!! Live Action TV
* One episode of ''Series/{{Angel}}'' (the one with the children's show puppets) had a kid named "Ratio Hornblower".
* ''Series/MondayMornings'' had a nice ActorAllusion. Ioan Gruffudd played a doctor and his boss asked him several times if he was familiar with the concept of "captain of his ship".
* In one episode of ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'', Jake Sisko is editing a manuscript, but sharp-eyed viewers can spot that the text is from ''Commodore Hornblower.'' Appropriate, as ''Star Trek'' took in a lot of inspiration from Hornblower.

!! Literature
* In one ''Literature/HonorHarrington'' novel, the title character is reading a ''Hornblower'' book. And, in fact, the whole series had its genesis as a "Hornblower In Space" book; the matching initials are a deliberate ShoutOut and the first book is dedicated to C.S. Forester himself.

!! Comicbook
* In the world of ''Comicbook/LeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen'' , Horatio Hornblower is their equivalent to ''UsefulNotes/LordNelson'' .
!! Video Games
* In ''Age of Pirates II'', a character named Horatio Hornblower will aid the player if they ask him the right questions.

!! Web Original
* It's a running joke on this very wiki to call ''Honor Harrington'' novels ''Horatio Hornblower IN SPACE!''
* In a parody rap song "Creator/JaneAusten is My Homegirl (Series/DowntonAbbey Rap)" by Pretty Darn Funny, one part says, one part referenced the dashing sailor. [[http://youtu.be/-b_xiWmFWgYhttp://youtu.be/-b_xiWmFWgY Watch it here.]]
-->My friend loves Phillip but, I'll have to show her, no man stills my heart like Horatio Hornblower.