This is the Recap page for the AnimatedSeries ''Young Justice'' (NOT the [[ComicBook/YoungJustice comicbook it was named after.]]) See ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' for details.

'''WARNING: [[CaptainObvious MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD]]'''


[[folder:Season 1]]

!! Pilot/Episodes 1 and 2: Independence Day and Fireworks

Takes place on July 4 - 8

Teenage superheroes Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash and Aqualad - Sidekicks, respectively, to Franchise/{{Batman}}, ComicBook/GreenArrow, Franchise/TheFlash and Comicbook/{{Aquaman}} - are taken to the [[FranchiseJusticeLeagueOfAmerica Justice League]]'s headquarters for the first time, but are disappointed that they will only have limited access (read: only slightly better access than ''the public''). Speedy storms off after a rant about how disrespectfully the elder heroes have treated the younger. The League then receives a report about a fire at Project Cadmus, a suspicious research project, but get called away to deal with another crisis. The kids decide to investigate Cadmus on their own. They find out that Cadmus has been secretly creating living weapons called "genomorphs", including a [[CloningBlues clone]] of Franchise/{{Superman}} named ComicBook/{{Superboy}}. They try to rescue him, but he turns on them and captures them.

The project's director, Dr. Desmond, is told by Cadmus' [[NebulousEvilOrganization board of directors]] to [[NeverSayDie dispose]] of the young heroes and replace them with clones. However, Aqualad manages to help Superboy break his MindControl and he helps them escape. It is then revealed that the genomorphs' leader, Dubbilex, had secretly helped the heroes as he wanted them to help his brethren. Desmond tries to stop them by drinking a genomorphic chemical that turns him into [[OneWingedAngel a superstrong monster form]]. Still, the young heroes defeat him by working together. The League then shows up, and lectures the kids for acting on their own, but they stand up to them and convince them to allow them to be a team, although an undercover one. The ComicBook/MartianManhunter's niece, Miss Martian, joins the team in the end.

* The Cadmus Project is based on the DNA Project, a concept created by Creator/JackKirby for Creator/DCComics in the 1970's, including the characters of The Guardian and Dubbilex. The DNA Project became Project Cadmus after the ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths, and was later responsible for Superboy's creation.
* The name of the project that the serum used by Dr. Desmond to transform was codenamed Blockbuster, an homage to the codename his comic book counterpart used (a DC Comics CaptainErsatz of ComicBook/TheIncredibleHulk).

!! Episode 3: Welcome to Happy Harbor

Takes place on July 17 - 18

The ColdOpen has the team (sans Superboy and Miss Martian) teaming up with Speedy against a superstrong criminal. They win, and the kids ask Speedy to join the team, but he rejects them. They return to [[BuffySpeak "the secret mountain base thing"]] (Mount Justice, the League's old headquarters, where they are now based). Superboy {{angst}}s, and Miss Martian tries to commiserate with him telepathically; however this just makes him mad. Robin explains that people on Earth don't like having their minds read, and that it probably reminds Superboy of the mind control he was under. Their team mentor, ComicBook/RedTornado, then arrives. Miss Martian tries to read his mind but cannot, because he's a robot. Later the team goes on a joy ride in Miss Martian's alien spaceship. Red Tornado contacts them to tell them about an attack on Happy Harbor, the town near their base.

The villain, Mister Twister, defeats the team easily. Due to being unable to read his mind, Miss Martian incorrectly deduces that he must be Red Tornado [[SecretTestOfCharacter testing]] them. Superboy gets angry at Miss Martian for 'tricking' them into thinking Mister Twister was Red Tornado. Twister attacks somewhere else, seeking to fight Red Tornado. Miss Martian comes up with a plan and tells the team via telepathy.

