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[[http://roleplayedingly.dreamwidth.org Here]]; previously [[http://community.livejournal.com/roleplayedingly here.]] Spooky jamjar, of a sort - the world changes every week, and it was almost always a parody of an existing LivejournalRoleplay, although since the reboot, the mods are too lazy to work out what LivejournalRoleplays are still going. The game is currently on its next reboot, the mods and players do not want to let it die.

!! This game provides examples of:

%% * AccidentalMarriage
%% * AffablyEvil: [[Manga/BlackLagoon Balalaika]] is a pretty good example.
%% * AmbiguousGender: The Fool being a perfect example, but at one point there was a whole group of the 'let's play the guessing game' types
* AnachronismStew: Especially prevalent amongst the Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia characters- they come from t, anywhere from modern times to UsefulNotes/WorldWarII. TemporalParadox is really wondered due to the sometimes large gap of time between characters of the same series.
%% * AndIMustScream: [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Poland]] hanging on a wall in [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Russia's]] basement for several decades, between Russia's time and his own.
%% * AnyoneCanDie
%% * BadassCrew
%% * BigEater: [[NougamiNeuro Yako]] and [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Italy]]. Who would win?
%% Who would win? How are READERS who do not know the game know?
%% * BizarroEpisode
%% Also, Bizarro wiki page chock full of ZCE
%%* BreakingTheFourthWall
%% * BreakTheCutie: The Murder Mansion is engaged in seeing if it can break ALL of the cuties. And doing a damned good job of it.
%% NOTE: list concrete examples
* BroughtDownToNormal: Usually worlds involve powers being taken away.
** Played with in regards to [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia the nations.]] Due to their very basic nature of being personifications, taking their 'powers' away would make them ''cease to exist''.
** Murder Manison seems to take away the nations' "powers" without actually taking it. It kills nations off in ways they should have survived from such as [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Finland]] burning in a fire.
%% * CharacterDevelopment: And much of it.
%% * TheChewToy: Everyone in some way
%% * CityWithNoName: Many, many of the worlds. Some are given names by the players as well, such as 'Crayon Land' and 'Death Mansion.'
%% * {{Crossover}}
* CrossoverShip (in-universe examples):
** A [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Prussia]]''/''[[NougamiNeuro Yako]] are married.
** [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Gabranth]]''/''[[KingdomHearts Saïx]] have fun time together.
** [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Ukraine]] has got it going on. There's both [[Anime/QueensBlade Alleyne]]''/''[[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Ukraine]] and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Balthier]]''/''[[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Ukraine]].
** [[Franchise/TheDarkTower Roland]]''/''[[Series/{{Firefly}} Zoe]] has a very dedicated following among players.
%% * DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist
%% * DeathIsCheap: And how!
* DeathTakesAHoliday: Between the burning of Murder Mansion and the attack of the Slender Men, there is one night where no one dies at all.
%% * DownerEnding: So very relevant to some plot-ends.
%% * DreamLand: Visited briefly in a few worlds.
* DrivenToSuicide:
** Sweden dies in suicide because he just wants to be with his dead wife.
** Estonia justifies his want to die with SomeoneHasToDie (even though he just wants to see his brother and his best friend again).
%% * DrivingQuestion: What IS this place?
%% Explain! Explain!
%% * DysfunctionJunction
%%* EldritchAbomination: Slender Man
%% * FamilyUnfriendlyDeath: Not as often as above, but still a lot.
%% * FamilyUnfriendlyViolence: Happens a lot.
%%* FamousLastWords: "Don't let Prussia be a dumbfuck."
%% Said by whom? When? ZCE are not allowed!
%% * FirstKiss
* ForeignCussWord:
** Fick dich!
** Persse see maailm. Käi minu elu.
** Kurwa!
** Every post ever made by Radek from ''Series/StargateAtlantis ''
** Appearently a good amount of Chinese said by [[{{Series/Firefly}} Simon]]
** Perkele!
** Chort vizʹmy...
%% * GenderBender
%% * GreenHillZone: Crayon Land
%% * TheGunslinger: Roland
%% * HauntedHouse
%% * TheHero: Gabranth could be interpreted like this, along with Roland and anyone, ever, who has fought Slender Man. Ever.
%% * HeroicBSOD: Poor Zoe...
* HoldingHands:
** They hold their hangs and that begins the idea of [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Estonia]] and [[KingdomHearts Roxas]]'s [[HoYay relationship.]]
** [Disney/{{Frozen}} Elsa]] and [[SongOfTheLioness Alanna]]'s relationship started with them holding hands.
%% * ImmortalImmaturity: Practically all the countries.
%% * IncurableCoughOfDeath: Maid world.
%% * JerkAssGods: Jerk Ass Mods. And they know it.
%% * JokeCharacter: Kevin
%% * KarmicDeath: Bateman tends to die like this.
%% * KnightTemplarBigBrother:
%% ** Knight Templar Big Sister: [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Ukraine]]. No question.
%% ** Shown after one certain world where her little brother, [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Russia]], had his innocence taken away some.
%% * LadyOfWar: [[Anime/QueensBlade Alleyne]]
%% * LikeIsLikeAComma: Like, wherefore?
%% * LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters
%% * MassiveMultiplayerCrossover
%% * MercyKill: Saix.
%% * MessianicArchetype: Jesus Christ.
%% * MisplacedWildlife: The Octopus in Crayon Land
%% * MomentKiller: ''>Genuflect''
%% * MusicalEpisode
%% * NightmareSequence
%% * NoEnding: Ever. Deal with it.
%% * OddFriendship
* OfficialCouple: [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Prussia]]''/''[[NougamiNeuro Yako]] are together and they are the longest standing example.
%% * OntologicalMystery
%% * RedShirt: Kevin
%% * RuleOfDrama
%% * SadisticChoice: MURDER MANSION like whoah
%% * ScreamingWoman: It's happened a few times!
%% * SerialKiller: Patrick Bateman
%% * SlashFic: Patrick Bateman.
* StylisticSuck: Standards are deliberately kept to a minimum. This attracts some pretty good players who just like the lack of pressure.
%% * TakeAThirdOption: BURN IT (Murder Mansion) TO THE GROUND!
* TalkingToTheDead: In Murder Mansion where people talk to the dead, and the dead can even respond.
%% * TeamDad: Ohaidar, Roland
* TemporalParadox: Notably, the [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia nations]] going back to their own repective times, meaning that Russia imprisoned Poland in 1949, so in 2009 Poland was still in a dungeon, communicating with Lithuania, who was in 1950, who then went to free Poland, and YourHeadAsplode
%% * TonightSomeoneDies: Murder Mansion plays with this quite a bit.
%% * TrappedInAnotherWorld
%% * TryNotToDie
%% * UnresolvedSexualTension
%% * ValleyGirl: We all know who.
%% NO, we don't.
%% * WeddingDay
%% * WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove
%% * WholesomeCrossdresser: Poland