* Bud Bundy from ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'' screams like that in later episodes in his late teens and early 20s.
* In the SoapOpera ''{{Passions}}'', Ethan was attacked by a demon from [[ItMakesSenseInContext the Bennett's closet to Hell]]. The shriek he let out was very girlish. So girlish in fact, many people commented on it on the internet and one of this Troper's co-workers said, "Not even my three-year-old girl screams like that!"
* In ''Series/{{Castle}}'', the title character [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6e2Rnx2AaA&feature=related gives one]] when a dead body tumbles out of the fridge he opens. Naturally, he attempts to protect his dignity by covering it up as a cough. Surprisingly, no one comments on it.
* ''Series/{{Frasier}}''. Both Frasier and Niles scream like a girl.
** In the episode "Boo!":
-->'''Frasier:''' That is not funny! You don't sneak up on someone and startle them!\\
'''Martin:''' First of all, it's very funny. And secondly, I only did it to prove a point.\\
'''Ronee:''' And you called it: he does scream like a woman.\\
'''Frasier:''' I do not scream like a woman. [[ScreamingWarrior It was a manly throaty wail.]]\\
''(Niles comes in the front door)''\\
'''Niles:''' Frasier, you may want to call security. As I got off the elevator, I heard a woman screaming hysterically.
** In the episode "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", after a womanly high-pitched scream was heard.
-->'''Daphne:''' Are you all right?\\
'''Niles:''' Yes. I just jumped into bed with your mother.\\
'''Daphne:''' Oh, dear. No wonder she screamed.\\
'''Niles:''' That wasn't her.
* Series/{{Friends}}. Ross screams like a little girl when Rachel and Phoebe come out of his apartment's curtains and shout danger to scare him.
* ''Series/WillAndGrace'', where Grace's apartment got burgled.
-->'''Will:''' Did I just scream like a woman?\\
'''Grace:''' Don't flatter yourself. You screamed like a girl.
* ''Series/TheXFiles''
** In the episode "War of the Coprophages", Mulder has a discussion with Scully regarding a childhood encounter with a praying mantis...
-->'''Mulder:''' I had a praying mantis epiphany, and as a result I screamed. No, not... not a girly scream, but the scream of someone being confronted by some before unknown monster that had no right existing on the same planet I inhabited.\\
'''Scully:''' Mulder... are you sure it wasn't a girly scream?
** In a later episode with the same writer ("Jose Chung's ''From Outer Space''"), we get to hear Mulder's girly scream upon spotting "a real live dead alien body" -- at least according to [[TheRashomon one version of the story]].
** In one episode of ''SaturdayNightLive'' hosted by Creator/DavidDuchovny, the opening sketch is a parody of ''Series/TheXFiles'' that takes place backstage at SNL. At one point Duchovny hears a girly scream, runs toward it, and finds cast member Molly Shannon, thinking it was her. He finds out it was actually fellow cast member Chris Elliott who screamed.
* Adrian Monk of ''Series/{{Monk}}''.
** In "Mr. Monk Goes Camping", [[spoiler:when the eponymous obsessive detective encounters a bear, the previews feature actor Tony Shaloub's own scream, whereas the scream in the episode is ''overdubbed with a little girl's''.]]
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''
** Dean does this hilariously in the episode "Yellow Fever", when he's infected with a paranormal curse that makes him scared of quite literally ''everything''. Including cute little lap dogs with pink bows.
** And in the [[BreakingTheFourthWall meta episode]] "The French Mistake", when the character of Misha Collins is kidnapped [[spoiler:and then murdered]] by an angel, he does quite a lot of high-pitched squealing.
* In the ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' episode "Into Asylum", ZacharyQuinto's high-pitched squeak of terror as Fake!Sylar is about to meet his end made the Internet laugh its collective ass off. Unfortunately... [[{{Narm}} it doesn't appear to have been played for laughs]]!
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''
** When Ted gets his tattoo removed.
** Barney has a couple of instances of this as well. A notable example is when he accidentally burns a hole through [[SeriousBusiness one of his ties]].
* Used numerous times on ''Series/{{Psych}}''. Someone even made a [[http://youtu.be/KS2ZXy5B9Ow montage]] of it.
** After Shawn and Gus are at a seance. A ghost appears, and then the lights cut back on. Shawn's love interest wonders where he and Gus went. Cut to the outside of the building, where Shawn and Gus are running for their car while screaming incomprehensibly, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YONPclzheqc thus]]. What makes it funnier is that they're running out of a sorority, but none of the girls inside screamed.
