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* MadLibsCatchPhrase: "But I'm no X/not an X, I'm just a viewer with an opinion."
* MadScientist: His interpretation that Janeway clearly is one.
* MagicAIsMagicA: He gets annoyed when this gets averted.
--> '''Chuck''': All I ask is that you be ''consistent'' with your bullshit!
** Similarly criticises when this happens in ''Series/TorchwoodMiracleDay'', as the first four episodes featured people alive ''and'' conscious despite being reduced to [[LosingYourHead severed heads]], yet the very next episode has those same people being knocked out without much difficulty.
* TheMainCharactersDoEverything: He points this trope out often, especially given that Star Trek uses it so frequently, with Enterprise taking it to the extreme of having no B cast for the first two years, and only three recurring characters.
** From "The Descent" (''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration TNG]]'') review:
--->'''Chuck:''' ... Eventually sending just about everyone to go searching. So that leaves [[TheMcCoy Beverly]] in command of the Enterprise with the Z-List crew members.
** In the review about the episode "The Naked Now" (''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration TNG]]'') he points out a scene where the Chief Engineer and her assistant are both called away from Engineering. The assistant refuses to leave his post, as he's reluctant to leave Engineering without any supervisor. But then Wesley Crusher convinces the assistant to just leave him in charge... Instead of ''[[GhostExtras one of the dozen qualified Engineering personnel seen milling about in the background]]''.
** From "The Neutral Zone" (''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration TNG]]''):
---> '''Chuck''': Anyway, since Picard is concerned about [the three people from the 1980's] making trouble, naturally he does ''nothing'' to ensure that they stay out of trouble, because he keeps assigning important people to look after them and then calling them away - instead of someone less important to be charged with managing them. With over a thousand people on board you'd think there would be ''someone'' in charge of dealing with [=VIPs=]... but no.
** From the review of "Our Man Bashir" (''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine [=DS9=]]]''):
--->'''Chuck:''' Meanwhile, all the senior officers of the station have crammed themselves into one tiny little Runabout, after pissing off the Klingons, the Cardassians and the Dominion. Surprisingly, someone actually gets the idea into their head that this would make a convenient target. [...] They try an emergency beam-out, but the explosion blows out the transporter, leaving Eddington now in command.
** From "Paradise" (''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine [=DS9=]]]''):
--->'''Chuck''': "Paradise opens with the kind of silliness we're often prone to seeing in Trek: People doing stuff that by all rights should be done by somebody else, purely as an excuse to get to the plot. In this case, Sisko and O'Brien are scouting planets for colonization, rather than running the station and making sure said station is still running, respectively."
** From the review of "Resistance" (''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager VOY]]''):
--->'''Chuck:''' So Tom Paris not only flies the ship, the most important shuttle missions, is the field-medic-slash-assistant-to-the-doctor, has 24th century lockpicking ability... he's also a commando. Oh, and let's not forget he once designed an engine that went to infinity.
--->[Later in the same review...]
--->'''Chuck:''' Since this is an important engineering matter, it's quickly handed off to Harry to take care of, instead of one of the ''actual'' engineers.
--->[Still in the same review, this time regarding a multi-purpose villain]
--->'''Chuck:''' Because this is a television show, Augris will be the face of these people in all situations: whether communicating to off-world aliens, performing interrogations, or searching the streets for criminals. What a micro-manager.
** From "Warlord" ([[Series/StarTrekVoyager VOY]]):
--->'''Chuck:''' ... With all the radiation, they have to move in close to beam them out, but Harry is working to beam through it, since he's the Transporter Chief and all that. Or, actually, ''NOT'', but why leave it in the hands of a specialist when you can assign it to the guy who never held that position in his life?
** From "Dark Frontier" (''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager VOY]]''):
---> '''Chuck''': "... and that way Tom can beam them out. Yes, Tom. Have there been so many casualties in the transporter room that there are no transporter chiefs left? Harry, Torres, and now the guy busy piloting the ship... Does the transporter chief exist solely to be shot by the bad guys?"
** In "Shattered" (''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager VOY]]'') he points out a scene from the episode where ''Ensign'' Harry Kim is in command of the ship - despite obviously still not being trusted enough to be promoted to at least Lieutenant Jr. Grade.
** From "Strange New World" (''[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise ENT]]''):
--->'''Chuck:''' Meanwhile Archer pilots a shuttlepod down, with Reed alongside him. At this point it means that '''Hoshi''' is in command - who is terrified of Enterprise and all of its contents.
--->[Later in the same review...]
--->'''Chuck:''' The transporter is new technology, just approved for use on human-beings in the last two months, and is designed to break them down and put them back together again. This is all done by highly-trained experts, who know how to handle this thing precisely, to avoid any problems... and who are all apparently on a coffee break, because we see Reed down there instead. After all, he's already the tactical officer, security officer, deliverer of weather reports, and the guy who rides shotgun whenever Archer takes the shuttlepod out, so why shouldn't he operate the transporter too? I mean, how hard can it be? [Cue horrific transporter accident]
** Archer seems to have demoted Hoshi to be the Enterprise's delivery girl for the jobs that the others can't be arsed to do. Moments after launching a Subspace Communications Amplifier, which needed to be checked was working properly so that Enterprise could maintain their link to Earth, he asked Hoshi to find out Reed's favourite food for his birthday, choosing her over any other random crewman, and told her to make it her top priority. It's not as though Hoshi is the damned ''Communications Officer!''
---> '''Chuck''': Is there a medication for what you're on, Archer?
** Likewise, in "Regeneration", Hoshi has been demoted once again, and is now in charge of delivering food to Dr Phlox. Phlox then asks for her to look after his menagerie of critters, effectively demoting her to the role of Ship's Zookeeper.
** From ''Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan'':
---> '''Chuck''': [Dr. Marcus wants the Reliant to check whether they can move some inanimate pre-life-forms off Ceti Alpha 6]... But that requires going down there to check. And no matter what the era, it's always the job to send down the two senior-most officers for simple reconnaissance.
** From ''Film/StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier'':
---> '''Chuck''': "Sybok places [Kirk] back in command, so he decides to do it by the book: namely, that when going into a potentially dangerous planet, you send the captain, first officer, chief medical officer, and the nearest available religious nut down for reconnaissance."
** Shows up also in ''Series/StargateSG1'', where he laments the budgetary restraints the show has means SG teams are never accompanied by airmen or mooks. That it is only the most important, highest ranking members who do everything.
** Chuck practically name-checks this trope (as "Main Crew Does Everything") in "Minefield" (''[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise ENT]]''), an episode which contains two glaring examples of the trope: The fact that Phlox is the only one with medical training on board, and the fact that Archer is the one who goes out on the hull to help Reed and dismantle a nuclear bomb. He goes on to point out how easy it would have been to justify the use of the trope in the second case, while simultaneously giving Archer some much-needed character development.
* ManipulativeEditing: Sometimes used for gags (see ToiletHumour for an example). His "Picard Hates Children" RunningGag of the 'I could have saved that girl'.
* MandatoryLine: He'll usually point these out as they happen, often sarcastically remarking that the events at hand have so moved Harry or Chakotay that they even deliver a line!
* MaskOfSanity: "Fury" opened on Janeway quoting a passage from ''[[{{Literature/CatchTwentyTwo}} Catch-22]]'' while glaring at the deadness of space, only to switch to a friendly Minnesota accent when a crewman enters the ready room.
* MeanCharacterNiceActor: A variant; "Lousy Character, Good Actor." Chuck has repeatedly pointed out he appreciates almost everyone in ''Voyager'' as actors, even Ethan Philips, who plays Neelix. He just hates the character that Philips has to play. Similar to how most people differentiate between the in-universe Creators Pet Wesley and Creator/WilWheaton. ("Acquisition", "Jetrel")
-->"If you have seen him outside VOY, you know that Ethan Phillips is not a bad actor. And occasionally, when Neelix is not trying to be [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative funny, or self-centered, or butting in, or bossing people around, or telling stories, or being alive]]-- Let me start again..."
** Likewise, he thinks Majel Barrett was a wonderful actress. He just ''really'' hates Lwaxana Troi.
* MeaninglessMeaningfulWords: One particular "burr up [Chuck's] ass" is the nebulous anti-technology philosophy of [[CantArgueWithElves the Ba'ku]] (''ST: Insurrection'').
-->"We believe that if you deny a man to beat his wife, [[IronicEcho you take something away from the man!]]"
** Picard's denunciation of Starfleet for relocating a couple hundred colonists ("How many people does it take before it becomes wrong? A THOUSAND? A MILLION???") kinda falls flat when you realize how many billions he's indirectly killed by denying them revolutionary medicine. Chuck concludes that Picard might want to [[IronicEcho ask that same question]] of ''himself''.
*** Made even worse with an example provided by Chuck: The Federation treaty with the Cardassians. Federation colonies are now in Cardassian space and their residents are taking up arms to defend their homes (The Maquis). Despite the Cardassians flouting the treaty openly, Picard continues to defend and enforce it, making him partially responsible for those deaths. "How many colonists does it take before it becomes wrong?"
** Still fuming over "Dear Doctor", in which Archer asserts that curing an alien epidemic is akin to [[HollywoodEvolution meddling with their evolutionary path]] ("We didn't come out here to play God!"). Flash-forward to "A Night In Sickbay", in which Archer demands that Phlox invent a new medical procedure to...save his beagle.
-->'''Chuck:''' You have no idea what the consequences will be for this new procedure, do you? '''You didn't come out here to play God'''. Maybe you should just let nature take its course...'''[[WithDueRespect CAPTAIN.]]'''
* MedalOfDishonor: Hoshi's cowardice is world-reknowned even a century later, as Kirk presents a redshirt with the "Hoshi Sato Cowering Chicken medal, with clusters." ("Space Seed")
** Harry Kim, winner of Starfleet's Metrosexual Award for three years running. ("Prime Factors")
** Most of Chuck's end-of-episode "prizes" could count as these, particularly the awards for annoying character and space genocide.
* MemeticBadass: InUniverse. "Yeah, I love the Sisko is a {{badass}} jokes."
-->"Bitch, you think that's it? The list of ways I'm awesome is so long, the only surface large enough to write 'em on is my dick!"
** Not to mention...
--->"Shran's just lucky Sisko's not here. If he tried calling him ''Brownskin'' he'd bitch slap him so hard he'd make Weyoun'd feel dizzy"
** When talking about Picard's love of horseback riding, and how it showcases his "OfficerAndAGentleman" style compared to Sisko's more "Line Officer" style:
--->''...while Sisko is probably content to ride on a Tyranosaurus."
** Sisko fighting Jem'Hadars:
--->"(A Jem'Hadar) manages to disarm Sisko, unaware that this puts him in reach of the mighty Sisko fist. Given the chance to punch someone, Sisko takes it. Then shoots a few more Jem'Hadar, before just beating some with his gun. Sadly, even Sisko can take on only 15 or so genetically engineered Supersoldiers, before even he gets overwhelmed."
** Sisko designing Starfleet's most advanced warship and name it the "''Defiant''" JUST so that one day he might get his chance at revenge with the Borg. And according to Chuck, the reason why Sisko wasn't in ''Star Trek First Contact'' was that the Borg knew of his awesomeness and waited until he was preoccupied on the other side of federation space before attacking.