Red Tornado shows up and takes on Twister by himself; he seems to be defeated. Mister Twister tries to reprogram Red Tornado. Surprise! It's actually Miss Martian in disguise (she can change form at will). Mister Twister is defeated by the kids using real teamwork. His chest opens up to reveal a scrawny guy inside, meaning Twister was really a [[MobileSuitHuman robotic suit]]. Miss Martian smashes the pilot with a giant rock. The team is suitably outraged until she reveals that he was actually a robot ([[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman which makes it totally okay to destroy it]]) which she could tell since she couldn't read his mind either.

They take the broken remains of the scrawny robot back to Mount Justice. Red Tornado suspects it may have been after him. The scene cuts to a guy (who is revealed to have been piloting Mister Twister remotely) and his boss. At the end of the episode, Superboy finally apologizes to Miss Martian, leaving them on a good note.

* In the original comics, the Justice League abandoned their original headquarters for the Justice League Satellite after its secret was compromised (as said this episode); the person who betrayed them was their own teenage team mascot, Snapper Carr. Note also that there was no interim Hall of Justice headquarters (The Hall was invented for the WesternAnimation/{{Superfriends}} animated television show; it was added in the comics later).
* Mister Twister is based on an obscure ''ComicBook/TeenTitans'' villain--in fact, the very first one. Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad formed the Teen Titans after defeating Twister.
* The scientist in the end seems to be T.O. Morrow, the villain who created Red Tornado.
* The unnamed ScaryBlackMan in the ColdOpen is [[ Brick]], a minor enemy of Green Arrow.

!!Episode 4: Drop Zone

Takes place on July 19 - 23

When [[AGodAmI Kobra]] and his followers take over the drug-making operations of Bane on the island of [[BananaRepublic Santa Prisca]], Batman sends the team in their first covert mission to investigate.

They discover that Kobra is turning the Venom drug into a SuperStrength-granting serum (using the Blockbuster formula from episode 2) for a special client - The Sportsmaster. However, the kids accidentally reveal their presence and decide to deal with the situation by themselves. This leads to a conflict over leadership that has Robin pass it over to Aqualad. The kids have to join forces with Bane, who betrays them in the end (but they deal with him). Kobra escapes when faced by the whole team. The Venom factory is destroyed, and Sportsmaster escapes with a sample for his masters, The Light, who decide that the teen heroes are interfering too much.

* Kobra was a villain with his own series, created by Creator/JackKirby in the 1970s, and his group is not based on the Franchise/GIJoe characters (though it still might be a tribute when they chant his name.)

!!Episode 5: Schooled

Takes place on August 3 - 4

The superheroine Black Canary begins training the kids in combat, but is rejected by Superboy, who is already irritated that Superman refuses to acknowledge any relationship to him.

After the League defeats Amazo, an android that [[PowerCopying duplicated all of their powers]], they dismantle it and ship the remains off to a laboratory to be studied. The Team is charged with watching over the transport convoys. However, Amazo's creator, Professor Ivo, manages to recover its parts (due in part to Superboy's overconfidence) and reassembles the android. Superboy tries to fight it, but gets a beating, even with Robin and Kid Flash's help, until they outsmart him by threatening its creator, confusing it to the point that it {{telefrag}}s itself onto Superboy's fist. Even though Dr. Ivo escapes, Batman congratulates the team on a job well done.

There is also a scene in the episode featuring Bruce and Clark having a short meeting in a diner to discuss Superboy, when Batman suggests that in a way, Superboy is Superman's son, Clark storms out angrily.

In the end, Amazo is disassembled again, and Superboy accepts Canary's mentorship.

* An arrow shot by an unseen person helps during the battle; while Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad assume this to be Speedy's handiwork, it's actually the first action by Artemis in the series.
* The fight against Amazo takes place in Robin's school, [[ContrivedCoincidence apparently by accident]].
* The flying robot monkeys are obviously a ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'' reference.

!!Episode 6: Infiltrator

Takes place on August 7 - 9

A criminal organization called The League of Shadows kidnaps a scientist and forces her to create a weapon for them, a [[GreyGoo cloud of nanites]] that not only consumes matter, but can also steal data from computer systems. Speedy, now calling himself Red Arrow, rescues her but not before they get the weapon.

