[[http://markedrp.com/ Marked]] is a modern fantasy roleplay started in 2009 and hosted by SMF. It is a world created by Gossamer, centered around a {{Boarding School}} for the Marked: [[ExtranormalInstitute Rochester Academy]] in a fictional town called Whitley.

The city of Whitley is a somewhat fantastical (instead of the normal horror-version) {{Lovecraft Country}} town in Northwestern Massachusetts surrounded by thick woods around them. There is a secret town called The Haven inhabited by Half-Breed creatures that vary in amount. The RP is global and the characters are divided into either Human, Marked, Half-Breed, and Daemos factions.

The [[DifferentlyPoweredIndividual Marked]] are the heroes of the story, rare until recently, the Marked are there to fight the Daemos who threaten the world after having invaded once. The [[EldritchAbomination Daemos]] are from a different plane of existence and wish to conquer the Earth. They can have children with humans and those create [[HybridMonster Half-Breed]] species, legendary species of our past. Yeah, {{Our Demons Are Different}}. Then finally there are {{Muggles}} or regular Human Beings, just your every day normal every day human beings.

Mixing all aspects of a global RP, Marked applied examples of Highschool, Gifted, City, and Modern Fantasy RP elements in one large overlying plot and the directions it may go.

!! This roleplay provides examples of:
* {{Body Motifs}}: All of the Marked have strange patterns on their skin, very much resembling tattoos.
* {{Cast Full of Gay}}: Or very close to one. Still, it is a very very VERY positive version of the Trope, with many being far from stereotypes and relatively regular people.
* {{Dream Land}}: Dreamscape
* ExtranormalInstitute: Rochester Academy
* {{Loads and Loads of Characters}}: Over 100 to date.
* LovecraftCountry: Whitley is one in a more fantasy setting than horror.
* {{Masquerade}}: The existence of the Marked, Half-Breed, and Daemos are unknown to the world.
** {{Invisible to Normals}}: Glamours mask the Half-Breed & Daemos to the human world despite their inhuman appearances.
* {{Our Vampires Are Different}}: In the much more Anne Rice category.

!! Threads provide examples of:
* ApocalypseHow: The New Plot, somewhere between a Class 2 and 6.
** Also a very noticeable {{The End of the World As We Know It}}
* AnotherDimension: Daemos invading from another realm connected by {{Hellgate}} in the form of cracks that link the two realms together
* {{Hell On Earth}}: Literal Example.
* {{Legion of Doom}}/{{Our Demons Are Different}}: The Daemos.
* SecretWar: Battles between the Marked, Half-Breed, and Daemos are unknown to the public.