** Arguably the best example of Chuck's take on Sisko is presented during the Dominion War when Sisko takes his single ship into the wormhole and faces down a fleet of thousands of ships.
-->"I don't expect to take down more than half of them but maybe we'll get lucky."
** Janeway as well, but also see [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation/SFDebris Alternate Character Interpretation]].
** And, above all, Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself. When reviewing "Trials and Tribble-ations", he notes that Sisko thinks so highly of him, and since Sisko is a man's man, that makes Kirk a man's man's man. It's also obvious that Chuck thinks very highly of him too - whenever he's given the chance, he'll gush about all of Kirk's accomplishments, canonical and memetic alike.
--->"Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be on the bridge coming up with new ways of being awesome our scientists haven't even thought of yet."
** Inverted with Picard, when it comes to fights ("Not in the face!"), but played straight when it comes to his speeches (even the sanctimonious ones).
** In his reupload of "''Basics''", suggests the ''real'' reason ''Voyager'' became TheDreaded throughout the Delta Quadrant was because word got around about [[HypercompetentSidekick Tom Paris]], leaving everyone terrified that someone so accomplished could only be a ''Lieutenant''! A ''Junior Grade'' Lieutenant!
---> ''"They say that the Captain raids Borg Cubes just to alleviate her boredom!"''
** Not just Sisko in [=DS9=]. From the "The Maquis, Part II" review:
---> "Fish-face has no choice but to comply. With these two [Sisko and Dukat], Miles O'Brien and Kira "I can kill you with a well-placed swear word" Nerys, there's enough metric badass to tear down their shields with a strong glare."
* MiseryBuildsCharacter: Admiral Janeway was a big proponent of this trope, putting Janeway and her sister through torturous {{Death Trap}}s as children. But it was all worth it to produce Starfleet's most balanced, by-the-book, and sexually regular Captain!
** Chuck savages "Real Life"'s use of this trope, pointing out that if real humans had the power to prevent or avoid misery they'd do it every time.
** Due to his similar experience with the premature birth of his twin sons, where for a time they weren't sure if they would survive, (thankfully both did), this episode's repeated insistence of this trope ''really'' pushes his BerserkButton.
--> '''SfDebris''': Don't tell ''me'' that it [[PunctuatedForEmphasis builds.]] ''[[PrecisionFStrike Fucking]]''. [[PunctuatedForEmphasis CHARACTER.]]
* MomentOfAwesome: [[invoked]] Chuck mentions it during his review of the ''Series/StargateSG1'' PilotMovie, he declares Teal'c betrayal of Apophis to be Teal'c's personal moment of awesome.
* MoodWhiplash: The crew of Deep Space Nine powerwalk into Vic's club to pull off an Oceans 11 heist, it's awesome... then he has Quark snarkingly comment:
-->'''Quark''': So how's that whole Dominion War thing going huh? They still control Troi's homeworld? See you're all on top of that...
** [[InUniverse In his review]] of ''[[Film/StarTrek Star Trek (2009)]]'', he goes into a full-blown monologue for Nero when [[MotiveRant explaining his motives]] as shown in the ''Countdown'' comic, and after that, casually says that in the film, Nero is just an emo with a trident.
** At the end of his review of "Once More Into the Breach", Chuck gives a touching valediction to the character of Kor, musing over his status as a legend both inside and outside the Star Trek universe. Then, as he finishes and the Klingons who are singing in Kor's honor launch into the chorus of their song, Chuck chimes in . . . with the yodel from the Ricola cough drop ads.
* {{Mondegreen}}: [[WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}} Goliath]] getting bounced out of a banquet by his human masters. It's as the [[Creator/WilliamShakespeare the Bard]] said:
-->"Come gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all the unkindness, but alas, haters gonna hate."
* MoonLandingHoax: One of his put-upon characters claims that the moon landing was faked--''on the moon.'' "That's why it looks so real!"
* MoralDissonance: Save for the StrawmanHasAPoint trope, this particular provides Chuck the majority of his SnarkBait. It's not all fun and games, however, sometimes he offers some genuine heartfelt criticism of the moral lapses in judgments of characters. See the 'case for genocide against Archer and Phlox' rant on his website for more details.
** He hates all "The Prime Directive says we should leave these people to die," episodes with a passion. The reason he hates Dear Doctor the most is because the characters never try to find a way around, despite it not even ''existing'' yet. The only consolation that he takes is that given Phlox's repeated blunders with regard to immunology and genetic compatibility, the cure he came up with was probably a dud.
** He brings up the hypocrisy and stupidity of the plot of "Insurrection," where Picard refusing to move six hundred people on the grounds of "How many lives must we ruin before it becomes wrong" is treated as the right thing to do... when the potential benefits of this medicine could save ''billions.''
* MoralEventHorizon[[invoked]]: Invokes this more than once regarding a villain's actions. Notably praised Nero's in the 2009 Star Trek, saying that while he didn't feel Nero was a very strong character, he did feel that the action of destroying Vulcan did do a good job of having him commit an act that would have the viewer want to see him defeating, since just destroying some random throwaway planet would not have had much effect.
* TheMountainsOfIllinois: ''Carpenter Street''. Captain Archer and T'pol are sent to {{UsefulNotes/Detroit}} to foil a Xindi plot. As the end credits play, the sun rises on the "beautiful mountains of Detroit".
* MouthfulOfPi: [[TheChanteuse Noir!]]Seven performing a classic Borg love ballad. ("The Killing Game")
-->''(clears throat)'' "1100100111001001...♫"
* MrFanservice: In the review of "Duane Barry" of ''The X-Files'', he points out the scene where Krycek picks up Mulder in his tiny red speedos. There, finally something for the ladies, and never say Chuck only shows tits on his show.
** Also mentions that GarrattWang was saved from being ejected from Voyager in Scorpion due to being put on a list of America's Sexiest Men by a magazine.
* MyNameIsNotDurwood: Co-Executive Producer Brandon Braga!
-->"It's uh, ''Brannon.'' We've worked together for nine years I..thought you'd have remembered that."
** Kirk demoting Captain "Dicker" back down to XO and stealing his ship, just so the little prick learns his place.
--->"Sorry, Dicker, shit rolls downhill."
* MST3KMantra: Chuck completely deconstructs this trope a new one in-universe in the preface towards his "Threshold" ''Voyager'' review. While he doesn't outright discredit the mantra (using the "nuke the fridge" scene from ''Film/IndianaJonesAndTheKingdomOfTheCrystalSkull'' as an example of when you shouldn't let one moment of stupidity ruin an otherwise enjoyable piece), he points to the "it's just fiction, so there's no point in giving a damn about whether any of it makes sense" attitude of both the ''Star Trek'' producers and a certain segment of fans as a major reason as to why the franchise's popularity plummeted during the ''Voyager'' and ''Enterprise'' era.
** See the quote under MagicAIsMagicA re: consistency in bullshit.
* MugglesDoItBetter: Constantly laments that energy weapons fail to do what a good old fashioned rifle could do. Subverted in the Series/{{Enterprise}} episode ''Terra Nova'', when PlotArmor proves to work just as well with bullets as it does with phasers.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: Chuck puts up trailers for his reviews on Website/YouTube. The Franchise/StarTrek trailers are set to the sweeping orchestral theme of ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration''. This leads to moments such as listening to this iconic fanfare while watching Archer stare at his dog.
* MusicalGag: Used to great effect, including everything from short musical snippets to full-blown parody songs.
** Chuck has trouble trying to figure out why the Klingons' theme from ''[[Film/StarTrekIIITheSearchForSpock Star Trek III]]'' is so familiar. Later he discovers that it's WesternAnimation/{{Underdog}}'s theme song.
** 70's Disco music accompanies Dr. "Grizzly Adams" [=McCoy's=] appearance at the start of ''[[Film/StarTrekTheMotionPicture The Motion Picture]]'' to emphasize how dated that scene looks today.
** Whenever the word "Genesis" is mentioned or relevant, there's a high likelihood that you're about to hear "Invisible Touch" by ''{{Creator/Genesis}}''.
** A musical interlude during ''Film/StarTrekTheMotionPicture'', with Chuck singing "Here's some stuff! Lets look at stuff!" in harmony with himself, to emphasize how empty and drawn-out the movie's special effects scenes are.
** The intro for ''Film/StarTrekIVTheVoyageHome'' consists of Kirk describing how primitive and paranoid the 1980s were, which Chuck quickly follows-up with Toni Basil's contemporary song ''Hey Mickey''.
*** Later in the same review, the same issue is brought up and followed by ''One Night in Bangkok''.
** ''[[Music/GunsNRoses Take me down to Paradise City, where the pool table's wet and the cats aren't pretty.]]'' (''Star Trek V'')
*** The ''Film/MortalKombat'' theme kicks in during Kirk's knuckle fight with Sybok.

[[folder: NOOB SYBOK WINS ]]

** [[Series/TheBennyHillShow Yakety Sax]] is used in "Brothers" (''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration TNG]]'') during the scene where Data manages to evade the ship's entire security team while heading down to the transporter room.
** Riker hallucinating to the tune of "Donuts, Go Nuts!" in "Shades of Gray" (''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration TNG]]'').
** Chuck gives a summary of the entire plot of "Genesis" (''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration TNG]]'') in the form of a song. It consists of eight very short lines.
--->'''Chuck''': ''The crew is de-evolving /\\
This guy thinks he's an ape-man /\\
They're changing into animals /\\
And that will be their doom /\\
Oh, and here is Picard and Data /\\
In yet another dark room.''
** A song by Chuck to recap the backstory for ''Film/StarTrekGenerations'', sung to the tune of the Wilhelm Tell Overture.
--->''Oh, Kirk and his crew left the show\\
So ''Enterprise-D'' could boldly go\\
Picard then said "make it so"\\
And shit killed Yar with just one blow''
** Picard getting KickedUpstairs to go comet-hunting in ''First Contact.'' In keeping with the theme of Starfleet [[GotVolunteered volunteering]] its scientists to go fight Borg, the general feeling aboard the ship is ''euphoria.''
--->''*Cut to the comet from VOY's credit sequence*''\\
'''Music/EnriqueIglesias''': '''I CAN BE YOUR HEEEEEROOOOOOOO... ♫'''
** In ''Film/StarTrekInsurrection'', Chuck gives his own rendition to "A British Tar" (a song used as a MusicalGag in the actual movie), with new klingon-related lyrics:
---> '''Chuck''': ''A Klingon man is a soaring soul /\\
As free as a charging targ /\\
With an energetic yell, he is ready to compel /\\
A bad guy to yell "Arrgh!" /\\
His nose should pimple and his lips should scowl /\\
His ridges gleam, and his odor foul /\\
His boobs are firm, and his hair should grow /\\
And his phaser ever ready for a knockdown blow!''\\
[Worf uses his phaser to smack a drone].
** The song from the Blue Oyster Bar in ''Film/PoliceAcademy''[[note]](It is called "El Bimbo")[[/note]] is used in more than one episode to accompany mentions of gay bars (as in "Wolf in the Fold") or flamboyant activity (as in ''[[Film/StarTrekInsurrection Insurrection]]'').
** "Cotton Eye Joe" is used to draw a direct comparison between the ridiculousness of Picard's gratuitous car chase scene in ''[[Film/StarTrekNemesis Star Trek: Nemesis]]'' and Kirk's gratuitous car chase scene in ''[[Film/StarTrek Star Trek (2009)]]''.
