* JamesPatterson's ''Literature/WitchAndWizard'' series, in the back of each book, features descriptions of books, celebrities, etc. banned by the characters' government, which are all parodies of real-life books and people. There is one parodying ''[[Literature/WarriorCats Warriors]]'':
-->''THE BRAWLERS: The story of a pack of sentient dogs - some stray, some pets - seeking to fulfull a 'prophecy'.''
* In the graphic novel of ''Literature/{{Coraline}}'', there's one panel toward the start where it says "She'd already read all her books", and it shows a stack of books. One is the cover of the first ''Warriors'' book, ''Into the Wild''.
* In the ''LiveActionTV/PrettyLittleLiars'' episode "Run, Ali, Run", Aria remarks; "A's been stalking you for two years like a warrior cat..."