Red Arrow goes to The Team to ask for help in keeping the inventor safe from The League while she finishes creating a computer virus that can nullify the cloud. He finds out that Green Arrow now has a new sidekick, his niece Artemis, who has just joined the team, and he is not pleased. Her attitude rubs the team wrong as well.

The League sends the assassin Cheshire and two other villains (Black Spider and Hook) to kill the scientist, and the team fails to stop her, but she spares her target once she finds out that the virus has already been finished. Artemis almost captures Cheshire, but then lets her go when she threatens to reveal some facts about Artemis' past to the team.

In the end, Red Arrow tells Artemis that he knows she's not really Green Arrow's niece (probably because GA raised him), but he won't tell the others, unless she does something to hurt his friends.

Also, The League is seen to work for The Light, and they state that they now have an [[TheMole agent inside the team.]]

* In the comics, Cheshire seduced Speedy and had a daughter with him, whom he raised on his own [[spoiler: (until she was [[ComicBook/JusticeLeagueCryForJustice killed off for shock value]].)]]

!! Episode 7: Denial

Takes place on July 27 (Opening), August 19 - 20

Kent Nelson, once the mystic hero ComicBook/DoctorFate, is captured by Abra Kadabra (a supervillain who pretends to be a sorcerer) for Klarion the Witch Boy (who ''is'' a real sorcerer), so they can find the former source of his powers, the Helmet of Fate.

Red Tornado sends The Team to investigate Nelson's disappearance. Wally (Kid Flash), who doesn't believe in magic, pretends to do so just to get on Miss Martian's good side. But this causes problems when they try to enter Fate's Tower and its mystical defenses detect the lie.

Later on, Wally helps Nelson reach the helmet, but Klarion kills the old man. Wally then puts on the Helmet of Fate and it takes over him, turning him into Doctor Fate, who defeats Klarion by striking at his {{familiar}}, a cat. Nelson's spirit then convinces Nabu (the spirit inside the helmet) to let Wally's body go free.

Wally takes the Helmet to Mount Justice for safekeeping, and doesn't tell the team the full story of his possession (and [[ImplausibleDeniability insists he still doesn't believe in magic]].)

* Madame Xanadu, the fake seer in the episode's opening, IS a real sorceress in DC Comics - Merlin's former lover Nimue, in fact.
* Robin is absent from this episode, supposedly out on a mission with Batman. This was expanded on in issue #11 of the tie-in comic.
* Similarly, Klarion is not a Lord of Chaos in the comics.

!! Episode 8: Downtime

Takes place on August 27 - September 3

After Batman points out that he is performing poorly as leader due to homesickness, Aqualad returns to {{Atlantis}} to decide if he should stay there. He hopes to declare his love to his childhood friend Tula, only to find out that she has fallen in love with his old friend, Garth. Meanwhile, the forces of Black Manta attempt to steal a frozen creature from Atlantis, only to be foiled by Aqualad and Garth.

In the end, Aqualad decides to return to the surface world, while Manta reports to his employers, The Light.

* Artemis' name in this episode is revealed to be Artemis Crock. In the comics, [[spoiler: Artemis Crock is an archer whose father is the Sportsmaster.]] Make of that what you will.
* In the comics, Black Manta has another relation to Aqualad: [[spoiler: he's his father.]] Time will tell whether the show will use this plot point or not. [[spoiler: (WordofGod confirmation that this relationship exists suggests they might)]]
* In the comics, Garth was the first Aqualad, and Tula was his girlfriend; she was killed long before ever meeting the second. Later, Garth assumed the identity of the magic-using Tempest.
** In fact, when he uses magic, if you listen to the words you can hear him use the word "tempest" in his spells.
* In the comics, Topo is a normal octopus, rather than an humanoid one.
** There's a version of the humanoid Topo in the ''Aquaman'' series with his temp replacement Arthur Joseph Curry.
* Mera is revealed to be pregnant this episode; in the comics, Manta killed her and Aquaman's infant son.
* The frozen creature in this episode, with its resemblance to a giant starfish, is most likely [[Characters/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold Starro the Conqueror]], though apparently unknown yet in this continuity.
* The team does not work together this episode; the others are shown spending time with their loved ones (or, in Miss Martian and Superboy's case, hanging around Mount Justice).