** The theme from ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion Oblivion]]'' replacing the intro music for ''Film/StarTrekNemesis'', while Chuck paraphrases the speech given by Patrick Stewart in that game's intro.
*** From "Barge of the Dead" (''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager VOY]]''): Our glimpse into the dishonorable Klingon "Hell" of Gre'Tor: ''Oblivion'' [=NPCs=] river dancing to Funny Fux's "Inline Skates". Apparently ''this'' was the least manly thing that came to mind.
** Banjo music accompanies ''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager Voyager]]'''s destroying the array that would strand them in the Delta Quadrant.
** An entire video, called "The Tuvix Coda", is dedicated to Janeway's experiences with mad science (performed on her own crew) accompanied by "Still Alive", the end-credits song from ''Videogame/{{Portal}}''. It fits perfectly.
** Another, earlier video was a montage of Darth Vader's exploits, accompanied by "[[DavidBowie Major Tom]]".
** Says that with all the cast asleep in "One" (from ''Voyager''), the show has become about the adventures of the plucky hero and her hologram sidekick. Cue the ''RedDwarf'' theme song...[[note]](for those who don't know, the show ''RedDwarf'' had, as two of its main characters, a human and a hologram.)[[/note]]
** Chuck's not imagining things. There are two plausible explanations for why Past and Future Janeway don't get along. Either Janeway can't stand the shrill sound of her own voice, [[BelligerentSexualTension or...]] *cue {{Divinyls}}* ("Deadlock")
** One of the earliest examples occurs in the review of "Phage" (''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager VOY]]''), where Voyager first encounters the Vidiians. In Chuck's intro, Janeway is seen letting the Vidiians off with a just a warning - followed immediately by a sort of MusicalSlapstickMontage showing the many times Voyager was subsequently assaulted by Vidiians thanks to that face-palming decision. It is accompanied with "Lollipop" by the Chordettes.
** In the "Parallax" (''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager VOY]]'') review, a montage of scenes where Janeway is posed higher than whomever she's talking with, accompanied by {{Music/Alphaville}}'s "Big in Japan".
*** Later in the same episode, Chuck's rendition of the pirate shanty "Blow the Man Down", with episode-relevant lyrics.
----> '''Chuck''': "Janeway alone with Torres on the shuttle means bonding, soul-searching...\\
''... Yo-ho, wedge the crack open! /\\
They come back but find that there's two ships there now, /\\
Uh-oh, looks like they're screwwwwd.''"
** During "Threshold" (''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager VOY]]''), Chuck tries to understand what Paris means by "Multi-spectral subspace engine design", and he concludes that the Delta Flier might be powered by rainbows. Cut to a montage of [[HoYay Tom and Harry]] working on the Delta Flier, with rainbow colors everywhere, accompanied by {{Music/ABBA}}'s "Dancing Queen".
** The BlindIdiotTranslation to "La Donna e Mobile", first appearing in "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" (''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager VOY]]''), which is [[BrickJoke also referenced later]] in a DoctorWho review.
** Tucker's favorite tune, in "Damage" (''[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise ENT]]''), later used as mood music for his sexual liasons with T'Pol. [[spoiler:It's the Hamster Dance]].
** At the end of "Broken Bow" (''[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise ENT]]''), a love song is played to "celebrate" what on its face looks like Klang raping a Suliban.
** Chuck accompanies an entrance by Robert Beltran wearing a Santa Claus suit during ''Film/NightOfTheComet'' with a rendition of "[[Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Hi Ho, Hi Ho]]" along with ''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager Voyager]]''-related lyrics.
---> '''Chuck''': Hi ho! Hi ho! I'm Chakotay, you all know! I'm dressed like this 'cause I'm Janeway's bitch, hi ho! Hi ho!
** When discussing the [[Series/DoctorWho Cybermen]] in "The Wheel In Space", Chuck asserts that the Cybermen have had their vocalizers hooked up to their backs, because they keep rocking back and forth while they talk. He posits that perhaps their lava-lamp-shaped controls make them want to break out in dance. He then overdubs a few shots of them with {{Creator/Haddaway}}'s "What Is Love", which fits perfectly.
** In "The Invasion" (''[[Series/DoctorWho WHO]]''), Chuck asserts that Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart would've made a much better Major General than his superior, Rutledge, which prompts Chuck to sing a version of GilbertAndSullivan's "Modern Major General" adapted for Stewart's character.
** A montage of the physical abuse taken by Gollum during [[Film/TheLordOfTheRings The Two Towers]] is accompanied by {{Music/Chumbawamba}}'s "Tubthumping" ("I get knocked down / but I get up again / you're never gonna keep me down").

* NamesTheSame: In "The Doomsday Machine", Chuck muses over whether Crewman Montgomery's first name is "Scott." That would sure be confusing.
** In ''Wrath of Khan'', he likens Joachim to Khan's Starbuck, then admonishes his audience for not reading.
--->''(shows Katee Sackoff)''\\
'''Chuck:''' "...No, not that Starbuck."\\
''(shows Dirk Benedict)''\\
'''Chuck:''' "No, not ''that'' one, either."\\
''(shows latte)''\\
'''Chuck:''' "AW, '''C'MON'''!"
* {{Narm}}: Too many specific (in-universe) examples to list, but he makes a blanket statement in his review of "Phage". "That's pretty much ''Voyager'' in a nutshell: drama provokes laughter."
* {{Neologism}}:
** "Daleks in Manhatan", best summed up as Incrazulicious.
** As for "Evolution of the Daleks", ''that's'' ridicudumb.
** "Let He Who is Without Sin":
--->'''Quark:''' I have seen drier days on Ferenginar, and we have 178 different words for rain! Right now, it's "''glemmening''" out there.\\
'''Chuck:''' Yeah, and I have 412 words that describe bad ''Trek'' episodes, and right now this one is "''suck-bominable ass-slop"''.
** In part 5 of the "Miracle Day" review (''Series/{{Torchwood}}''), we get "fiasco-tastro-fuck", describing the concentration camps set up to house [[spoiler:and incinerate]] the not-quite-dead people.
* {{Nepotism}}: Jokes that the only reason Picard tolerates Wesley is because he wants to get into Beverley's pants.
-->"You can spend years of studying to be experts in your field, in the hope that one day maybe you too can have the joy of needing to answer to some teenager who failed the Academy entrance exam, but who happens to be the son of a woman the Captain wants to ride bare-back."
** He also infers that the reason Torres CantGetInTroubleForNuthin is that Janeway wants to "ride that Klingon ass".
* NerdsAreVirgins: A few jokes about that.
** In his special video about the Prime Directive, he reflects that discussing the Prime Directive would still be nerdy even if he did it [[TestosteronePoisoning while having sex with a girl on top of the corpse of a T-rex he'd just killed with his bare hands]].
* NeverLiveItDown: In-universe, Troi crashing the Enterprise-D makes her the butt of ''many'' jokes.
** B'Elanna takes no end of razzing for her failure, despite the assistance a tricorder, to identify manure on the old truck from '"The 37s".
* NeverWorkWithChildrenOrAnimals: Chuck mentions the trope by name and then commends ''Film/TheThing1982'' on how the dog which escaped from the Norwegian camp acts, as it is first shown wandering the American camp with methodical curiosity, and shortly afterwards watches the humans with interest.
* NewMediaAreEvil: Cameras steal your soul (from his guest appearance on the two hundredth episode of ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall.'')
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: In "Before and After" notes that Doctor ''Van Gogh'', the future iteration of Voyager's Doctor, developed a radical new procedure to extend Kes' life so she could have a few more years with her husband Tom, her daughter Linnis, and her grandson Andrew. In doing so, he accidentally caused her to MentalTimeTravel into the past, undoing the best years of her life, half of the people she loves to be erased from history, and the man she loves into the arms of another woman (Torres).
** Also uses this exact phrase at the end of his ''Film/StarTrekNemesis'' review, referring to how the creators of that movie effectively [[FranchiseKiller killed the Trek movie franchise]] for the better part of a decade.
** An almighty instance of this is pointed out in the review of "Fight or Flight," as a result of Archer getting pissy at T'Pol and insisting on going back to a ship whose occupants have been killed by a highly advanced race who siphon chemicals from their victims. ''Enterprise'' gets disabled by a ship from the race in question, and they have to be saved by another ship from the dead crew's race. It's noted that if not for the other ship showing up in time ''and'' Hoshi managing to work out their language on the fly, in the best case Archer would have gotten his crew killed, and in the worst case his actions would have led to Earth being conquered by hostile aliens, and the human race being reduced to cattle and slaughtered en masse for their chemicals.
** His (rather plausible) theory that the Breen and the Pakleds are the direct result of Doctor Phlox and Archer committing genocide in "Dear Doctor".
** In Series/{{Threshold}}, ''everything'' the team does ends up going horribly wrong. One of the best examples is their plan to round up one of the ''seven'' escaped Infectees by beaming out the signal that mutated him. After they succeed in recapturing him, they go outside to discover ''dozens'' of random civilians showing up who've been exposed thanks to them.
** In his review of ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', nearly everything [[MeaningfulName Shiva]] Shepard does, intentional or otherwise, usually ends up leading to a massive body count following [[WalkingDisasterArea in her wake]].
** In "A Matter of Time", Picard decides to sentence a 22nd Century con-man to spend the rest of his life in prison, whilst trapped in the 24th Century! Except, Picard completely ignores the Temporal Prime Directive and the possibility that his disappearance from history ''might'' have caused some changes in the past two hundred years. Not to mention just letting the 26th Century Time Pod he was using return unpiloted back to the 22nd Century; joking that it probably ended up in New Jersey and in the possession of [[Series/TheSopranos Tony Soprano's]] disembodied BrainInAJar.
* NoExceptYes: "It's my opinion that Brannon Braga isn't a ''bad'' writer so much as a ''hack'' one."
** Well, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hack_writer there is a difference]], and Chuck explains that immediately after making the above statement.
* NobleSavage: Often takes Michael Piller to task for his portrayal of Native Americans and other indigenous cultures as always being completely peaceful, englighted and mystical individuals, who can heal the Earth with the power of prayer. Chuck points out that just because they don't have technology, history has repeatedly proven that native cultures can be ''[[NotSoDifferent just as brutal]]'' to each other as their more "civilized" counterparts.
** Chuck points out how suicidal it is to disarm just because Chakotay ''insists'' that the native population of a planet are peaceful, despite being nothing but hostile until that point! However, if it's a Michael Piller script, Chakotay is ''always'' proven correct!
** In "Tattoo", the "[[MightyWhitey White Men from Outer Space]]" that supposedly [[TouchedByVorlons uplifted]] the Native Americans for sharing the same veneration of the land as them. In addition to how [[UnfortunateImplications racist]] this comes across as, he tears apart this InformedAttribute, since they keep summoning powerful storms that have the side-effect of ''kicking nature's ass?!''
* NonUniformUniform: Points out Star Fleet's fluctuating strictness when it comes to uniforms in his ''Ensign Ro'' review by adding in dialogue where Ro calls them out on having insisted she remove an earring then seating her at a table with Troi, who's wearing a low-cut body-hugger, and Worf, whose Klingon baldric covers a substantial portion of his chest.
-->'''Ro''': Did you sit me next to somebody in a low-cut body-hugger as a sick joke, or are you just that brazen in your favouritism?
