* ''Literature/{{Gearworld}}'', a Livejournal blog of a fictional travelogue, contains two instances of Schmuck Bait. Each instance had been discovered by a previous group of exploring monks, and they had left carved plaques behind to commemorate and warn about the experience.
While we fully understand that you are curious as to what happens when the gong is struck, we must strongly advise against it. The results are most unpleasant and dramatically fatal. Human nature being what it is, we realize that this warning may not stop you, and may in fact only drive you to strike it, but since we are unable to destroy the gong, and the lock was evidently insufficient to keep you out, we can only hope that you will take our advice. There are neither riches nor knowledge here, but only an ugly death.\\
The Monks of Perdition\\
(In Memory of Brother Wu)"
** Unusually, in each case Eland carefully reads the warning and wisely leaves it as is.
* [[http://www.qdb.us/230078 This quote]]
* Derrick Comedy: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdfMu77sYH4 "Don't Jerk Off to This"]].
* Oh, I hope nobody plays this! [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U1o6LEF4jQ]]
* ''Website/CollegeHumor'' has a video called the "Retard Test". The patient is given this riddle: the red man lives in the red house, the orange man lives in the orange house, and the blue man lives in the blue house. So who lives in the white house? The patient gives "the white man" because of the way the riddle has been phrased. The doctor tells him "Wrong: [[spoiler:the President]] lives in the White House. You're retarded." Not that it matters, until 2017 the correct answer would also be "a black man lives in the White House."
* ''WebAnimation/ASDFMovie'' gives us the [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Pointless Button]]. It does absolutely nothing when pressed.
** "Hey, it says 'gullible' on the ceiling." [[SubvertedTrope "Oh, so it do-]] [[DoubleSubversion Aw, crap, you stole my lungs."]]
* ''Website/ActsOfGord''
** Subverted in [[http://www.actsofgord.com/Wrath/chapter02.php this story]], where The Gord makes a 100% non-functional and incomplete Sony UsefulNotes/PlayStation and builds a shrine to it with a sign reading "Please don't steal me. You are being watched. -- Management." In the two hour experiment, while a lot of people stopped to look at the shrine to see if it was real or not, the closest anyone came to actually stealing it was checking that no-one was looking, as the store lights were out, picking it up, and then putting it back.
** He would also price crappy game much higher than they were worth just to see if people would steal them.
** Gord loves these. He found a VideoGame/GameShark that actually damaged N64 systems(which is [[TonkaTough easier said than done]]). Then he left it out for someone to steal. He then made lots of money repairing said systems.
* [[http://icanhascheezburger.com/2009/02/01/funny-pictures-licks-me-i-dare-ya/ This]] WebOriginal/LOLCats page. That's one ice cream cone you would not want to lick.
* [[https://youprogrammer.com/delete-system-32/ Delete System32]] (or any other vital file or folder)
* Discussed on [[Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} The Other Wiki]]: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:BEANS Don't stuff beans up your nose.]]
* In the Roleplay/MSFHighForum, the nurse is infamous for turning people into, well, whatever strikes her fancy. She then leaves out a cake, with a sign saying "Free cake". She has had three victims of TF-cake thus far.
* Many [[LetsPlay Let's Plays]] tend to have a Message stating "TURN YOUR HEADPHONES VOLUME DOWN" right before a really loud part. Many people INSTEAD turn their headphones volume UP.
* ''Literature/SkippysList'' has examples:
--> 189. Do not dare SERE graduates to eat bugs. They will always do it.
* WebVideo/{{Smosh}}'s SHUT UP! Cartoons had this in one episode of Ninjas Versus Zombies. Spencer finds a rope with the word, "Pull". Spencer decides to pull it and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nVUbN3ec00&t=2m35s nearly falls into a trap door.]]
* ''Website/TheEscapist'''s forums feature badges, little icons underneath individual usernames which can be hovered over and occasionally clicked to produce alt text or other effects and are awarded for various reasons. One such badge is 'The Swirl,' which when clicked makes your screen rotate via some fun with Javascript. This is fun and harmless. 'The Big Red Button' badge, on the other hand, is pure SchmuckBait that warns people not to click it; those that do have everyone's user icons, including their own, replaced by Justin Bieber's face for 24 hours, and are sent a note reading "We told you not to press it." Supposedly those who keep clicking it have other effects happen to them.
