Elemental Dawn in a [=DnD=] Game played at the University Of Pittsburgh. It's a prequel of ElementalDoom that's supposed to detail the Rise of the Anatharan duel monarchy. The player characters are a smattering of new players with a few of the older ones from Elemental Doom.

!! Character List:
The Dwarven Refugee Party:
* Green- Human Sorcerer, as her name implies, she is in fact green.
** Red & Blue- Young Illumian Sorcerers and companions of Green.
* Auressan "Gold"- Human Paladin, Likes: Displacer Beasts, Shiny Things. Dislikes: Evil.

The Colonization Party:
* ????- Illumian Duskblade

Former Party Members:
* Fleur- Cleric who touches herself, as well as everyone else. Still with the colony. Perhaps drinking with Moriko.
* Moriko- Two-Weapon fighting ranger, perpetually drunk. Disappeared at some point. Nobody noticed.
* Freya- Druid and Greensinger Initiate, looking to solve the problems affecting the fey. After escaping from slavery, completely forgot about the fey and married an illumian blacksmith.
* Aldrich Amakiir-Raine- Half-gold dragon paladin and wizard, Kaiden Eterali, disguised as a low-level human wizard with numerous problems. Was "killed" while escaping from slavery.
* Anna- Battle dancer, among other things. Oh, and she's a runaway princess. Joined a cult
* A'rekis- Dragonwrought kobold warblade. Reduced to 2 INT by a deck of many things, although recently restored.
* Leoneros- Comes and goes, probably due to the lack of adventure as he reads in his books.
!! This game contains examples of:

* AutomatonHorses: Even if Moriko's deer is based off a light horse, you may not ride it for a day and a half nonstop.
* CantHoldHisLiquor: Anna, and she had better watch what she says when drunk
* CombatMedic: Fleur, [[spoiler: who managed to survive against the leader of the kobolds for three rounds, gaining the settlement its first ally]]
* CompletelyMissingThePoint:
->'''DM''' "You are now allied with the kobold leader Yizen Da'zon, a yuan tia-"
->'''Moriko''' "Is he pretty?"
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: What do you mean this land was ruled by the "One-Eyed Dragon?"
* FetchQuest: Anvils
** and Scarab Shells
** Yizen and Kaiden went on an adventure to retrieve our dumb runaway kobold.
* HatesEveryoneEqually: Fleur
* KnifeNut: The leader of the kobolds fights with six swords
* OnlyOneName: Most of the current party
** arguably, Aldrich Kaiden Amakiir-Raine Eterali more than makes up for it.
* PutOnABus: Aldrich decided to retire and make scrolls for the village[[spoiler: after his cat was turned into goop in the first battle]]
* ScrewYouElves: Does that elf have a foxtail? I'm going to use soaring raptor strike on him! Non-lethal of course.
** Also, (one of) their cleric(s) is dead. Possibly related.
* ShoutOut: That kobold leader with the six swords wouldn't happen to have a [[VideoGame/SengokuBasara horse with motorcycle handlebars and tailpipes]], would he?
* StatusBuff: Only thing the artificer is good for... for now.
* StrengthEqualsWorthiness: The logic behind Fleur's battle with the kobold leader
* TangledFamilyTree: Moriko is apparently the matriarch of the Macgregor Clan.
* TrainingMontage: Green and Auressan training the dwarves.