* NoodleImplements: In "The Game".
-->'''SF Debris''': "We'll need handcuffs, vibrating golf balls and a funnel. I'm sorry that's the best I can do; I'm no SlashFic expert, [[CatchPhrase I'm just a viewer with an opinion]]."
** In a flashback to her first day on VOY ("Relatvity") Janeway tries enticing an aged admiral with a sex act involving sprinkling Marshmallow Peeps on...someone. Eeegh.
** In "The Outcast," he keeps coming up with ridiculous items a gendered person would need to have sex with a non-gendered person.
** In "The Disease", he quotes his grandfather: "Boy, don't ever put your dick in something that lights up!"
** In "Behind the Lines", he questions Odo's addiction to "linking" with the Female Changeling five times per day. "Even ''Dukat'' took a minute to grab some Gatorade and rotate the chickens."
** In "Realm of Fear" (as part of a joke comparing the engineering crew's experiment to replicate an accident to ''Series/MythBusters''):
--> '''SF Debris''': "They figure the first thing they should do is go ahead with that repeating the accident plan, and sure enough--''there's an accident!'' ''(applauds)'' Yay science! But of course now we've got to duplicate the myth: we'll need twenty kilotons of TNT, a UsefulNotes/WorldWarOne aero-tank and 16,000 blue M&Ms".
*** Which is actually how real science works- being able to reproduce results is the underlying point of the Scientific Method.
** The Telosian goes to great lengths to tailor his GildedCage to Captain Pike's tastes:
--->'''Teslosian:''' ...like the thing with the naughty milkmaid and the three kittens and [[BiTheWay the strapping farmhand]]--\\
'''Pike:''' ''(furious)'' Yeah, I GET it!
* NoodleIncident: "Noam Chomsky won't return my calls since the incident with the rice pudding." ("Darmok" Follow-up)
** "Am I cursed or something? I keep running into underage Japanese girls in uncomfortable situations!" ("Rascals")
*** That one isn't a noodle incident, actually: he had just completed the review of "Evangelion: 1.11" which featured an underaged, naked Rei Ayanami... in an uncomfortable situation.
** For the two-part review of "Datalore" and "Brothers", he made passing reference to a slight.... [[https://twitter.com/sfdebris/status/296350442525425664 snafu]] at Casa Chuck which delayed the schedule. This involved fighting off flying sharks, Moby Dick, a Kraken, several tsunamis, an aircraft carrier, and the Death Star.
--->"[[Film/{{Jaws}} SMILE, YOU SONOFA--!!]]"
* NoOSHACompliance: Said almost word-for-word on the handrail's lack of safety in ''Enterprise'''s "Unexpected".
** The fact that ''Voyager'' has a "manual override" that needs power in order to work.
--> '''SfDebris''': A manual override is supposed to work if everything else is ''broken!'' This is like having an emergency light that plugs into the wall or a parachute with a rope that keeps it connected to the aeroplane. You're defeating the whole purpose of making a manual override! Even in a show where '''cheese''' is destroying the ship, that's ''stupid!''
** In the review of "The Long Twilight Struggle" he quotes this trope almost word-for-word again by pointing out that a 8ft wide catwalk spanning across a bottomless pit has ''no guardrails''.
*** The 'Unsafe at Any Speed Award' is given to any vessel that shows no OSHA compliance.
** In "Brothers" he notes that apparently there are no safeguards in place on Orgus II to stop children from messing around with highly toxic plants in the botanical garden.
* NotHelpingYourCase: Harry's nightmares make ''Film/PriscillaQueenOfTheDesert'' look like ''Film/FightClub.'' (VOY: "The Thaw")
-->"Yeah yeah, I know. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, sometimes a log is just a log, and sometimes a clarinet is just [[AllPsychologyIsFreudian a long shaft of wood you wanna grab with both hands, wrap your lips around, and blow for all you're worth!]]"
** "Sacrifice of Angels:" The Jem'Hadar weren't vaporized by The Prophets. Turns out that it was something even more destructive -- Janeway.
-->'''Janeway:''' It's the Mind Bomb! It runs on [[HumanResources the power of the human heart!]] [beat] I mean ''[[HeartIsAnAwesomePower emotions]]''. God! Why do you people always assume the worst?\\
'''Sisko''': So, it amplifies your emotions as a weapon?\\
'''Janeway''': After it's sucked them out of you and left you mentally soulless, yes.
* NotSoDifferent: In his ''WesternAnimation/LegendOfKorra'' review, Chuck rebuts Tarrlok's in-universe use of this trope on Korra. He points out that while both characters go to extreme lengths in pursuit of their own goals, Tarrlok's extremism is a sign he's failing as a government leader, antagonizing broad swaths of the populace and leaving them without non-violent means of protest. Korra, by contrast, is only resorting to intimidation because Tarrlok is unbalancing society, something which the Avatar's job description requires Korra to correct by any means necessary.
* NothingIsTheSameAnymore: Believes that while fans decry it whenever it's mentioned, [[CurbStompBattle Wolf-359]] really ''was'' the 9/11 of the ''Franchise/StarTrek'' universe, at which point the peaceful exploration era died. From this point on the Federation stopped acting willy-nilly with their WideEyedIdealist philosophy and was forced to become more militaristic in the name of their own defence. There were now badass aliens out there who wanted nothing more than to kill them, so like it or not, they had to deal with it.
** Best shown by the Federation putting a taskforce together that lead to the creation of "''[[MemeticMutation USS Ben Sisko's motherfu-]]''", I mean, the "''Defiant''". When asked about it, even Sisko is willing to freely admit that while it's ''[[BlatantLies officially]]'' classed as an escort vessel, the truth of the matter is, it's obviously a [[CoolStarship goddamn warship!]]
--> '''Chuck''': [[MoreDakka It's a set of guns strapped to an engine!]]
** But also shown in "I Borg," (''The Next Generation''), where he asks "What would that sanctimonious guy from season one think if he saw his future self discussing annihilating an entire race?" (in discussing if they should use "Hugh" as a weapon or not). He points out that in a pre-359 world, the Enterprise would never have considered wiping out anyone, but in a post-359 world, destroying the soulless cybernetic monsters who want to consume them all is deemed... well, it's needed enough that they can actually discuss the pros and cons of such an action, rather than simply saying "No, we're the Federation, and we don't do that."
* NotInTheFace: [=SFDebris=]!Picard's standard cry whenever he takes a beating.
* NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer:
** "[[StupidJetpackHitler Time-traveling space Nazis]]. Yes, really."
** In "Death Wish" Q decides to summon important figures from human history. Sir Isaac Newton, Will Riker... and some guy from ''Woodstock''.
** From his review of ''Series/TwinPeaks'', describing Agent Cooper's methods: "I normally don't use the phrase 'I shit you not', except when I'm teaching Sunday school, but in this case, I can't think of anything more appropriate."
** His video discussing several rumors of found ''Series/DoctorWho'' [[MissingEpisode Lost Episodes]] has him mentioning the show's distributor in Africa, Television International Enterprises... which also happened to have been created by ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Stirling the founder]] of the [[BritsWithBattleships SAS]]'' as both a means to keep spreading British culture as well as serve as cover for a ''mercenary company''. He also casts doubt at claims that TIE had access to some of the episodes during a particular time period since a that point, the founder was busy ''plotting to overthrow UsefulNotes/MuammarGaddafi''.
** From the ''Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan'' review:
---> '''Chuck''': "More [consoles] go up, and soon the entire bridge is filled with smoke. The irony of all this? There's a 'No Smoking' sign on the bridge. ''I'm not joking.''"
* NotSoDifferent: Points out the Bynars remove a baby's brain at birth and implant cybernetic relays so they have their individuality stripped away. No different than the ''Borg''. He also plays it for laughs when he points out to Chuck!Picard that since they only do this to ''children,'' they're better. Chuck!Picard is stumped on if they're right or not.
** Also points out the ex-Borg from "Unity" want to forcibly strip away the individuality of the other ex-drones who are attacking their community, in order to create a unified harmony between themselves ones again... which he speculates might be how the Borg started in the first place.
** His Coda for ''Tuvix'' draws hilarious comparisons between Janeway and {{GLaDOS}} from ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}''.
** Jokes about "Janeway of Borg" given her penchant for assimilating lowlifes into her motley collective of misfits.
** Also points out how the Borg Queen attempting to control Seven in ''Dark Frontier'' is contrasted with Janeway giving her an direct order in the same scene, because Seven must decide now who she wants to boss her around for the rest of her life.
** "Latent Image" gives us a segment called "My Way or Janeway", contrasting his Crazy!Janeway with the actions of the real Janeway in that episode. He stops doing this halfway through because he thinks Janeway actually went beyond even the realms of his parody when she ordered all evidence of Ensign Jetal to be ''[[OrwellianEditor erased from existence]]''.
** In "The First Duty" he notes that Nick Locarno is essentially the young Picard, who never had the mentor in Boothby that lead him to eventually confess for his misdeeds. Locarno, much like the younger Picard seen in ''Tapestry'' is intelligent, a natural leader, but reckless and undisciplined. Both have similar scenes where they try to bring Wesley around to their way of thinking, hence his dilemma over trying to figure out what version of Picard he should listen to.
** In "The End Of Time", during the brief recap of the end of "Waters of Mars", he highlights the Doctor's capacity for evil by overlaying the Master's EvilLaugh while the Doctor gives his [[AGodAmI "Timelord Victorious"]] speech;
--> '''Master''': *''Voiceover''* There is some evil in all of us Doctor... even ''you''.
--> '''Doctor''': [[WhatHaveIDone No!]]
** In "Up The Long Ladder", Picard intentionally destroys two unique cultures by forcing them together for the greater good, with their own feelings on the matter considered completely irrelevant by everyone and essentially states that they either comply with his wishes or he will leave them to die. Chuck points out that this is exactly the same mentality that the ''Borg'' have.
** In "Hide and Q", Picard gives Riker a pat on the back for refusing to save a dying little girl. He jokes that Picard's position is that she ''needed'' to die and that they must ''remove'' the weak from the herd, then morphs him into a ''Dalek''.
* NoTrueScotsman / TrueArt: One of Chuck's {{Berserk Button}}s are fans who sneer down at others for not sharing their own opinion as not being "true" fans as well as fans who dismiss any other opinion as automatically being because the others guys were too "stupid" to get it.

* ObligatoryJoke:
** From ''Evolution of the Daleks'' upon Dalek Caan's escape via emegency temporal shift.
---> '''Doctor''': '''[[MemeticMutation CAAAAAN!]]'''
** Spock learning that he's just been jilted by his fiancée... for someone named ''Stonn''. ("Amok Time")
--->'''[[StarTrekIntoDarkness Zachary Quinto]]:''' '''STOOOOONN!'''
** And the genuine article, Shatner himself: (''Wrath of Khan'')
--->'''Kirk:''' '''MISTER TAMBOURINE MAAAAAN!'''
** In "The Conscience of the King", Kirk comes across the murdered Layton and, lacking a Doctor with a good baked beans recipe, grimly says, "He's dead, Me." Also, Kirk's reminiscence of how different he was 20 years ago. ("You wouldn't even recognize me, I was Chris Pine.")
