* The Swiss-German Neue Deutsche Härte band, Metallspürhunde, has a song called 'Aus Dem Schatten' (Out of the Shadows) which is about a guy who has a long list of enemies who have made him feel alienated. And now he's going to pick them off one by one.
* Music/DoctorSteel's ''Lament for a Toy Factory''.
* Dutch symphonic metal band Music/WithinTemptation:
** "The Promise": a woman's lover/husband is murdered, so she takes it upon herself to hunt down and kill everybody involved in his death. One particular line gives me a chill every time I hear it: "I'll make them bleed down at my feet."
** "Murder" from their album ''The Unforgiving'', which marks the point where the album's protagonist goes, well, murderous on those responsible for what happened to the person she was trying to save in ''Lost.''
* Angtoria's "Six Feet Under", while not necessarily implying a [=RRoR=] itself, certainly implies the singer might want one and is likely the sentiment accompanying or driving many of the [=RRoRs=] listed on this page. Whoever is the intended recipient of the lyrics "I'll dance on your grave until my feet bleed, six feet under's where you'll rot," followed by "We'll spit on your grave until your soul screams, six feet under's not deep enough" is quite likely deserving of a [=RRoR=], at least in the songwriter's eyes.
* Chevelle's "The Red". It's not completely clear, but it certainly sounds like it. For your estimation:
-->''They said 'Freak', when you're singled out / The Red / Well it filters through/ So lay down, the threat is real / When his sight goes red again.''
** It's telling you to ''get out of the way when he gets angry!'' It sounds ''really'' clear to me!
* "Am I Evil?" is the bloody revenge driven epic by Diamond Head, memorably covered by Metallica. After the [[BurnTheWitch burning of the main character's mother as a witch]], he goes on a quest to brutally murder and [[JackBauerInterrogationTechnique torture]] everyone he can that was involved. And even very early on he understands that in doing so [[HeWhoFightsMonsters he has become the very type of monster that he is hunting]]. Eventually he succeeds but loses himself in the process.
* The fifth song on The Protomen's original CD "Vengeance" is basically where Megaman heads on a beeline for Wily's fortress and tears through virtually every robot there on his very own RoaringRampageOfRevenge for [[spoiler:Wily having killed his brother before him, Protoman.]] [[spoiler: Actually it turns out Protoman was reconstructed by Wily later and turned evil]]. Uhm, woah.
-->''Send me the best you've got/Send me your strongest machine''
-->''The fight my brother fought/Here, now, will end with me''
-->''Is this the best you've got?/Is this your strongest machine?''
-->''Now with one powershot/You'll see what vengeance means!''
** A better example would be:
-->''All you wounded!''
-->''And those of you who can!''
-->''Hurry back, tell your leader!''
* Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' song "Crow Jane" (not much connection to the Skip James song of the same name) is about a woman who gets gang-raped by a bunch of miners from the local town. So she stocks up on guns and kills them all.
* The alien metal band GWAR got revenge on their cosmic master, and now seeks to destroy the human race for being annoying creatures.
* Music/{{Black Sabbath}}'s song "Iron Man" definitely counts:
-->''Now the time is here''
-->''For Iron Man to spread fear''
-->''Vengeance from the grave''
-->''Kills the people he once saved!''
* Slayer's "Raining Blood" tells the story of a soul that was cast out of Heaven and seeks revenge. Eventually, he gains it, and reigns in blood.
* Music/{{Manowar}}'s "Dark Avenger" is about a character whose unjust suffering has been noted by the gods, so he is sent back from Hades to KillEmAll.
* Kenny Rogers' "Coward of the County." After spending 20 years turning the other cheek and ignoring their taunts, the Gatlin boys think Tommy's such a wimp they decide to gang rape his girlfriend. For bonus points, when he confronts them in the bar, he turns around and they mock him thinking he's running away. ''He's locking the door so they can't escape.'' At the end, he's the only one left standing.