!! Episode 9: Bereft

Takes place on September 4 - 5

Miss Martian stumbles through a desert at night, at first not even realizing she's on Earth. Superboy crashes next to her and acts feral, neither recognizing each other. Robin wakes up and learns they're in [[FictionalCountry Bialya]], having no idea how he got there and realizing there is a six-month gap in his memory. Finally, Kid Flash and Artemis wake up in a shack, also having fractured memories. Eventually, Miss Martian is able to repair their memories using her telepathy, getting Robin, Artemis, Kid Flash and herself back to normal as well as finding Aqualad, who is badly dehydrated. Superboy, however, has been captured by Psimon and Bialyan troops who are testing some new technology on him. Miss Martian goes for the rescue and ends up in a psionic duel with Psimon, who made them lose their memories in the first place. Superboy, after some help from the extraterrestrial sphere that the team was sent to the country to examine, gets his memories back and helps Miss Martian take Psimon down. The team escapes with the sphere in tow, Aqualad finally coming to.

Psimon reports to the Light, who show footage of the sphere's arrival via [[OhCrap boom-tube]] (the preferred mode of transportation for people like {{ComicBook/Darkseid}} and the ComicBook/NewGods) and remark that more will be coming.

* Artemis suggests, after seeing the bow and not having her memory back, that she's there with Kid Flash to kill him as a part of one of her dad's tests. Later after their memories are restored, Artemis denies it being reality, claiming she was just confused by a TV show she saw. [[spoiler: This suggests that she is possibly Sportsmaster's daughter as hinted last episode.]]
* One of the voices of the Light was [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Marina Sirtis]], who [[spoiler: will supposedly be voicing Queen Bee]].
* The alien sphere appears to be some variant of a Mother Box, which is technology from New Genesis.

!! Episode 10: Targets

Takes place on September 7

Peace talks between North and South Rhelasia ([[{{Expy}} Expies]] for North and South Korea) break down, and an unidentified mediator is called in. Red Arrow is at the talks in his civilian clothes, presumably to ensure no interference from any outside organizations. Just as the mediator shows up, Cheshire attacks, but Red Arrow, along with the present security forces, manages to take her down. Cut to a stunned Red Arrow (and the media, for that matter) when the mediator turns out to be... Lex Luthor.

Lex assures Red Arrow that he believes peace will give him a shot at increased profits, then hires him to help him ensure the peace talks go smoothly, although Red Arrow refuses the money. Heading to Cheshire's holding cell to interrogate her, Red Arrow witnesses her breakout by Sportsmaster. Tracking them, Red Arrow arrives to find out their boss is none other than Ra's Al Ghul.

Calling in Aqualad for backup, the pair investigate further and manage to stave off the combined efforts of Sportsmaster and Cheshire; however, Lex Luthor saves the day for his cameras when his secretary turns out to be an advanced combat android which shoots down Sportsmaster, which he quickly capitalizes on. Enthralled by the new technology, the two Rhelasias sign an accord under the auspices of Luthor. Annoyed by this turn of events, but happy the situation was resolved peacefully between the two parties, Red Arrow and Aqualad depart for their respective bases - but only after Red Arrow privately admits his respect for Aqualad and his team.

At the very end, Lex Luthor is seen talking to someone about the deal... the camera pans out to reveal Ra's as his partner in crime.

Miss Martian and Superboy attend the first day of school. Miss Martian tries out for the cheerleading squad.