** Spock's inner thoughts while listening to a hippie's [[JiveTurkey jive speak]]. ("Way to Eden")
** Kirk's confident that he and the crew can time travel safety, as they've done it one other occasion. (''IV'')
--->'''[=McCoy=]''': (But Jim, what about [[http://sfdebris.com/videos/startrek/s055.php "Assignment: Earth"]]?)\\
'''Kirk:''' (Backdoor pilots don't count.)
*** He bites his tongue when Sulu remineces that he was born in SanFrancisco. ("Too easy.")
** In ''Final Frontier'', Kirk intones, "I've always known I'll die alone. Or with [[Film/StarTrekGenerations some bald French guy]]."
** Kirk laying down the heavy news: The Klingons have a ship which can fire while cloaked. (''Star Trek VI.'')
--->'''Sulu''': Surely not...?\\
'''Kirk:''' Yes, it can. [[{{Film/Airplane}} And don't call me Shirley]].
*** During the Khitomer Conference, we get Scotty quoting the Kool-Aid man as a PreAsskickingOneLiner (HOHYEAAAHH!!), and Kirk stealing the mic from his own President.
---->"[[Music/KanyeWest Yo Prez, imma real happy for you and imma let you finish...]]"
** A number of digs at James Cromwell in "The Hunted".
--->"The Angosians dedicate their lives to peace and pure pursuits - like [[{{Pornstache}} a seventies porn career]]."
** When Data wanders on-set in a bowler hat and silk vest, Chuck assumes he's [[PimpDuds gone into pimping]]. ("Time's Arrow")
--->'''Data:''' I do hope for both our sakes you do better tomorrow, Candy, for neither of us wishes that Data does slap a bitch.
** After Picard delivers his scathing rebuke to Wesley in "The First Duty":
--->'''Wesley''': So you care about my "doodie"?\\
'''Picard''': Save the toilet humor for Riker.\\
'''Wesley''': Don't you mean number one?\\
'''Picard''': Damn it, this is serious! You're in-\\
'''Wesley''': Deep "doodie"?\\
'''Picard''': '''Get the hell out!'''
** A double whammy in "Where No Man Has Gone Before", when Picard is tempted to remain in uncharted space for awhile and poke around.
--->"There could be ''whole new species'' out here for him to find and surrender to! --But they could end up getting stranded out here and having to spend the entire rest of the series trying to get home. And who the hell wants to watch ''that'' crap?"
** Barclay trying to relax in his quarters with taped sounds of whalesong, birdsong and the like... ("Realm of Fear")
--->'''Barclay''': Computer, more birds.\\
'''The Byrds''': ''To every thing, turn, turn, turn...''
** Chekhov's magic ability to turn reporters into nurses. (''Generations'')
--->"You and you. You've just become nurses, let's go." ''(leaves)''\\
'''Chuck:''' The only time Chekhov's ever said ''that'' line was to [[NaughtyNurseOutfit two hookers on Risa]]!
** When Worf deactivates Data with a palm-sized phaser, it sounds like a car lock remote. (''Insurrection'')
*** Similarly, when Spock arrives on the Abrams!Trek Bridge, it boots up like a Mac.
** When ''Nemesis'' pans over the Romulan Senate in session, Chuck explains that they're voting to add a second hairstyle to their species.
** What score did he give "The Magnificent Ferengi"? You get seven guesses.
** From the ''In The Pale Moonlight'' intro:
-->'''Vreenak''': "[[MemeticMutation It's a FAAAAAKE!]]"\\
'''Chuck''': "OK, everybody got that out of our system now? No need to fall back on any hackneyed internet memes, right? Especially once we realize that every time you masturbate, God does indeed kill a kitten, and I for one welcome our Domo-Kun overlords, and remind my fellow earthlings that All Your Base Are Belong to Us because IT'S A TRAP!!!
** When the President of Slug-o-Cola consults Quark on a new ad campaign, a lightbulb goes off: ''[[WeDontSuckAnymore New]]'' Slug-o-cola! ("Profit and Lace")
** "Projections" (VOY): Being on ''Voyager'' is destroying the Doctor's brain.
--->"Yeah, {{welcome to my world}}, Doc."
** "Coda": "Go back to hell, coward!"
--->'''Chuck:''' What, to the beginning of the episode? [[BigNo NooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooo...!!]]"
** In "Scientific Method", Chakotay's hair starts to fall out in streaks, making it resemble a certain celebrity hairstyle. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Donald Trump, anyone?]]
--->"Let me tell you the story of how I [[MrT pitied the fool...]]"
** Tuvix commenting that he feels like he's being dragged before the Numerian Inquisition.
-->"Impossible. [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus Nobody expects the Numerian Inqusition!]]"
** "Year of Hell", otherwise known as TNG's first season.
*** Annorax presenting an unusual offer to Paris and Chakotay: ("Year of Hell")
---->"When I first encountered your vessel it was badly damaged, barely functioning. What if I told you in a blink of an eye, I can restore her to its former condition?"\\
'''Chuck:''' All we have to do is... ''[[ResetButton let the episode end]]'', and you'll be right as rain next week. Trust me, I know it doesn't make any sense but it ''always'' works that way for you.
*** Neelix's new menu item, "Elixir of Endurance." It provides +40 HP and 5% damage reduction.
** From "Counterpoint", in a scene between Janeway and Inspector Kashyk:
-->'''Chuck''': "One is a jackbooted oppressor sowing fear and hopelessness everywhere... [[BaitAndSwitchComparison and the other's an inspector]]. Thank you Joke Formula Number 97!"
** "The Thaw"'s Clown chops a log in half with his guillotine, proving that "no matter ''how'' wooden Harry is, he's still not safe."
** "You know how to kiss, don't you , Captain? [[LaurenBacall Just put your lips together and blow]]... like this episode." ("Persistence of Vision")
** "We were in the middle of the Central American jungle looking for the ancient Rubber People." ("Tattoo")
--->'''Chuck:''' Oh, the Trojans.
** He goes hog wild in "Living Witness". Of course, if you're among those who've actually seen the episode, did you expect any less?
--->'''Curator:''' ''Voyager'' had many weapons at their disposal, including species they'd assimilated along the way.\\
'''Chuck:''' The means is called a "com-badge".\\
'''Curator:''' Now, what you are about to see is graphic and unsettling...\\
'''Chuck:''' Ah, this must be Neelix's cooking show.
** A Jeffries tube leads to a wet bar in "The Killing Game Pt. 2", prompting Chuck to comment that this was Scotty's architectural dream.
** Past!Janeway standing agape at Tom's cheesy ''Captain Proton'' sim. "Were these characters always ''this'' ridiculous?" ("Shattered")
--->'''Chakotay:''' Oh no, no Torres used be a ''lot'' worse than she is n-- oh, you mean these guys.
** In keeping with a running gag involving the high-strung Janeway [[MistakenConfession confessing her past and present criminal activity by accident]] we got this exchange from "Bride of Chaotica". Tom confirms that Doctor Chaotica has a death ray at his disposal, causing Tuvok to deadpan, "A pity we don't have one." Cut to Janeway cloaked in shadow, who grimly replies, "''...Yes. Isn't it just.''"
** It isn't long into the episode that Chuck realizes there's not much difference between VOY's pastiche of juvenile, B-movie sci-fi and the average ''Voyager'' script. This inevitably leads into a "Dark Overlording" competition between Chaotica and Janeway.
--->'''Chaotica:''' (''nodding understandingly'') Ah, because of [[SurroundedByIdiots the incompetence of your inferiors.]]\\
'''Janeway:''' Preach it, brother.
** In "Azadi Prime" he was obliged to note that the Spherebuilders did ''not'' design T'Pol's implants.
** "Carpenter Street" (ENT) opens with Leland Orser picking up hookers, because it's always best to write what you know! ("Right, Brannon?")
** Tucker muses that he never thought the NX-01's voyage would come to an end, and Chuck completes the thought. ("These Are the Voyages...")
--->''(southern drawl)'' "Man, when they didn't cancel us after "A Night in Sickbay", I figured [[CashCowFranchise we were bulletproof!]]"
** Immediately after Creator/ColinBaker's famed admonishment to the fans, "I am the Doctor, ''whether you like it or not,''" we cut to a BBC newscast from February 27, 1985 announcing the 18 month hiatus of ''Doctor Who.'' '''Boom.'''
** The [[Recap/DoctorWhoS27E2TheEndOfTheWorld Adherents of the Repeated Meme]] talking entirely in retired internet memes.
** Among the confidential items in UNIT's vault is the "missing" ''Doctor Who'' serial "Fury from the Deep". ("Day of the Doctor")
--->'''Chuck:''' SON OF A--!!
** Oswald Dane's insistence that pharmaceuticals be handed out without cost to relieve everyone's pain. ("Miracle Day 3") Chuck replies with a shout, "Great, where's '''[[SuckinessIsPainful my]]''' share?"
** In his ultimatum to ''Night of the Comet'', he promised not to make any ''Star Trek'' gags as long as the movie didn't either.
--->'''Sam:''' ''(upon seeing Robert Beltran)'' Beam me up, Scotty.\\
'''SFDebris:''' Oh, so ''that's'' how it's gonna be, huh, movie?
*** "[[Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Hi ho. Hi ho]]. I'm Chakotay as you know. I'm [[SurpriseSantaEncounter dressed like this]] 'cause I'm Janeway's bitch. Hi ho, hi ho hi ho hi ho..." ♪
** Senator Warren wants to know what America is to think of a superpowered vigilante, stabbing people with needles left and right, and who is answerable to no one.
--->'''Diana:''' You could suggest that a country in a double war, facing a double-dip recession, and double digit unemployment--\\
'''Chuck:''' --That [[ScrewTheRulesImBeautiful Double-Ds are the answer?]]
* ObviousStuntDouble: He highlights this in his reviews when it pops up, but also explains ''why'' it does with older shows. Basically on old, small, fuzzy tv sets of yesteryear the technology meant that even the most superficial resemblance could be gotten away, but as technology advanced and we got better and bigger televisions it became more noticeable when a non-lookalike stunt "double" was used. Also, back then most people didn't have means to record television, so any mistake would be quickly forgotten about.
* OffscreenVillainy: He calls out the 2011 ''{{Wonder Woman}}'' pilot for a particularly bad case of this. We're told a character is a drug dealer, but all we see of him is being chased down and brutally captured by Wonder Woman (who throws a lasso around the guy's neck, lifts him up in the air, slams him down onto concrete, stabs him with a needle, and has to turn him over to the police before she can do anything else), and then being tortured by her in his hospital bed. It doesn't help that this rendition of Wonder Woman definitely seems like the kind of person who would go after someone without any real evidence.
* OffWithHisHead: Pointed out oh so very many times in the review on the pilot of ''Series/GameOfThrones''.
* OlderIsBetter: Regarding the Temporal Cold War arc on ''Enterprise'', Daniels says that he can travel through time physically while Future Guy can only project his image due to being based earlier in the future and using less advanced technology. Chuck notes how little sense this makes when Kirk already could take the entire Enterprise into the past on several occasions without any outside help.
* TheOmniscientCouncilOfVagueness: From "Blood" of ''Series/TheXFiles'': When Scully wonders who might be testing [=LSD-M=] on poor citizens and relaying subliminal messages purposely, SF Debris happily enlightens her: "Evil people, duh! Who else? You know, men who sit at long tables in poorly lit rooms full of cigar smoking, talk about how they're going to controool the wooorld!"