** [[http://youtu.be/LokCifSKUBg Another hilarious example.]]
* Nev from CBBC's ''Bear Behaving Badly''.
* ''Series/{{Bottom}}'': Eddie does this after Richie sticks an umbrella into his groin. And opens it.
* In ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir'', Carlton screams like a little girl.
* Howard Borden, the "wacky neighbor" on ''Series/TheBobNewhartShow'', does this.
* Probably the second reason to watch ''Series/AmericasFunniestHomeVideos'', after the [[GroinAttack groin shots]].
* Used in the season finale for Season 4 of ''Series/{{Bones}}'':
-->'''Zack:''' I yelped! I didn't scream.\\
'''Fisher:''' He screamed like Slutty Girl Number One in a cheesy horror flick.
* From the DVD commentary on the ''Series/CriminalMinds'' episode, "Revelations":
-->'''Matthew Gray Gubler:''' So, we were filming the scene in which my character was being tortured. And in between takes, everyone was laughing, and I couldn't figure out why. And finally, at the end of one take, the director came up to me and said, "Okay, but can you try screaming in a way that does NOT sound like a little girl?"
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''
** [[LaserGuidedAmnesia Season 6 episode "Tabula Rasa"]]. Spike, who has fallen asleep lying on top of a shop counter as the result of a spell, rolls/falls off said shop counter with a girly scream.
** A RunningGag with Wesley in Season 3. Buffy even lampshades it.
* ''Franchise/StarTrek''
** Chekov was famous for doing this on ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' (and also in ''Film/StarTrekTheMotionPicture'', ''Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan'' and ''Film/StarTrekIVTheVoyageHome'').
** Harry Kim did too on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager''.
** So did Geordi La Forge on ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration''.
** The Ferengi as a species made an art form of it. Played for laughs 99% of the time, but when Nog was badly injured in "The Siege of AR-558" it suddenly stopped being funny.
* Marion Moseby of ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody'' and ''TheSuiteLifeOnDeck'' does this when startled, which is ridiculously easy to do. Cody Martin too. And even Zack, that one time.
* From ''Series/{{Leverage}}'':
-->'''Eliot:''' Hey. What smells like crank and screams like a girl?\\
''(breaks meth-head kidnapper's knee, making him scream like a girl)''\\
'''Eliot:''' Right answer.
* ''Series/ICarly'': Nevel, when he gets locked in a fighting octagon with [[CuteBruiser Sam, Shelby]] and Carly.
* An actor in ''Series/TheBill'' had a scene where he fell off a platform while chasing a criminal in an AbandonedWarehouse. He mentioned that his scream as he did this stunt had been too high pitched, so they had to dub a more 'manly' scream on afterwards.
* In ''Series/{{Community}}'', when the going gets tough Troy has a tendency to regress into the personality of a six-year-old girl, completely with girly screams and panicky dancing.
-->[[CrowningMomentOfFunny "MY WHOLE BRAIN IS CRYING."]]
* ''Series/{{Farscape}}''. Season 3, Episode 13. Scratch N' Sniff. Crichton and D'Argo get slipped mickeys and rolled. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eZ7UQjw4oE Crichton wakes up in a window without clothes.]] (Well, he had fishnets, at least.)
* In the ''Series/{{Eureka}}'' episode "Up in the Air" Sheriff Jack Carter's reaction upon seeing how high in the air he is while [[ItMakesSenseInContext trying to get inside a floating bank]].
* As the page quote indicates, Mickey Smith of ''Series/DoctorWho'' fulfills the traditional role of the [[ScreamingWoman terrified companion]].
* An episode of ''Mighty Ships'' set on the largest carrier in the world, the ''USS Nimitz'', showed a rookie pilot getting his callsign, which is usually done by consensus of other pilots in the rookie's flight group. This particular pilot had made no mistakes even when landing on a carrier at night, but when catapulted off for the exercise had, in his own words, screamed like a little girl. Another pilot noted that "screams like a girl" could be acronymed into "slag", which is also a British slang term meaning, roughly, slut, and (though this wasn't mentioned on the show) is originally an industrial term for waste product from smelting. Congratulations, Lieutenant Slag....
* A shrill scream rings through the corridors of Flatpoint High in ''Series/StrangersWithCandy''. Mr Noblet instantly knows who's in trouble:
-->"My God! That's Jellineck!"