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%% '''Laconic:''' The statistical archetype of a character that specializes in Attack at the expense of Speed.

%% '''Current Working Title:''' MightyGlacier

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%% '''Notes:''' Currently defined as ATK+ / DEF+ / -SPD. Examples and wicks will need a major sorting between those that fit this trope and those that should go to IronCrawler. Subtrope GlacierWaif will need to be overhauled as well (possibly split; see below).

->'''Mr. Huge:''' Huge! Huge! HUUUGE! OK, now we can fight.\\
'''Snowflake:''' Jesus dude, can you even move?
-->-- ''WebComic/ButtlordGT''

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As the name implies, the MightyGlacier is one of the [[WorldsStrongestMan strongest people in the world]]. A single hit is like ten hits from anyone else. [[MightyGlacier Mighty Glaciers]] also tend to carry [[{{BFS}} weapons that would]] [[{{BFG}} break anyone else's arms]] just to pick up, when they don't settle for GoodOldFisticuffs and/or indulge the WrestlerInAllOfUs.

The catch is this: they're slow. Really slow. Faster characters can dance in and out of their range, but the MightyGlacier can just forget about doing much dodging himself.

They also are often (but not always) [[TheBigGuy physically larger]], which translates into a large hitbox in [[FightingGame Fighting Games]], causing problems if they're not an IronCrawler. The stereotypical fighting game MightyGlacier attacks slowly but packs a lot of power into each attack, but fast attackers, such as a slow-moving [=FPS=] character toting a quick-firing minigun, sometimes qualify.

The MightyGlacier is usually male; {{Fighting Game}}s will commonly make him a HuskyRusskie. StoutStrength may come into play. When he's not TheBigGuy, see GlacierWaif. They are most often portrayed as DumbMuscle, but the GeniusBruiser variant is increasingly common. {{Heavily Armored Mook}}s tend to be this when they're not {{Stone Wall}}s.

They tend to be DifficultButAwesome in games that favor the relentless pressure strings {{Fragile Speedster}}s or [[JackOfAllStats Jacks Of All Stats]] can produce. Often fall victim to CharacterRosterGlobalWarming because it appears to be harder to be "creative" with big-and-slow characters.

A form of NecessaryDrawback and subtrope of CompetitiveBalance. Not to be confused with StoneWall, who trades strength for defence. A supertrope to GlacierWaif, which is when a MightyGlacier is of average or below-average size. Often overlaps with IronCrawler when speed is sacrificed for boosts in both attack AND defense.

Should not be confused with the pro wrestler Wrestling/{{Glacier}}, who, despite his name, is not this trope.