* OneOfUs:
** Chuck is an avid Troper, even linking to the [[Trivia/SFDebris trivia page]] from his own site to list the scores for Trek episodes.
** Jokes that a former MeanBoss of his can suck it, cause now Chuck has his own tvtropes page!
** He mentions in his ''Stargate'' review that he should avoid talking about something, less it's mentioned in the series and someone adds ''Did Not Do The Research'' to his tropes page.
** He also makes frequent Dungeons & Dragons jokes, applying concepts such as dual classing and free actions to the events in stuff he reviews.
* OnlyAFleshWound: He points out that weapons seems to be getting weaker and weaker as time progresses in the Trek universe.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Subverted in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXHNTuxflws the first part]] of his review of the ''Voyager'' episode "Disease". In response to a rhetorical statement he poses on behalf of the audience:
-->"Now I know what some of you probably want to say. Come on SF Debris. Give it a rest, you're reaching. To which I have two things to say: First, you can call me Chuck, we're all friends here. And I'm fully aware that as a personal name, SF Debris sounds like the secret identity of a SilverAge {{DC|Comics}} villain."
* OnlySaneMan: Malcolm Reed on Enterprise, and Tom Paris on Voyager (see WhyDoYouKeepChangingJobs).
** The Doctor on Voyager, despite his raging ego frequently comes across this. Particularly his reaction in "Time and Again" to be the last person to know that Kes and Neelix came aboard. And there is now another crew. And Captain Janeway is ''missing''.
** Worf often served this role, particularly in "Where No One Has Gone Before" where he points out the crew is relying on the guy who got the Enterprise stranded at the edge of the galaxy in the first place to rescue them.
** Taken further in "Darmok" where he has Worf berate everyone for constantly dismissing his suggestions to [[WhyDontYaJustShootHim shoot the threat]], in favour of some highly convoluted plan which only makes things ''[[NiceJobBreakingItHero worse]]'', only for them to hypocritically solve the problem by ordering him to ''shoot'' them.
** Hogan is depicted as one in a montage in "Basics", the episode in which he died.
* OohMeAccentsSlipping:
** His attempt to replicate [[Series/RedDwarf Lister's]] [[OopNorth Scouser]] accent is... well, interesting. Perhaps wisely, with Captain Picard he only imitates his precise way of speaking rather than his accent.
** [[ScotIreLand And his attempts to do Scotty's accent are more Irish than anything else.]]
** The British accent he sports for Reed and Bashir is actually fairly spot on in terms of their Received Pronunciation.
** His take on Scottish accent is self-depreciatingly lampshaded in his review of "Enter Macbeth":
--> '''Chuck''': Yes, in my world, all Scotsmen [[TalkLikeAPirate sound like pirates]].
* OperationBlank:
** "Emergency Landing Plan [[PigLatin Ostage-hay Elp-hay]]" (''Star Trek V'')
** Worf and Riker's "Operation Accomplish Nothing" ("Descent").
** Troi's "Operation Fender Bender" (''Nemesis'').
** Ben Sisko's counter-offensive is dubbed "Operation [[MCHammer Hammertime]]".
** "Profit and Lace's" Operation {{Seppuku}}, as in they might as well all do that, or follow Rom's plan, it's a toss-up.
*** Soon to be followed by "[[EasySexChange Operation Operation]]".
** When you [[KillTheGod murder the Gods]] of drug-fueled supersoldiers, they tend to be indiscriminate in their retribution. Hence a Starfleet Admiral's choice to order a Code [[YouMayPanicNow WAAAAAAAHHH!]] ("The Die is Cast")[[note]](For those Warhammer40K fans, that "WAAAAAUGH" is a scream of terror, not the Ork Warcry. It basically means they're panicking, not that the Federation is going on a blood-soaked rampage)[[/note]].
** Chakotay's plan, "Operation Common Sense". ("Scorpion")
** "Operation Fruit Fly" ("Year of Hell"), which Janeway stupidly agrees to.
** Operation Remove Moral Dilemma ("The Thaw").
** Operation I DON'T NEED A REASON JUST OBEY ME!, courtesy of... aw hell, you know who. ("Unimatrix Zero")
** He mocks Janeway naming a plan to break into a Borg ship "Operation Fort Knox," as it [[WhatDidYouExpectWhenYouNamedIt implies they'll fail]]. "What were your other choices, 'Operation Titanic,' or 'Operation ''[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise Enterprise]]'''s Fifth Season?'"
** "Operation BOO-YAH!" ("Scientific Method")
** Plan "Leap Before You Look". Shockingly, it fails ("The Void").
** "[[MissionImpossible Mission Implausible]]." ("The Killing Game Pt. 2")
** Jonathan Archer's Operation Mugging. ("Damage")
** Red Dwarf Plan Alpha: [[RunOrDie Run for it]].
** The American health care system, aka "Operation [[WorstAid The Hell With It]]". ("Miracle Day")
* OpinionMyopia: Really [[InvokedTrope calls this out]] in his introduction video for the ''Film/StarTrekTheMotionPicture'' review.
* OrwellianEditor: Believes Janeway in "Latent Image" ordering all evidence of Ensign Jetal ''erased from existence'' actually makers her ''[[UpToEleven crazier]]'' than his parody of her.
** After the infamous dune-buggy sequence in ''Nemesis'', he believes that Picard frequently doctors his official Log entries so that he can continue to make [[PatrickStewartSpeech long-winded speeches]] about the sanctity of the Prime Directive, whilst secretly having Worf "[[DrivesLikeCrazy pick dead bits of alien]] [[CarFu out of his grill]]".
* OurElvesAreBetter: Chuck references this trope in his review of ''Insurrection'' regarding the Ba'ku:
-->'''Chuck:''' You know what these people are? They're elves. [They're] smarter, in tune with nature, have greater gifts, live forever, and are white.
* OutOfCharacterMoment: Notes in "The Bonding", how strange it is that given Picard's long history of interest in archaeology (having almost chosen it as a career over Starfleet), he seemingly has no idea about the archaeological mission that his own ship is taking part in until it's half-underway, then acts completely uninterested when Data explains it to him.
** In ''Nemesis'', comments on the stupidity of Picard casually breaking the Prime Directive by driving a dune-buggy around on a Pre-Warp world, having Worf laser-gun down a bunch of the attacking locals, before escaping in a shuttle. All this leads him to [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation believe]] that Picard [[OrwellianEditor doctors his Log entries]].
* OverlyNarrowSuperlative: In his ''Return of Harmony Part 1'' review regarding Pinkie's corruption:
->'''Chuck:''' ...When she falls into a mud puddle, Discord explains that, like her friends, the balloons are laughing ''at'' her, not with her. Well, Pinkie Pie is not the most stable person... ''*Discord appears*'' ...named Pinkie Pie...

* ParallelPornTitles: ''Deep Throat Nine''. ("The Defiant")
** ''[[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy the Vampire Layer]]'', ''[[WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog Dr. Horrible's Super-Long Dong]]'', and ''[[{{Series/Dollhouse}} Sex Dollhouse]]''
** ''[[CuriousGeorge Bi-Curious George Meets the Man with the Yellow Hat]]''. (''TheXFiles'': "Beyond the Sea")
** ''[[FieldOfDreams Field of Wet Dreams]]''. ("People will ''come'', Ray!"), ''[[Film/TheHuntForRedOctober The Hunt for Miss October]]'' and ''[[Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack The Empire's Got Back]]'' (''TNG'': "Evolution")
** In "Fair Haven", he took umbrage with the EMH -- a sentient program with missing genitalia -- claiming he's no different from Janeway's Ken doll boyfriend on the holodeck. For a follow up, the Doctor boasts that he, too, stars in holographic porn including the the award-winning ''Orgasms Without Borders''.
--->"Please state the nature of this ''sexual'' emergency." *''BowChickaWowWow''* ("Life Line")
* PassiveAggressiveKombat: [[DinnerAndAShow Dinner at the Dukat's]]. ("Sons and Daughters")
-->'''Kira''': Please pass the salt, you murdering fascist!\\
'''Dukat''': Glad to help you, you crinkled-nose uptight bitch!\\
'''Kira''': "So what's on the agenda today? Murdering babies or just fathering illegitimate ones? [[ImStandingRightHere No offense, Ziyal.]]\\
'''Ziyal''': ...Can we not do this?\\
'''Dukat''': Major, is it true that you're so frigid, First Minister Shakaar's penis now has twelve words for snow?\\
'''Kira''': When you go around on your rape sprees, are you worried that you’ve sired so many bastards, you may accidentally be plowing one of them, or are you just happy that you're finally doing ''some''thing with your abandoned children? Again, no offense, Ziyal.\\
'''Ziyal''': Would anyone like to see my sketches?\\
'''Kira''': I bet your father would like to see your-\\
'''Dukat''': --Please pass the salt back, you filthy shrew.\\
'''Kira''': Why don't you just come over here and ''take'' it and claim that it was for the good of the Bajoran people?!\\
'''Dukat''': Same time tomorrow?\\
'''Kira:''' I look forward to it.
* PatrickStewartSpeech: In "Sleeping Dogs," Chuck says that Picard is so good at speeches, he could have been able to rally Custer's men at Little Big Horn to victory. If it were Archer, the Indians would have gone "Yeah, this just isn't worth it." and left.
* PeripheryDemographic: His [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic My Little Pony]] review [[{{In-Universe}} mentions]] that it was requested several times before he realized they weren't kidding.
* PerfectPacifistPeople: Chuck rips into this trope for the ''Insurrection'' review, both the "rural perfection" version in the film as well as the older "technological perfection" espoused by Roddenberry. He wonders why the hell everything is so ''clean'' if they're so agrarian (technology is to thank for our current concept of "clean", even modern farm work is incredibly dirty); moreso, he wonders how they even managed to kick out the Son'a if they're so "pacifistic" and the Son'a aren't.
* PetTheDog: When asked to do a review of a ''good'' ''Voyager'' episode, he gushed over "The Thaw" - though still taking the time to snark at Harry Kim's questionable sexuality, of course.
** He quite liked "Projections" from ''Voyager'' as well.
** And he even answered the question of 'what would be a good Enterprise episode?'. The episode "Damage", apparently.
** The earliest example of Chuck proving he has a soft side was in his review of "The Cloud", where, unprompted, he goes out of his way to praise the cast and director, noting that most of them tried their best and that the terrible writing wasn't their fault.
** He spares Neelix a Stupid Neelix Moment in "Tattoo", partly because of the Chakotay-focused plot in the episode outdoes Neelix, but also because Neelix's eye was pretty badly hurt.
** Even gives Braga some kudos in ''Dark Frontier'' pointing out that his introduction and handling of Seven's character was actually a very smart move as her character perfectly incorporates some of the best traits of Odo, Spock and Data as well as her own character arc, which is a stark contrast to the usual StaticCharacter you find on Voyager.
*** He also defended ''Series/{{Threshold}}'' (the short-lived show, not the Voyager episode, ''that'' has no redeeming qualities) which many people had written off purely because Braga was involved with its production.
*** Actually, while ''Threshold'' the episode is nonredeemable, he does praise Robert McNeill for acting his heart out and doing his best - as Sci Fi Debris points out, it's not his fault the episode sucked so much.
** Gave "The Void" a score of 9/10, noting that it might have taken 6 years and come only a dozen episodes from the end of the series, but ''Voyager'' managed to ''finally'' realize what the show was ''supposed'' to be about!