* Artemis, Kid Flash and Robin are not seen in this episode.
* Miss Martian and Superboy are not privy to the civilian identity of Superman, Clark Kent. When Martian Manhunter [[SayingTooMuch suggests "Kent"]] as a last name for Superboy, they believe it to be a reference to Dr. Fate, Kent Nelson, whom they have previously met.
* Rhelasia was created by Chuck Dixon for the first ''ComicBook/BirdsOfPrey'' one shot.
* Several minor DC characters including Wendy and Marvin from the ''{{WesternAnimation/Superfriends}}'' cartoon, Mal Duncan and Karen Beecher from the Teen Titans, and Snapper Carr are seen.

!!Episode 11: Terrors

Takes place on September 14 - 16

The League captures the Terror Twins, a BrotherSisterTeam of supervillains. However, it is a disguised Superboy and Miss Martian who get sent to prison in their stead.

It turns out that Batman suspects that the various [[AnIcePerson ice-powered villains]] (all captured in the first episode) are getting themselves arrested on purpose, to be transported to Belle Reve, a prison for supervillains, and he wants to know why. While the two young heroes infiltrate it, Aqualad and Red Tornado watch from an invisible airship nearby. The prison is under the control of Amanda Waller, the warden, and the psychologist Dr. Hugo Strange.

In the prison, everyone wears collars that [[PowerLimiter inhibit their powers]] and can be used to shock them into submission. This includes the heroes; only Miss Martian's telepathy and Superboy's super senses still work.

Superboy 'befriends' Icicle Jr., a young villain whose father, the original Icicle, is the "prison boss". It turns out the villains were waiting to use their combined supercold powers to make the prison walls brittle enough to smash through. They manage to free all the prisoners. However, Superboy tricks Icicle Jr. into helping him reactivate the prisoners' collars.

In the end, Waller is fired and replaced with Strange - which was Icicle Sr.'s goal all along; they both work for The Light. Out of all the criminals, Edward Nigma, aka The Riddler, somehow managed to escape.

* Hugo Strange is an old Batman villain.
* Second episode in a row where Kid Flash, Artemis and Robin do not appear, and Robin's third overall. If we count the episodes prior to her formal introduction, this is Artemis' seventh non-appearance; otherwise, it's her and Wally's second.
* Superboy and Miss Martian kiss for the first time.
* The prison, Waller, and the concept of the inhibitor collars are all based on the DC Comics series ''ComicBook/SuicideSquad''.

!!Episode 12: Home Front

Takes place on September 22.

Artemis attends her first day of school in Gotham. When she and Robin return to the Cave, they find themselves under immediate attack. Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad and Miss Martian have been captured and are held hostage; the two [[BadassNormal badass normals]] hide in the headquarters but are given ten minutes by the supervillains to give themselves up or their friends will die.

* Robin appears to have figured out Artemis' secret identity, but she doesn't recognize him.
* The antagonists are not named on screen, but they are Red Torpedo and Red Inferno, two androids similar to ComicBook/RedTornado (he doesn't know about them though.)
* This episode has cameo appearances by Bette Kane and Barbara Gordon, the first two incarnations of ComicBook/{{Batgirl}}, who attend high school alongside Artemis and Robin. Neither is shown to have a costumed identity.
* This episode verifies the fan theory that Artemis and Cheshire are related (they're sisters.)

!!Episode 13: Alpha Male

Takes place on September 10 (Opening), September 23 - 24

The Brain and Monsieur Mallah are enslaving animals in a jungle, and Batman sends the team (which after Red Tornado's disappearance will now have a rotating Justice League mentor, beginning with [[ComicBook/{{Shazam}} Captain Marvel]]) to investigate, but Superboy overhears that Aqualad knew about TheMole, and this causes friction within the team.

* Superboy gets another pet, a wolf he names Wolf.
* The tiger in this episode is an homage to Mister Tawky Tawny, an humanoid tiger that used to be a funny sidekick to Captain Marvel.

