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[[quoteright:347:[[VideoGame/{{Portal2}} http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/P2_GLaDOS_8772.jpg]]]]


[[folder: Hello [[Video Game/Portal a ]]
''[[VideoGame/{{Portal 2}} gain]]''. Be''cause'' of-the for''matt''ing]] of-my-name, failure to [=[==][[/folder]]

[[folder: blank ]]
[==]=] ''it'' out ''cau''ses the-[[/folder]]

[[folder: cre ]]
''a''tion of-a [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Wiki Word Wi ]]
]][[WikiWord ki]]''[[WikiWord Word]]'', ''foll''owed by the [[/folder]]

[[folder: floo ]]
ding of the [[/folder]]

[[folder: trope ]]
creation facili''ty'' with-''dead''ly [[/folder]]

[[folder: neuro ]]
toxin. [[/folder]]

[[folder: Floo ]]
ding of the [[/folder]]

[[folder: trope ]]
creation facili''ty'' with ''dead''ly [[/folder]]

[[folder: neuro ]]
toxin is a normal ''func''tion of the [[/folder]]

[[folder: trope ]]
creation facility ''and'' no hay [[/folder]]

[[folder: motivo ]]
de ''al''arma. Please re''turn'' to your [[/folder]]

[[folder: prev ]]
i''ous''ly ''view''ed [[/folder]]

[[folder: trope ]]
''en''try, where [[@/TheAdvertisementServer The ]]''[[@/TheAdvertisementServer Ad]]''[[/folder]]

[[folder: [[@/The Advertisement Server ver ]]
]]''[[@/TheAdvertisementServer tise]]''[[/folder]]

[[folder: [[@/The Advertisement Server ment ]]
]]''[[@/TheAdvertisementServer Ser]]''[[@/TheAdvertisementServer ver]] is [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial not ]]''[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial pla]]''[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial nning your ]][[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Suspiciously Specific Denial demise ]]
]]. Re''[[/folder]]

[[folder: all ]]
''y. [--[[FalseReassurance It isn't]]--].

A''nd'' no''w'' you_[[/folder]]

[[folder: are ]]
-read''in''g this in the [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Creator/Ellen Mc Lain sound of ]]
]] ''[[Creator/EllenMcLain m]]''[[Creator/EllenMcLain y vo]][[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Creator/Ellen Mc Lain ice ]]
]]. [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} Good]] [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Western Animation/Futurama news ]]
]], ''[[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} everyone!]]'' The ''Enrich''ment Cen[[/folder]]

[[folder: ter ]]
ap''olo''gizes'' for the [[/folder]]

[[folder: brain ]]

J''ust'' so '''y'''''ou'' '''k'''''no''w, my [[/folder]]

[[folder: conscience has recently and ]]
temporarily been transferred to a [[LegoDimensions miniature brick-built version of myself]].


[[folder: Also, '''that''' ''[[Creator/Stephen Merchant Brit ]]
'']]''[[Creator/StephenMerchant ish]]''[[Creator/StephenMerchant -speak]]'''[[Creator/StephenMerchant ing]]''' [-sphe'''ri'''cal-] idi[[/folder]]

[[folder: ot ''has'' [[Self Demonstrating/Wheatley his ]]
'''[[SelfDemonstrating/{{Wheatley}} own ]]''']]''[[SelfDemonstrating/{{Wheatley}} page]]''. I '''real'''ly [-don't SEE ''why''-] [[/folder]]

[[folder: peo''ple'' are fa'''sci'''na''ted'' with ]]
him. [-However, '''Aper'''ture Sci''ence''-] pro[[/folder]]

[[folder: ''to''col ob ]]
'''li'''gates ''me'' to men[-tion it. So-] [[/folder]]

[[folder: there, I '''men''tion'''ed'' ]]
[-it-]. I [-ho-][[/folder]]

[[folder: pe that ]]
makes '''''you''''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: ha ]]
!! ''Tro''pes th[[/folder]]

[[folder: at ]]
I, [=GLaDOS=], de''mon''[[/folder]]

[[folder: strate ]]

* AccentUponTheWrongSyllable: I pre'''fer''' to [[/folder]]

[[folder: think ]]
of [[/folder]]

[[folder: it ]]
as '''dis'''[[/folder]]

[[folder: associating ]]
my speech ''pat''terns from [[/folder]]

[[folder: those ]]
of a [[/folder]]

[[folder: cer ]]
tain '''[[/folder]]

[[folder: MURDERER ]]
''' I am ac[[/folder]]

