Upworld, Downworld is a roleplay set in the Mortal Instruments universe. It has become a prequel for many characters of ShadowhunterPeril, where everything started.

[[TimeMaster Chroniel]], a FallenAngel who lives in a dimension outside the universe, decides to create three doomsday plot to take control of the world. The plots are set in different time periods--[[SteamPunk 1887]], [[WorldWarII 1943]], and an alternate modern era of ShadowhunterPeril where Valentine didn't take over the world. The modern time stays true to the first three books, then subverts the fourth and goes off in a whole other direction.

Despite being bit of a MindScrew, the roleplay is very enjoyable, and it really pieces together a few character's backstories--explaining why they are so badass in the first place.

Has a developing [[Characters/UpworldDownworld Character Sheet]]