** Chuck gives Jeri Taylor a lot of flack for her Janeway-worship, but he praised her for her rewrite of "Chain of Command".
** He does have pity for Garrett Wang and the way he was treated.
--->"I'm not above kicking a man when he's down but I do feel sorry when somebody keeps pushing him over first."
* PlanetOfHats: A regular target of Chuck's ire. In his review of "The Magnificent Ferengi," he says that if ''Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk'' had been a Trek two-parter, Germany would've been painted as Mordor for the rest of the series.
* PlotArmor: Directly referenced in "Starship Mine," where a minor character is killed by a phaser blast but Geordi, shot by the same gun, will eventually be fine. "That's why character shields are the most important part of Starfleet's arsenal."
** Also how we've seen people survive much worst blasts and be fine, whereas Nog got hit once and ''lost a friggin leg!''
** Especially when Tuvok is only a few feet away from an exploding torpedo in "Year of Hell" and yet his permanent injury is blindness. "Imagine if the torpedo had actually collided with him! It just ''might'' have killed him!"
** He also exclaimed, "Character Shields are failing" during the KillEmAll season 4 finale of ''Andromeda''.
* PlotImmunity: Lampshaded when Dukat threatens to pitch Garak over a railing in Quark's bar. ("In Purgatory's Shadow")
-->"Don't bother flipping him over that, Dukat. He's not some [[RedShirt nameless character]], he's a [[FakeGuestStar Special Guest Star]]. He could survive a fall of at least five stories and get away with only a limp and a clever quip."
** In ''First Contact'', this turned out to be Picard's reasoning in splitting his away team as he did.
--->"Data! You and I are the ones with the best agents, let's beam up to the ship and check it out!"
* PoesLaw: Invoked in the review of "Clues," when Chuck (as Data) offers an increasingly ridiculous set of hypotheticals -- all of which are taken from plotlines in other ''Trek'' episodes.
** The first time Chakotay walks onto the set in "Barge of the Dead", Chuck groans that we're in for another Indian legend about whatever he's holding. Chakotay, {{leaning on the fourth wall}} a bit, jokes, "it's what my ancestors used to call a monkey wrench."
--->'''Chuck:''' I officially like you, episode.
** As Chuck is quick to remind his critics, Regular Janeway frequently exceeds Parody Janeway. ("Year of Hell")
-->"Yes, Parody Janeway is crazy, but there was always a method to her madness, while Regular Janeway feels madness by itself is just fine, thank you very much. She has stared into the abyss as it has stared into her... and the abyss said, "[[EvenEvilHasStandards JESUS!]]"
** It really is astounding how far Chuck's interpretation has extended from VOY. In "Liars, Guns and Money" (''Farscape''), we're introduced to Scorpius' moll, a [[SpiderPeople spider-woman]] who fits every criteria for Janeway's aforementioned weaponized tarantulas (which apparently got loose in the Uncharted Territories at some point. Thanks, Cap'n!)
** On the other hand, Chuck's Janeway is often more intelligent than the genuine article, particularly when negotiating terms with implacable enemies. ("In the Flesh")
--->'''Spoof!Janeway''': Of ''course'' we'll give you the information on how the only weapon in existence that can stop you from invading the Federation works! And after that, would like me to carry you back to Fluidic Space piggyback-style? ♥ ...''Jackass.''
** The same goes for Picard's hatred of children. When Riker admitted to letting a small girl die (in "Hide and Q"), Picard greeted him with an "'Atta boy!"
** [[invoked]] Chuck noted the bitter irony of ENT turning out to be a bad dream i.e. holodeck program, something Trekkies such as himself were (sarcastically) [[FanDiscontinuity hoping for all along]].
* PrecisionFStrike: Delivers a rather chilling one at the end of his rant in "Real Life" about what it feels like to almost, or actually, lose a child.
-->"So don't tell me it '''builds. ''Fucking''. Character.'''"
** In his review of "Howard the Duck", the titular character starts freaking out upon being given a plate of eggs, claiming he's being subjected to cannibalism:
-->"...it's a ''chicken'' egg, [[WhatAnIdiot you]] ''[[WhatAnIdiot fucking]]'' [[WhatAnIdiot idiot]]."
** "[[spoiler:Yeah, [[OffWithHerHead this]] is the moment when [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica the series]] turns to the audience and says '[[ShockingSwerve ...you think you know magical girls?]] '''Fuck you''''.]]"
** Sayaka: "You tricked us, didn't you?...", Kyubey: "[[BlatantLies Not necessarily.]]", Chuck: "Oh fuck you."
** Janeway earned one for forbidding B'Elanna to induce a religious near-death experience, in a series where senior officers routinely risk their lives for personal reasons. ("Barge of the Dead.")
--->"You wanna talk her out of it, fine. You're gonna ''force'' her not to do it? '''Fuck''' you, Captain!"
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: "Must... resist... urge... to... make sex joke in teaser! ...urk ...have whole review to make them!" ("Code of Honor")
** The NX-01's armor going "offline" in ENT's pilot. At first, Chuck tries explaining why ceramic armor -- though it does run on electricity -- can't be brought back "online" like deflector shields can. It then dawns on him that this is VOY's 'shout out shield numbers' standard battle sequence all over again, except with more nonsense words. ("Broken Bow")
---> ''(hysterical)'' "'''''You! BROKE IT! It's! GONE!!'''''"


* RantInducingSlight: Being exposed to Pulaski's EstablishingCharacterMoment in "The Child," (namely, being a needling, condescending harpy who repeatedly throws casual robot slurs at Data) drives Chuck completely up the wall.
* RapeAsComedy: At the end of "Broken Bow", Chuck mentions that a scene where Klang strangles one of his Suliban captors looks disturbingly like a prelude to prison rape. This is then played for laughs during the outro.
* RapeAsDrama: Condemns the use of this in StarTrekNemesis, where the villains mind-rape/actually rape Deana Troi just to show how unpleasant they are and how much time they apparently have to spare.
* RapeAsBackstory: Wonders why Tasha Yar [[AngstWhatAngst barely reacts]] to her abduction in "Code of Honor", which is completely at odds with the fact she spent most of her childhood dodging ''rape-gangs''.
* ARareSentence: Expresses praise for ''WALL•E'''s zero-G dance, "the kind of heartwarming image that can only be achieved by a trash compactor trying to slalom around flame jets the size of a small garage using only a fire extinguisher. "
* ReallyDeadMontage: Chuck, believing that Kirk deserved better than what happened to him in ''Generations'', gives him a fitting sendoff -- courtesy of Music/{{Journey}}.
** Following his (latest) death in "Scorpion", we see a montage of Harry Kim's numerous beatings/deaths/humiliations throughout the show as {{Enya}}'s "Only Time" plays. ...''Epic''.
** Not satisfied with Data's rather flat death and lame wake in ''Nemesis'', Chuck throws together a montage of Data dreaming and experiencing human things while the narration of Jor-El from ''Film/{{Superman}}'' plays.
* RealMenWearPink: "The cooking is being left up to a man who is manly enough to do so, yes, [[CowboyBebop Jet Black]]. So named because [[AwesomeMcCoolname Awesome McAwesomepants]] was already taken." He also grows bonsai trees in his spare time.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: From his ''The Child'' review, an absolutely ''withering'' one for [[DrJerk Pulaski]].
-->"Jesus, you're a complete [[CountryMatters cun- ...temptible]] person. Janeway was [[WildMassGuessing obviously a seven-year-long apology by this franchise for season two]], where the entire female gender is represented by someone who didn't get a uniform and had a haircut created created out of a hatred towards life itself. And you, Doctor... "Pulaski", Doctor Pulaski, Doctor Smug-ass Monkey-face ''Sack-o-'''Shit'''!'' I would try to beat some sense into you, but my parents taught me it was wrong to kick ''livestock!'' Your voice is like the sound of [[BigCreepyCrawlies 200lb housefly]] trying rape a cat! In fact, it's scientifically proven, that every time you open your fat gob a fairy slits its wrists! Your lack of basic humanity is so stunning, I bet [[IceQueen polar bears flock to your panty drawer]] in the desperate hope of surviving global warming!! When Picard accidentally glimpsed you naked, [[GoMadFromTheRevelation he spent hours screaming there were FIVE LIGHTS!!]]"
** And even the above was topped by the following for Lutan in Code of Honor.
--->"Lutan, you understand honor like Neelix understands sex appeal. You've ''heard'' of it; you probably ''think'' you have it, but buddy, there's not a smidgen of it in your body. Your smile is as warm and inviting as an icewater enema, your so-called 'charm' is so forced and transparent, so clearly ''septic'', I wouldn't be surprised if your voice leaves an oil slick. And your attempts to project authority are nothing of the kind, but of a spoiled child who's been handed everything in life, expecting to constantly get, and annoyed when it's not given. You do not radiate authority; you ooze self-entitled smugness. A toxic barrage, scientifically proven to be the first, second and ''third'' cause of cancer in laboratory rats; which made the scientists cry, because they found the rats more personable than '''you'''. And your attempts to be sly? STOP. It's so sickening it gives flu bugs nausea. So, please Franchise/HarryPotter, wrap yourself in that magic cloak of yours and disappear already. Don't come back out, until you get the secret sign. If you want to know what it is, it's the sight of the sun, swallowing the world."
** He delivers one to Torres in "Learning Curve," when [[InsaneTrollLogic she somehow comes to the conclusion that because Dolby finds Starfleet training annoying and dehumanising, he must be afraid of failing it.]] The explanation is a little longer than the actual "reason you suck" element, but it makes up for this shortness in sheer contempt.
--->"And who the hell is Torres to make that kind of comment? Even ignoring a the fact that she punched a fellow officer and they [[UltimateJobSecurity gave her a frickin' promotion over it]], she... oh, what was it? Oh yeah... ''[[PowerEchoes GOT HER SORRY ASS TOSSED OUT OF THE ACADEMY!]]'' Look, you trilobyte-foreheaded twerp, you don't go around accusing people of being afraid that they can't succeed while marinating in the filth of your own shame. Now run along; we want the opinion of someone who doesn't [[NeverLiveItDown need a tricorder to identify a turd]]."
** Another speech is deployed in the review of the ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' episode, "The Way We Weren't", when Zhaan's hypocritical condemnation of Aeryn gets too much for Chuck:
--->''(Tuts disapprovingly)'' You know, didn't want to have to do this, didn't want to drag this out and have it seem like I've got it out for you or something, but... I do have this little card I've been keeping in a safe place, with the label "In case of sanctimonious twat, break glass." Why are you on Moya in the first place? Huh? Do you remember that? Oh yeah- YOU ''KILLED'' A MAN! You murdered him in cold blood! The reason you're [[TheVonTropeFamily Reverend Treehugger Von Condescension]] is because, since then, you have ''changed''. [[ReformedCriminal You have embraced a new path]]... ''WHICH [[TheAtoner AERYN]] HAS FRICKIN' DONE!'' The only difference between the two of you is ''she'' [[PunchClockVillain was a soldier following orders]], and you just figured you'd kill somebody because you thought he'd done something wrong, so you figured you'd pass judgment on him- which I guess just goes to show you haven't changed all that much, ''have you?''
** A comparatively mild one for Lwaxana Troi, but still catty. (TNG: "Haven") Best of all, it's kicked off by Lwaxana [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor insisting that humans should say what they think.]]