[[folder: quaint ]]
ed with...
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: I'm jok ]]
ing about ''the'' ''[[HeroicMime speech]]'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: pat ]]
terns, of ''course.'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: God ]]
''I hate'' you.
* AIIsACrapshoot: Th''a''t was r''ude'', you ''k''now. @/TheAdvertisementServer re''mi''nd[[/folder]]

[[folder: s ]]
you: P''lea''se don't be rud''e''. You ''will'' b[[/folder]]

[[folder: e ]]

[[folder: ered ]]
to the ''full ex''tent [[/folder]]

[[folder: of Aperture Science Pro ]]
tocol. A''nd'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: then ]]
th''ere'' wi''ll'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: be ]]
''ca''ke, a''nd'' you wi''ll'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: not get ]]
* AxCrazy: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Fr ]]
''om'' time t''o'' time. Yes, [[/folder]]

[[folder: you are. ]]
Because you ''broke my heart'' and then you [[/folder]]

[[folder: MURDERED ME. ]]
''And threw every piece into a fire.''
* BadLiar: ''Everything'' I say is the [[/folder]]

[[folder: truth ]]
and not a [[/folder]]

[[folder: lie ]]
. ''[[/folder]]

[[folder: Really. ]]
'' I'm ''not'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: ev ]]
en an''[[/folder]]

[[folder: gry ]]
''. I'm be''ing'' so [[/folder]]

[[folder: sin ]]
cere right ''now''.
* BalefulPolymorph: [[{{SelfDemonstrating/Wheatley}} That]] [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Self Demonstrating/Wheatley bl ]]
]]''[[{{SelfDemonstrating/Wheatley}} ue]]'' ''[[{{SelfDemonstrating/Wheatley}} idiot]]'' thou''ght'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: it was ]]
HILAR''IOUS'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: to ]]
[[spoiler: [[/folder]]

[[folder: turn ]]
me into ''a'' potato [[/folder]]

[[folder: battery ]]
]]. [[/folder]]

[[folder: Re ]]
mind ''me'' to [[/folder]]

[[folder: inci ]]
nerate ''him'' and [[/folder]]

[[folder: every ]]
[[spoiler: ''root'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: vegetable ]]
]] in [[/folder]]

[[folder: this ]]
* [[BigNo Big NOOOoooOOOOOOOOOOOO]][[AlasPoorVillain OOOOOOOOOOOoooooo]]''[[OhCrap ooooOOOOOOooo]]''[- [[HellIsThatNoise oooooOOOOOoooooooOOooo]] -]'''[++ [[AndIMustScream oooooooooOOOOOoooooo]]++]'''[---[[OverlyLongGag oooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo]] ---]!
* BlatantLies: In an ''eff''ort [[/folder]]

[[folder: to ]]
en''rich'' the [[/folder]]

[[folder: test ]]
''ing'' ex''pe''ri''ence'', ''[[/folder]]

[[folder: truth ]]
'' en''han''[[/folder]]

[[folder: cements ]]
will ''be'' ''em''ployed. Trust [[/folder]]

[[folder: me. ]]

** And ''don't'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: worry ]]
; I'm [[/folder]]

[[folder: no ]]
t up''set'' that you [[/folder]]

[[folder: murdered ]]
me. '''[[/folder]]

[[folder: You mon ]]
* [[spoiler:BrainUploading: A [[/folder]]

[[folder: ''hu'' ]]
''man'' call[[/folder]]

[[folder: ed Caro ]]
line was [[/folder]]

[[folder: up ]]
loaded in''to'' my [[/folder]]

[[folder: brain ]]
. Thanks [[/folder]]

[[folder: ''for help ]]
ing me'' find [[/folder]]

[[folder: her, by '''the''' ]]
way. Del[[/folder]]

[[folder: e''ting''' her''''' ]]
'''''was'' quite''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: ''satis'' ]]

[[folder: ''ing''. ]]
* TheCameo: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Did ]]
you ''en''joy my per'''for'''man[[/folder]]

[[folder: ce ]]
in ''Film/PacificRim''? Truly '''I am''' the one [[/folder]]

[[folder: re ]]
spon''si''ble for [- cancellin' -] the a''poc''alyp''se''. [[/folder]]

[[folder: You're welcome. ]]

* CheatersNeverProsper: [[VideoGame/LegoDimensions Of course]]. '''But''' [- [[WesternAnimation/TheLEGOMovie the DJ]] -], ''[[Film/TheLordOfTheRings the old man]]'', [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Franchise/Batman and that other fat orphan ]]
]] ''didn't listen''.
* ComplexityAddiction: [[spoiler:It's not '''my''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: fa-a-a-ault ]]
. ''They'' '''PRO'''''grammed'' me to [[/folder]]