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0FioxbBI68 Strength of the World]]" by Music/AvengedSevenfold:
-->''Avenge the dead killed all who crossed me in my path''
-->''Suicidal, I never planned on coming back''
-->''I want it, I need it, revenge is dripping from my teeth''
-->''Need nothing, to feel power, and bring the killers to their knees''
-->''Nothing to lose vengeance to gain (you know I'll never be the same)''
-->''So taste my breath I'm close behind you (so desperate on your final day)''
* New Model Army's "Vengeance", from the title onwards, is almost the pure musical distillation of this trope...
-->''Top-dog fascist gets the boys in the corner''
-->''Plants poison where there was just confusion''
-->''Walks away scot-free and laughing''
-->''Rides on the tide as the cancer grows''
-->''And the business man on corruption charges''
-->''With millions of dollars in dirty money''
-->''Gets just a thousand pound fine off the mugs in court''
-->''While the lawyers get fat and the law gets bought''

-->''I believe in Justice''
-->''I believe in Vengeance''
-->''I believe in getting the bastard...''
* ''The Wedding List'' by Kate Bush
-->''You've made a wake of our honeymoon,''
-->''And I'm coming for you!''
* In Music/{{Marillion}}'s epic ''Grendel'', the eponymous being takes his bloody revenge:
-->So you thought that your bolts and your locks would keep me out
-->You should have known better after all this time
-->You're gonna pay in blood for all your vicious slander
-->With your ugly pale skins and your putrid blue eyes
-->(snip for brevity)
-->Well I've had enough of all your pretty pretty speeches
-->Receive your punishment, Expose your throats to my righteous claws
-->And let the blood flow, and let the blood flow, flow, flow, flow
* The second verse of Dan le sac vs. Scroobius Pip's ''YOU WILL SEE ME'' discusses the [[FreudianExcuse a spurned lover's]] planned retribution against his ex which involves [[DisproportionateRetribution ruining the entire world]]:
-->''I will make rivers run red in your anonymity''
-->''The screams of nations will echo our affinity''
-->''My wrath will be relentless''
-->''My path of destruction will be momentously momentous''
-->''I will change the face of history and paint it in my likeness''
-->''And I will like this''
-->''I will destroy everything that you hold dear''
-->''By simply destroying everything far and near''
-->''My footsteps will be impossible not to hear''
-->''I will watch you from afar and taste each tear''
-->''I will wipe out entire races''
-->''I will erase faces and displace with great haste and no graces''
-->''This world will become my plaything''
-->''Embracing my ways and then just breaking''
-->''I will burn this entire world to the ground''
-->''I will leave a mark greater than any have ever left before''
-->''I will lay waste by land, air and sea''
-->''And you will see me''
* This is the motivation of the Shark Fighter from the song of the same name by ''Music/TheAquabats''
-->''I had a girl who was precious to me\\
But a shark took her away, you see\\
Now I fight sharks not for money\\
But for love!\\
(And that ain't funny, yo)''
* The [[UsefulNotes/AmericanCivilWar Civil War-era]] Union patriotic song "Marching Through Georgia" is a celebration of General William T. Sherman's infamous "March to the Sea", where he marched his army 300 miles through the industrial and economic heartland of the Confederate States of America, destroying the CSA's ability to wage war and gutting the slavers' resistance to the Union's soon-to-be victorious armies.
-->''"Sherman's dashing Yankee boys will never reach the coast!"\\
So the saucy rebels said and 'twas a handsome boast,\\
But they had forgot - Alas! - to reckon with the Host,\\
While we were marching through Georgia!''
--->''Hurrah! Hurrah! We bring the jubilee,\\
Hurrah! Hurrah! The flag that makes you free,\\
So we sang the chorus from Atlanta to the sea,\\
While we were marching through Georgia!''
* The whole idea behind the music video for Music/{{Rihanna}}'s "Bitch Better Have My Money" is her getting revenge on a shady accountant who left her bankrupt.[[note]]She was embattled in some shady accounting in real life, sued the firm responsible and won.[[/note]] So she enlists two minions to kidnap his wife and torments her by stripping her naked, making her seasick, and drugging her until he pays up. When that failed, she tracks him down at home, brings his wife back naked in a trunk, and tortures him Dexter-style. The video ends with Rihanna lighting up a joint while lying naked on a chest of money...and covered in blood.