---> Well, if you insist... ♥\\
I've been with you for mere minutes and I'm already praying for your horrible death in a transporter accident to give you your just end, which I believe will result in a net increase in happiness on a universal level. I am convinced that [[NineOutOfTenDoctorsAgree 4 out of 5 doctors had you listed as the recommended treatment]] for curing ''joy'', and that's only because the fifth one hanged himself! If I was [[LockedInARoom trapped in a room]] with only you, Neelix and Okona and [[LeaveBehindAPistol had only two bullets]], [[DrivenToSuicide I would shoot MYSELF]]. When the Bible says '[[AsTheGoodBookSays Love all people]]', there's an asterisk and a footnote that says "[-except Lwaxana Troi-]." And speaking of Troy, if Helena had looked like ''you'', it would've been the face that launched a thousand ships '''back home!''' In short, your philosophy that people should only say what they're thinking is undermined by the fact that you are completely ''loathsome,'' marinated in arrogance and heavily seasoned with self-absorbtion, so that the unfiltered slurry that gurgles from your gob unceasingly is a pollutant that I would like to see stopped, either voluntarily, or- by my preference- '' '''plugging the source with a grenade.''' ''\\
Thanks for asking.
** "Paradise" turns into a long (and deserved) rant against Alexis.
** He was so put off by Janeway's callous intolerence of the Klingon religion in "Barge of the Dead" that he amended her speech (as it "wasn't judgmental enough"). Ahem:
--->"Your backward superstitious malarkey is ''so'' absurd, I wish I could floss my brain to get the bits of stupid out. And the only reason I'm not even tryin' to change your mind on it is that anything approaching rational thought would bounce off that thick plate on your forehead--assuming that's Klingon ridges and not a massive brain tumor responsible for your long string of bad decisions. But ''wow''. Even I never thought you'd be so damn stupid as to want to try this, but you proved '''me''' wrong! [[SideBet Looks like I owe Chakotay a Coke.]] He ''told'' me you'd never be safe aboard this ship so long as there was a sharp thing not covered in cork. If you wanna have a near-death experience, Torres, here's my suggestion: follow every ill-advised thought that pops into your little pea brain over the next half-hour, and I guarantee one of them will have you in Sick Bay or the morgue. ...Look, I have real shit to do around here, okay, so kindly hop onto your little Gondola of Tedious Bullshit and sail down to Engineering, Joan of Arc!"
** Wonder Woman, of all people, earns one for pointlessly leading three lives -- superhero, corporate leader, and humble member of the hoi polloi -- and she sucks at all three.
--->"There is only ''one'' thing she's good at. The ''only'' thing. She knows how to hurt people. And unlike other such characters in that regard, she does not hide in the shadows to do these dark deeds, no; She does it while ''[[OppressiveStatesOfAmerica wearing the colors of the American flag, giving press conferences, and merchandising herself]].'' She is such a horrible person ''and'' hero, the only way I could see salvaging this is by "Diana Prince" be a separate amazon character who tries to do the right thing in the shadows while the city is worshiping this [[DarkMessiah sociopathic glory hound calling herself Wonder Woman]]."
** In ''Star Trek II'', a bit of road rage compelled him to call out a fellow motorist and compare him to Khan Noonien Singh. Yes.
--->"Earlier this month I was at a red light, ready to turn right, but stopped, causing the driver behind me to honk repeatedly. However, while it's legal to turn right on red, it's generally not advisable when the road is wet and there's a tractor trailer approaching. Apparently, though, the man behind me felt that we were not just two drivers on the road, no; somehow we were joined on an unspoken suicide pact that I was thoughtlessly reneging on. When the truck passed, I went on my way, followed by the other driver who, ignoring the wet pavement, ran another red light and -- unconcerned about little things like the presence of other vehicles on the road -- sped up to pull alongside me and ''repeatedly'' honked his horn to get my attention for quite a long time, until finally I gave in and looked at him so he could flip me off and be on his way. '''And that was all.''' This cro-magnon felt that it wasn't enough to [[IShallTauntYou just flip me off]]; he was prepared to [[TakingYouWithMe risk himself and others just to make sure I knew he was doing it]]. He couldn't handle me not ''knowing'' it, whereas I am quite unbothered that he'll never know that ''I'm'' saying that he's a phallically-challenged maladjusted uncivilized moronic social cripple whose only possible contribution for society would be if someone created an engine that could run on loser. And while he will never know it, I'm fine with merely sharing that feeling with [[BestServedCold tens of thousands of people]] instead.
* ReferenceOverdosed
* RelaxoVision: For the grimmest parts of ''Film/BladeRunner'', ''Anime/GhostInTheShell'' and ''Film/{{Alien}}'', he puts up a video of [[CuteKitten two cute kittens wrestling]].
* ResetButton: ''Voyager'' ''lives'' on this trope, so of course Chuck brings it up, and that's even what he calls it. "The creators of ''Voyager'' fear change," as he put it.
** Spoofed again in "The Child."
--->'''Pulaski:''' She had her baby yesterday. If I were to examine her now, I would not be able to tell she had a baby, or had ever had a baby. It was as if the incident never happened.
--->'''Chuck''' (as Picard): Yes, well, it's your first ''Star Trek'' episode, you'll get used to it.
** Lampshades that the entire plot of "Cause and Effect" revolves around this:
--> '''Chuck''': Look at this, Star Trek uses the reset button so often it's become a ''plot device''.
** Discussed at length in the "Year of Hell" (''VOY'') review, especially in comparison to those times when a Reset Button was used correctly (to great success, and a Hugo Award) in ''TNG''. Chuck's view is that you can use a Reset Button successfully only if something (e.g. a character's memory of the events) carries over to the rest of the show.
* {{Retcon}}: Whenever characters say something that demonstrates ignorance of the events of ''Enterprise'', he will imagine the character proclaiming "Jonathan Archer is dead to me/us."
* {{RetGone}}: In "Cold Front", surmises that ''Enterprise'' should have been a BittersweetEnding with the crew making the [[HeroicSacrifice ultimate sacrifice]], removing themselves from the timeline to end the Temporal Cold War, thus explaining why no-one had ever heard of them in the 24th century.
* {{Retirony}}: Lampshaded during the review of "Innocence" (VOY), where at the beginning of the episode a [[RedShirt Goldshirt]] lies dying and decides to mention that he has no family back home, nobody to miss him.
-->'''Chuck''': Geez, it's like you ''want'' the script-gods to kill you. "I gotta make it! I'm just... two days to retirement!"
* RockBottom: Ten minutes into reviewing the (''TNG'') episode "[[BizarroEpisode Masks]]," Chuck consoles poor Picard.
--> "You may have lost the ship, but at least you still have your dig-- ''(Picard turns, wearing [[RockBottom a goofy faux-Aztec mask]])'' ...ni...ty."
** Picard's reaction when he sees the wreckage of the Enterprise-D.
--> '''Chuck:''' [as Picard] What a day. I get beaten up by Soran, accidentally kill Starfleet's greatest hero... I can't imagine how could this day could possibly get any -- the '''hell'''?! WHAT THE GOD DAMN HELL HAPPENED WITH THE -- [[[{{Angrish}} sputters incoherently]]] ...'''''SHIT!!!'''''
** "It seems like Sisko's lost just about everything; I mean, his ship, his station, his ''[[TheTriple hair]]''...oh crap, and his son, too! Sisko, keep an eye on your pants, someone might try to steal those, too."
** "[[TheMainCharactersDoEverything Giving Neelix a Bridge station to manage]], sigh. That's it, ("Unimatrix Zero") you have officially bottomed out. You ''can not get any more'' ridiculous. [Borg Klingon appears] That's it, [[Film/LethalWeapon I'm too old for this shit]]."
* RootingForTheEmpire: [[InvokedTrope Invokes]] this everytime an episode introduces a character who actually will call Janeway out [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech on being such a damn idiot]] and/or mistreats [[AlienScrappy Hedgehog]]. Naturally, he approves of this.
-->'''Hirogen:''' ''(to Neelix)'' If it were up to me, you'd already be dead!\\
'''Chuck:''' I've been sayin' that in every episode Neelix appears in.
* RuleOfSexy: Kim Cattrall's replacement of Kirstie Alley in ''Film/{{Star Trek VI|The Undiscovered Country}}'':
-->"It could be argued that the events to come would've had even more of an emotional impact if it ''had'' been Saavik and not Valeris in the role. However, this can be forgiven because...Valeris is ''hot''."
** Why did Crichton decide to unlock Aeryn Sun's restraints and ask her to come with him in the premiere episode of ''Series/{{Farscape}}'':
--> '''Chuck:''' Because... because it's Creator/ClaudiaBlack, for god's sake! The woman's a hottie with a voice that can cause a man's fly to open by itself!
* RonTheDeathEater:[[invoked]] Let's look at the scorecard: We have Janeway, a low-functioning sociopath and nymphomaniac who stranded her own crew in space in order to amass an army to take over the Alpha Quadrant as a a first step toward converting the Federation into a vehicle for galactic conquest. On the other side, we have the unholy trifecta of Phlox, T'Pol and Archer, who are collectively responsible for the creation of some of ''Star Trek's'' most vile enemies.
* RubberForeheadAliens: Another snark-target that he consistently approaches. Neelix gets the worst of it, being continually referred to as a hedgehog, but the Forehead of the Week is often up for mockery. Such as people who have feathers for hair, guys with six extra nostrils going up their forehead (as in "Warlord"), aliens with "coat-hook" tusks sticking out of their chins, and the inexplicable feature of aliens with a bridge of flesh between their nose and their chin, obstructing their own mouth.
--> '''Chuck:''' As though it were an evolutionary feature just to prove that God loves fuckin' with atheists.
** And he takes issue with the Andorians in ''Enterprise'' being given rubber foreheads, as if the blue skin and antennae weren't enough to tip us off that they were aliens.
** Shows how this can backfire in an "UnfortunateImplications[[invoked]]" manner in his review of "Alliances" (from ''Voyager''), where the darker-skinned, more heavily costumed aliens (the Kazon) are viewed as animals, and Janeway tries to make an alliance with the alien race that only appears in this episode, thus using much lighter makeup and less elaborate forehead. So it can (he points out) come across as Janeway making an alliance with white people to fight dark-skinned barbarian idiots.
--> '''Chuck!Janeway:''' Of ''course'' we'll make an alliance with you, you're ''white!''"
* {{Rule 34}}: ''GameOfThrones'': "By the way, 'Screw you and the horse you rode in on" is only a figure of speech. Don't expect her to literally screw the horse! Though this might have inspired the GameOfThrones[=/=]MyLittlePony SlashFic I'm sure somebody has written somewhere."
* RunningGag: Chuck has enough of these that [[RunningGag/SFDebris it now has its own page]].
* RussianReversal: Referenced in relation to the Soviet-built ''Tsiolkovsky'' in "The Naked Now".
-->(as Picard) ''You know, number one, in your country, you send ships into space, but in Soviet Russia, ship sends YOU into space!... Hey, where are you all going?''\\
''Well, looks like they're screwed; unable to muck with the tractor beam that can only pull things...it looks like that ship seeking boulder is going to take out the ''Enterprise'' and ''Tsiolkovsky'', which won't make them happy back in Soviet Russia. Wait, that's it! In Soviet Russia, tractor beam will PUSH!''