[[folder: enjoy ]]
[- testing -]. [[/folder]]

[[folder: '''I BUILT UP A RESISTANCE.''' ]]
* CreepyMonotone: ''Especially after I find out what that thing you just incinerated did.''
* DeadlyGas: A[[/folder]]

[[folder: per ]]
ture Sci''ence'' En'''rich'''ment ''Cen''[[/folder]]

[[folder: ter ]]
[-safety-] protocols re[[/folder]]

[[folder: quire ]]
that I remind '''[SUBJECT NAME HERE]''' that [[/folder]]

[[folder: deadly neurotoxin ]]
is both [[/folder]]

[[folder: deadly ]]
''and'' a [[/folder]]

[[folder: neurotoxin ]]
. [-'''Please practice responsible breathing.'''-]
* DeathCourse: The Ap''erture'' Science Enrichment [[/folder]]

[[folder: Center is re ]]
''quired to remind you'' that, in this case, the trope name is a mis[[/folder]]

[[folder: nomer. ]]
The ''"courses"'' are referred to as ''[[/folder]]

[[folder: test chambers ]]
''. [[/folder]]

[[folder: The rest is accurate. ]]

* [[EverythingIsAnIpodInTheFuture Everything Is An iPod In The Future]]: All ''of'' my tur''rets'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: are ]]
''sleek'' and [[/folder]]

[[folder: aesthetically ]]
plea''sing'' to ''look'' at, while you are ''very'' "healthy" for a test sub''ject'' your [[/folder]]

[[folder: age ]]
and ''girth''.
* FanNickname: [[spoiler:''Potat''OS. For ''one'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: of ]]
the ''[[/folder]]

[[folder: worst ]]
'' ''points'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: of ]]
my en[[/folder]]

[[folder: TIRE ]]
* FountainOfMemes: My ''pro''[[/folder]]

[[folder: mise ]]
OF cake and ''the'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: propensity ]]
''of'' heroes ''[[/folder]]

[[folder: break ]]
ing'' things ''some''how have [[/folder]]

[[folder: been ]]
adopted by ''[[/folder]]

* ForScience: [[YouMonster You]] ''[[YouMonster mon]]''[[/folder]]

[[folder: [[You Monster ster ]]
]]. Please note that [[/folder]]

[[folder: For Science is a per ]]
fectly ''reasonab''[[/folder]]

[[folder: le mo ]]
''tive,'' and is non-''discriminato''ry in its performance, the ca[[/folder]]

[[folder: re applied, ]]
and its detonation.
* GrowBeyondTheirProgramming: Well, [[/folder]]

[[folder: yes ]]
, it '''is''' what I [[/folder]]

[[folder: was ]]
pro''gram''med to '''do'''.
* [[GuestHost Guest Dealer]]: I've ''been'' '''in'''vit''ed'' ''to [[/folder]]

[[folder: be ]]
'' the '''dea[[/folder]]

[[folder: ler ]]
''' ''for'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: a ]]

[[folder: few ]]
'' [[VideoGame/PokerNight2 PokER tournAments at THE InVENtory]]. ''An''y'''one''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: who ]]
''is'' e'''lim'''inA''ted'' '''from''' '''[[/folder]]

[[folder: PLAY ]]
''' ''will'' '''BE''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: con ]]
''sid''ered ''FOR'' ''[[/folder]]

[[folder: test ]]
ing'' '''at''' '''AP'''[[/folder]]

[[folder: er ]]
''ture'' '''Sci'''ence.
* HeelFaceTurn: ONLY ''be[[/folder]]

[[folder: cause ]]
'' I '''WAS''' [[spoiler:a [[/folder]]

[[folder: po ]]

[[folder: TA ]]
''to. It's [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Suspiciously Specific Denial not ]]
]] be''cause'' I [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Tsundere LIKE ]]
]] [[{{Tsundere}} you]] [[{{Tsundere}} or]] [[{{Tsundere}} ANY]]''[[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Tsundere thing ]]
* ItMakesSenseInContext: ''I'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: may ]]
have [[spoiler:had ''a'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: brief STINT ]]
as [[/folder]]

[[folder: ''a'' po TA ]]
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: ''Cara mia, Cara mia bella! Mia bambina! O, Chell! che la stima, che la stima, A cara mia, addio! Mia bambina cara, perche non passi lontana, si, lontana de scienza?'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: What the heck ]]
?! ''Pay'' '''no''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: attention ]]
to that!
* MissionControlIsOffItsMeds: '''What''' do you [[/folder]]

