher Kimball. Unlike most cooking shows (particularly those on Creator/{{PBS}}), it focuses on the "science" of cooking; it could be thought of as a more straight-up version of ''Series/GoodEats''. In addition to recipes and general cooking tips, the show also features a science corner, letters to the editor (Chris Kimball), an Equipment Corner (consumer cooking goods reviews) and a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin tasting lab]].

A spin-off (more like very minor variation) is '''Cook's Country''', once again featuring host Chris Kimball and pretty much the rest of the America's Test Kitchen staff.


* DuelingShows: Kimball has noted the similarity to ''Good Eats'', and taken care to point out the differences.
* InNameOnly: There's a video game for the NintendoDS. It's actually a sequel to an unrelated game called ''Personal Trainer: Cooking''. All it has in common with the show is the title.