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[[caption-width-right:181:Ha ha you cannot escape, puny Tropers! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE FROM DABLONE!]]

'''Hello''', all you tropers out there! I am '''Dablone'''! Ha Ha Ha!

I know what you are '''thinking'''. You are thinking, where is '''that trope''', that '''Toblerone''' you heard so much about. You are thinking, what am I doing '''here''', ha? Well, you can find it '''[[BoisterousBruiser here]]''' if you want, but I '''don't think you do'''.

Why? Because what you really want is '''ME! Dablone!''' Ha! You don't want '''pansy''' tropes with '''wimpy''' names. You want '''[[LargeHam BIG VOICE]]''' and '''[[{{BFG}} BIG GUN]]''' and '''[+[[TropeNamer DABLONE]]+]'''! So why'd they change the name, you say?

It's because they are ''jealous'' of Dablone. They look at all '''attention Toblerone''' has and they '''envy''' me. They say I don't have '''good name'''. They say it's too '''mixed-up''' with '''[[SugarWiki/{{Toblerone}} sweet, sweet candy]]'''. But that's okay. Let them '''change it'''. Ha! I will be '''right here'''! '''Waiting''' for them! Just when they think they have gotten '''rid''' of '''Dablone''', they will click the link and '''''[++BAM!++]''''' Ha Ha!

!Examples! HA!

* '''Me!''' Dablone! From ''Film/{{Escape 2000}}''! '''I'm the only example!'''.
** Sometimes, me and '''Creator/BrianBlessed''' (he gets '''mad''' when you don't spell his name in '''ALL-CAPS''', but that's '''okay''' because sometimes I like to spell it '''DABLONE''') get into a '''[[HamToHamCombat Ham-Off]]''', where we each try to '''[[ChewingTheScenery eat as much scenery]]''' as we can. Sometimes, I '''[[ILetYouWin let him win]]''' so he doesn't '''feel bad'''.
** It has been known to happen that we also hang out with '''[[Franchise/BaldursGate MINSC]]'''! AHAHA! He is a '''SWEET GUY''' and his hamster is '''ADORABLE'''!
** Before we all got '''[+renamed+]''', I used to '''join up''' with my friends '''[[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute Jonas-man]]''' and '''[[CardinalWolsey the Card]]''' and go watch our '''FAVORITE''' show '''''[[WordSaladTitle Super Punk Octo Pudding Gas Mark Seven]]!''''' Oh man, that show '''cracked me up!'''
** Oh, and '''these days''' I hang out with '''[[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 Heavy Weapons Guy]]''' too. He is '''MY KINDA GUY'''!
** Sometimes I like to '''chill out''' with '''[[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold AQUAMAN]]''', too. He's an '''''[[CatchPhrase outrageous]]''''' guy.
** Some day I'd like to hang out with '''[[Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway Mike McShane and Steve Frost!]] Funniest damn show I've ever seen!''' Mike even read the credits once as '''Creator/BrianBlessed!!''' And Steve can get laughs '''USING JUST HIS ASS!''' '''''TWICE!!!'''''
** '''Film/TheExpendables, baby!!''' Every time I watch that movie I go through [[BigEater TWO SIX-PACKS, A EXTRA-LARGE POPCORN AND HOT DOGS YOU COULD CRASH A CAR INTO!]] '''AND I'VE WATCHED IT''' '''''SIX TIMES!!!'''''
[[color:white:'''Ha Ha Ha!''']]

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''' merely '''page imitation''' of me!]]+]