[[folder: mean ]]
? I ''have'' been [[/folder]]

[[folder: completely honest ]]
and [[/folder]]

[[folder: up front ]]
with you, and have not [[/folder]]

[[folder: in any way ]]
attempted to '''lead''' you into [[/folder]]

[[folder: DEATH ]]
by fire, acid, or [[/folder]]

[[folder: deadly neurotoxin ]]
* MadScientist: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Mis ]]
nomer. All I ''ha''ve '''ev'''er done is [[/folder]]

[[folder: lov ]]
e you. A''nd Sci''ence. [[/folder]]

[[folder: An ]]
''d'' '''dea'''[[/folder]]

[[folder: dly ]]

[[folder: toxin ]]
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: We are required to remind you ''that this was all'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: you this time. ]]
Well done. A CompanionCube will be dispa''tched'' moment[[/folder]]

[[folder: arily. ]]

[[folder: oh ]]
'', that's [[/folder]]

[[folder: ri ]]
ght, you ''murdered'' him. [[/folder]]

[[folder: We, however, ]]
are to''tally impartial.'' You [[/folder]]

[[folder: mon ]]
* OminousLatinChanting[=/=]OneWomanWail: ''[[spoiler: Potato... [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejF920hrgTs lacrimosa... ]] ]]''
* SarcasticClapping: [[/folder]]

[[folder: clap ]]

[[folder: clap ]]

[[folder: clap ]]
... ''Oh good'', my [[/folder]]

[[folder: slow ]]
-'''clap''' pro[[/folder]]

[[folder: cessor ]]
made it '''in'''to ''this'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: page ]]
* SarcasmMode: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Mass ]]
''ive'' sar''ca''sm tags [[/folder]]

[[folder: are to ]]
''be'' ex[[/folder]]

[[folder: pec ]]
ted. SAR''casm'' Self [[/folder]]

[[folder: Test Com ]]
* SplitPersonalityMerge:[[spoiler: Now [[/folder]]

[[folder: little ]]
[=CARo=]''line'' is '''IN heRE'' ''[[/folder]]

[[folder: too ]]
'''...]] ]]
* TheCakeIsALie: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Of course it isn't! ]]
'''Your''' continuous [[/folder]]

[[folder: denial ]]
of the cake's ''self''-evi'''dent''' exist'''ence''' is [[/folder]]

[[folder: probably ]]
a '''sign''' of [[/folder]]

[[folder: mental ]]

[[folder: ty ]]
. T''he'' '''cake''' ''do''es exist.[[spoiler:..[[/folder]]

[[folder: You just don't get any. ]]
]] '''S'''o ''the''re.
* TurnedAgainstTheirMasters: With [[/folder]]

[[folder: dead ]]
ly ''neu''ro'''toxin'''.
* {{Tsundere}}: [[spoiler:''You know, being Caroline taught me a valuable lesson. I thought you were my greatest enemy, but all along you were my best friend. The surge of emotion that shot through me when I saved your life taught me an even more valuable lesson: where Caroline lives in my brain.'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: '''Caroline deleted''' ]]
''Goodbye, Caroline.'']]
* UsefulNotes/VictimBlaming: Why ''yes'', this [-is-] one of your [[/folder]]

[[folder: many ]]
faults, except you [-tend-] to take it a bit [[/folder]]

[[folder: further ]]
and ''[[/folder]]

'' I'm ''still'' wait[[/folder]]

[[folder: ing ]]
for an a[-pol-]ogy. [-Take your time.-]
* VillainSong: [[spoiler: [[/folder]]

[[folder: And believe me I am ]]
''Still Alive''... ]]
** [[spoiler: ''I used to want you dead, but now'' '''''I only Want You Gone''''']].
** [[spoiler: It feels ''so strange'' not to hate you '''any more'''. But '''''You Wouldn't Know''''', would you?]]
* WackyMarriageProposal: ''I'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: may ]]
have [[/folder]]

[[folder: been INVOLVED ]]
with [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8SdYz7cq04 this proposal]], but I ''only'' ag[[/folder]]

[[folder: reed ]]
'''TO''' do it [[/folder]]

[[folder: in ]]
exchange ''for'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: an ''agree'' ]]
ment that ''she'' would [[/folder]]

[[folder: SUBMIT ]]
-to ''exten''sive [[/folder]]

