[[folder: ''Video Game/Command And Conquer Tiberium Wars'' ]]

* ''Fanfic/TiberiumWars'' has this happen multiple times. In fact, half of [[BadassGrandpa Havoc's]] plans involve them being so ridiculous no one sees them coming, and in Chapter Fifteen, the ruined remains of Lieutenant Wallace's Zone Trooper squad attacks hundreds of Nod soldiers, tanks, beam cannons, and Avatars.


[[folder: Cross Over ]]

* ''[[http://forums.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=150127 An Entry with a Bang!]]'' has a part where an infantryman forces the surrender of a [[{{Battletech}} 'Mech pilot]] by strapping [=MREs=] to himself and pretending they're explosives. Then asks the pilot out on a date.
* ''Fanfic/AHero'': Dalek Sec's plans tend to fall into this trope. Considering his [[CosmicPlaything horrible luck at everything...]] this means that his failures tend to go into EpicFail, ''because'' of this trope.
* Fanfic/FiveScoreDividedByFour: The Feds and the cops are on high alert after a seeming terrorist bombing in Seattle. How do five technicolor mythical equines manage to get out of Seattle and halfway across the US? Charter a private plane and a limo, of course.
* Fanfic/TheInfiniteLoops: Loopers frequently resort to this out of sheer boredom, and listing all of them would take a very long time, but points go to a WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Loop where several Loopers make their way into the Royal Canterlot Archives, singing "[[Theatre/ThePiratesOfPenzance With Catlike Tread]]" as they go.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10541324/1/First-Knight First Knight]]'' a [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Slayer]] was in the middle of a debate while running for sheriff when she realizes her opponent is a demon that feeds off negative emotions. After cutting off it's head in front of the crowd, causing lightning to shoot out due to built up energy, she plays it off by saying, "[[Franchise/{{HIGHLANDER}} There can be only one]]."


[[folder: ''Franchise/The DCU'' ]]

* In Roleplay/DCNation there's (an OriginalCharacter Franchise/GreenLantern). A street kid and pickpocket, he steals Hal Jordan's wallet and spare ring. After donning the ring, he proceeds to go on a one-man cleanup spree through his rough New York neighborhood. [[http://community.livejournal.com/jla_watchtower/295143.html He tops it]] by making a SarcasticConfession to Guy Gardner and Hal about his activities, chiding Hal to keep better track of his stuff, and all but ''daring'' the two veteran Lanterns to steal the ring back. Hal's ticked, but Guy's about to double over laughing.


[[folder: ''Discworld'' ]]

* In ''Fanfic/TheNewGuild'', Sandra Battye picks up an hitherto lost and unclaimed title for her Trade Guild. She cannot use the appropriate title because another, larger and more powerful, Guild has pre-empted her. Against Mrs Rosie Palm's vigorous objection, Lord Vetinari grants Sandra title to the name...


[[folder: ''Anime/Neon Genesis Evangelion'' ]]

* A PeggySue Shinji plays off his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Nerv, its employees, and the Angels by claiming, "I watched Franchise/PowerRangers as a kid."


[[folder: ''Franchise/Sherlock Holmes'' ]]

* ''[[Fanfic/DeliverUsFromEvilSeries Mortality]]'': [[TheDragon Colonel Moran]] explaining his disobedience to [[BigBad Professor Moriarty]]. Deliberately invoked at the end of the scene when Moran summons up ''the colossal audacity to flash a smile''.


[[folder: ''Literature/Harry Potter'' ]]

* In ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3446796/1/Magical_Relations Magical Relations]]'', one of the myriad "Harry Sorted into Slytherin" fanfics, Parseltongue is a teachable language. Naturally, Snape offers to tutor Harry in nonverbal magic, dueling, Occlumency, etc. for as long as it takes Harry to teach him to speak snake. Eventually, Harry is learning Leglimency to improve his Occlumency (highly illegal without Ministry permission, not that they care), but now TheUmbridge is around to poke her nose in. Snape first tries to cover up the lessons by giving Harry detention, but when Umbridge shows up to watch the private, Headmaster-approved lesson anyway, [[BavarianFireDrill they treat it like business as usual]], and Snape starts quizzing Harry on his Occlumency reading ''in Parseltongue''. When Umbridge demands to know what language that is, Snape tells her that it's naturally the [[BlatantLies Ancient Mayan Wizards' language of Uspantek, because Harry is aiming for a job as a cursebreaker]], and the only way to learn a language is through practice (naturally, Umbridge will be less than familiar with either language that has only a handful of living practitioners). When Umbridge eventually demands that they speak in English, Snape starts quizzing Harry on his advanced Arithmancy (for curse-breaking, which he has never taken), and subtly prompts his student to ''Leglimens the answers from his head.'' (Which is, again, highly illegal).
--> '''Snape:''' ''(in Parseltongue) Excellent. I will take your essay after this saggy, cloying excuse for a dictator leaves us.''
--> '''Harry:''' ''(one scene transition later) So then I answer questions about advanced Arithmancy for the rest of the lesson, and when we're done, Snape looks at Umbridge and says, 'Thank you for your time. Your presence tonight has been invaluable.' (looks at his friends with wide, despairing eyes) It was madness.''
** In the same fic, Harry & Co defeat the Basilisk [[spoiler: using Ron's experience handling roosters]]. They could go to a teacher about the dead giant snake in the girls' loo... or they could hang an "Out of Order" sign on the door and turn the place into a lab for harvesting the thing for extremely valuable potions ingredients. After all, they killed the thing, and have as much a right to it as anyone. By the time they report it to Snape, they've already harvested the blood and are starting on the fangs and skin, and they offer him the extremely invaluable eyes in return for endorsing this stunt and giving them any pointers. This is deemed an... adequate... payment, and when the professor sees their organized, efficient system, he turns the eye extraction into an impromptu potions lesson.
--> '''Pansy:''' ''(after Snape's departure and a quick stunned silence) That went surprisingly well.''


[[folder: ''Manga/Naruto'' ]]

* During the Chunin Exam in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9920512/6/Reaching-for-a-Dream Reaching for a Dream]]'', Naruto cheats on his test by punching out one of the Chunin plants and taking his test.