** Though since none of the badges change the mouse pointer to the pointing hand that indicates a hyperlink or other clickable thing, and none of the regular badges do anything when clicked, users are liable to assume the button is just another quiz award or something and pay it no mind other than to maybe check the mouseover description. Making it perhaps the only BigRedButton ever that people are liable to ''not'' press.
* Combine a program for creating [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code QR codes]] with a printer, and create your own Schmuck Bait. \\
[[ShockSite Scan this code for fun!]]
* In the ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'' review for [[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/6276-DayZ DayZ]], Yahtzee mentions that on one of his 38 attempts (by the end of the video, anyway), he finds a pistol, rifle, and a ton of spare ammo at the top of a stairwell in an abandoned building. While questioning where the guns came from, as well as questioning the broken window and adjacent dead player (portrayed as a corpse with a bullet wound in their forehead) he is [[EpicFail shot dead by a sniper]] ([[BoomHeadshot in the same spot as the aforementioned corpse]]).
-->'''Yahtzee:''' Okay, lesson learned. Never gorp at your inventory screen while standing fully upright next to a window.
* Googling "[=RightXD=]" and hitting I'm feeling lucky [[TooDumbToLive is a good idea]] [[Webcomic/PennyArcade and you should do it immediately]].
* In TheStinger of ''Anonymous'' by [[WebVideo/MatthewSantoro Matt Santoro]], a fan commenter tells Matt to keep pressing 7, so he gets out a keyboard and does so. [[spoiler: He explodes.]]
* In the Yellow trailer for ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'', [[ActionGirl Yang]] strolls into a BadGuyBar and uses a GroinAttack on Junior, the mob leader who runs the place, to get some information off him. When his goons descend on them, [[UnusualEuphemism she lets his Juniors go]] and then playfully flirts with him, saying she wants to kiss and make up. He goes along with it and leans in, ''with his eyes closed''. Unsurprisingly, [[PunchedAcrossTheRoom she just socks him]].
* There is [[http://freemarriage.com/fun/inbox_bush.php an image]] purporting to be George W Bush's Hotmail inbox. Of note for this trope is "I dare you to open the attachment " from Bin Laden (size 260M).
* The Fart Button was a site with a big red button with the caption: "Press it. You know you want to." [[spoiler: It was actually a subversion; the button just makes a fart noise when pressed.]]
* [[https://twitter.com/NotAPoliceman/status/254264591943602176 This post]] from a Twitter account named "Not A Cop" that reads, "Send Me A Pic Of Your Favorite Meth Lab"
* Directly invoked in one of [=Aquarius199=]'s Doom WAD reviews. A particularly bad WAD had a wall texture right next to a visible teleport pad that read "Terry Trap" (a type of troll tactic used by WAD creators to trap the player in and throw them around an inescapable room while freezing their controls, playing loud, obnoxious sounds, and showing offensive text and images). Sure enough, when Aquarius stepped on the teleporter, he was sent to such a trap, with a line of text giving the web address for the main page of this trope on this wiki.
* [[http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-001-j This]] [[Wiki/{{SCPFoundation}} SCP entry]], a BigRedButton that if pressed will destroy reality. Hilariously justified in that the button is semi-sentient and sends out a mild psychic signal, compelling people to press it.
** [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-447 SCP-447-2]] is slime that contains miraculous medicinal properties and is perfectly safe... as long as it never comes into contact with a dead body. The last time it did, something happened that was so terrible that the Foundation itself is not allowed to say what happened. As such, the containment procedures and experiment logs go into huge lengths to warn its staff to never let it come into contact with a dead body. Not even half way into its [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/experiment-log-447-a experiment logs]], one researcher tries to do it anyway as an experiment. Fortunately they were stopped before it happened.
-->"Seriously, guys, how hard is it to understand? [[PunctuatedForEmphasis No. Dead. Bodies.]] None. Nada. Nein! Don't think about it, don't joke about it, and most certainly, don't DO it. Sheesh!" - Dr. A. Clef
* In the ''WebVideo/{{Tabletop}}'' episodes on ''TabletopGame/EldritchHorror'', Jess Marzipan's character is given an opportunity to create a Dark Pact to kill a monster. Pat Rothfuss notes that it seems like a bad idea, but Jess just can't resist taking the Dark Pact because it fits her "(allegedly) reformed cultist" character so perfectly and there's only a 1/6 chance that she'll have to pay the consequences for it on her next Reckoning roll. Guess what happens when it comes time for that Reckoning roll?