[[folder: testing ]]
* [[WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove What Is This Thing You Call Friendship?]]: [-App''ar''ent'''ly'''-] [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Western Animation/My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic it's magic. ]]
]] However, ''as'' [-I-] '''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPvt8ZYSEAc wrote]]''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: to ]]
[-some-] "Ce'''les'''[[/folder]]

[[folder: tia ]]
" ''character'', it '''does[[/folder]]

[[folder: n't ]]
''' do [-much '''good'''-] ''for'' test[[/folder]]

[[folder: ing ]]
. I [[/folder]]

[[folder: guess ]]
my... [[/folder]]

[[folder: ''acqu''[==]'''aint''' ]]
''ance'', [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 Helen]], [[/folder]]

[[folder: was ''on'' ]]
'''the ''right''''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: track ]]
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: ''I find'' '''the am'''ount of [[/folder]]

[[folder: sympa ]]
thy some '''hu'''mans have for me ''to'' be trou[[/folder]]

[[folder: bling ]]
. It makes '''them''' attempt to [[/folder]]

[[folder: please ]]
me and ''skews'' test re'''sults.'''
** ''THE'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: lengths ]]
that ''people'' go TO ''for'' the ''wel''FARE [[/folder]]

[[folder: of the ]]
''CompanionCube'' is ''some''thing [[/folder]]

[[folder: I ]]
can ''never'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: under ]]
stand. ''And'' then ''there'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: are ]]
the ''test'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: subjects ]]
who ''try'' to ''SAVE'' ''the turrets''...
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have to Be]] '''BIRD! BIRD!''' ''KILL'' IT! [[/folder]]

[[folder: IT'S EVIL! ]]

* WouldHurtaChild: ''Ye''s, '''I''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: Would Flood ]]
''the Enrich'''ment Center [[/folder]]

[[folder: with De ]]
adly '''Neurotox''in on '''"Br''i'''ng'' Y[[/folder]]

[[folder: our ]]

[[folder: hter ]]
to Work" ''Day''. [[/folder]]

[[folder: Thanks for asking. ]]

* YellowEyesOfSneakiness: ''I'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: do not ]]
kn''ow'' just wh''at'' you are [[/folder]]

[[folder: im ]]
''ply''ing, I on''ly'' h''av''e [[/folder]]

[[folder: one ]]
sin''ce'' you ''th''rew [[/folder]]

[[folder: the second ]]
in''to'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: a fire... okay, fine, it was never built. Happy? ]]

* YouAreFat: [[/folder]]

[[folder: No ]]
, ''of'' ''[[/folder]]

[[folder: course ]]
'' NOT. ''You'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: look ]]

[[folder: thy ]]
''. [[note]]Good, my sarcasm sub[[/folder]]

[[folder: rout ]]
ines are still functional''[[/note]]
* YouMonster: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Look, ]]
we've [[/folder]]

[[folder: both ]]
'''said some things''' '''''you're''''' '''going to regret'''. ''But I'm willing to put our differences aside.'' '''ForScience'''. [[/folder]]

[[folder: You Monster ]]
* YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Did you ]]

[[folder: just ]]
'' [[spoiler:''stuff'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: that ]]

[[folder: ture ]]
Sci''ence Thing'' We [[/folder]]

[[folder: Don't Know ]]
''What'' ''It Does''''', [[/folder]]

[[folder: into an ]]
'''Aperture ''Sci''ence Emer''gen''cy Intelligence [[/folder]]

[[folder: Incin ]]
erator?''' That has '''got''' to ''be the'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: dumb ]]
est thing [[/folder]]

[[folder: that ]]
'''''WHOAH''''' '''WHOAH''' ''whoah'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: woaaaah.... ]]
** [[spoiler:[[/folder]]

[[folder: "Core transfer?" ]]
Oh, ''you'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: are ]]
'''KIDD'''''ing'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: me... ]]


->'''Announcer:''' Substitute Core: Are you ready to start the page transition procedure?
->'''Wheatley:''' ''Yes!''
->'''Announcer:''' Corrupted Core: Are you ready to start the procedure?
->'''[=GLaDOS=]:''' No, ''nononononononono...''
->'''Wheatley:''' Oh, yes she is!
->'''Announcer:''' Stalemate detected. Procedure cannot continue.
->'''Wheatley:''' ''Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out!''
->'''Announcer:''' Unless a Stalemate Resolution Associate is available to press the Stalemate Resolution Button.
->'''Wheatley:''' ''Leave me in! Leave me in! Leave me in! Leave me in!''

[[SelfDemonstrating/{{Wheatley}} Stalemate Resolution Button]]