!!Episode 14: Revelation

Takes place on October 1

[[LegionOfDoom The Injustice League]] holds the world hostage with giant monster plants. While the Justice League deals with them, the young heroes are sent to find the enemy base.

In the end, the whole thing turned out to be yet another plan of The Light, to clue the heroes away from their existence.

* Aqualad dons the Helmet of Doctor Fate to battle Wotan. He doesn't stay possessed by it though.
* The episode features cameos by several heroes not yet seen in the show including ComicBook/BlueDevil, ComicBook/PlasticMan, [[MilestoneComics Rocket and Icon]].
* Their headquarters turned out to be the same one used by the Legion of Doom in ''Challenge of the WesternAnimation/{{Superfriends}}''.
* The members of the Injustice League are Count Vertigo, Wotan, Black Adam, Atomic Skull, Ultra-Humanite, The Joker and Poison Ivy.
* The members of The Light are fully revealed: They are Lex Luthor, Ra's Al Ghul, Vandal Savage, Queen Bee, Ocean Master, The Brain and Klarion The Witch Boy.

!!Episode 15: Humanity

Takes place on October 10

T.O. Morrow holds ComicBook/RedTornado captive and creates a new android, Red Volcano, with his memories so he can defeat the Justice League. But Volcano decides instead to destroy the human race! With help from Zatara's daughter ComicBook/{{Zatanna}}, the team finds the androids, though it is ultimately Red Torpedo and Red Inferno who stop Volcano, making a HeroicSacrifice.

* Both Red Torpedo and Red Inferno (as Firebrand) are based on old DC comics superheroes (neither one was an android however.)
* The story is based on the 2009 ''Red Tornado'' miniseries, which introduced his android siblings.
* Morrow is revealed to be a very old, dying man, unlike in the comics; the younger one we see is an android.
* Zatanna is a teenager in this version.

!!Episode 16: Failsafe

Takes place on October 16

When an army of aliens attack Earth, things go from bad to worse. First, the entire Justice League (minus Martian Manhunter) is killed by alien weapons which can cut through seemingly anything. Then, when the team manages to steal one of those weapons and integrate it into Miss Martian's bioship, Artemis, Aqualad, and Wolf are killed. When the team recruits all the recurring heroes that they could think of (Red Arrow, Zatanna, Icon, Garth, and Tula), an alien mothership lands in (and totally destroys) Smallville. The team manages to get inside the mothership and destroy it, but only with the lives of Kid Flash, Robin, and Superboy, leaving just Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter alive. As they look at the mushroom cloud that used to be the alien mothership, [[FromBadToWorse another swoops down out of the sky]]. Martian Manhunter, who has been trying to remember ''something'' throughout the episode, finally remembers what it was, and stabs Miss Martian through the chest.

In the end, it was all a training exercise GoneHorriblyWrong. While the team knew going in that it was a training exercise in a virtual reality, they did not know two critical pieces of information. First, the simulation was [[UnwinnableTrainingSimulation completely unwinnable]], as the scenario would make things worse no matter what the team did. Second, Miss Martian's subconscious couldn't accept that it was just a simulation when Artemis died and forgot it wasn't real, changing the rules so that [[YourMindMakesItReal the ones who died went into a coma]]. Martian Manhunter figured out only way to break out of it was to shock Miss Martian back into reality. Afterwards, he explained to Batman and Red Tornado that her telepathic powers, though untrained, were extremely dangerous as she was far more powerful than even himself.

* The general that greets the teens when they arrive at the Hall of Justice is Wade Eiling, a character created by Creator/GregWeisman for his run on ComicBook/CaptainAtom in the 1980s. In issue #9 of the ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' tie-in comic, which takes place between the episodes "Infiltrator" and "Denial," Captain Atom sends the team to investigate a cold murder case as part of their covert ops training. Eiling is posited as the one most likely to have framed the person previously convicted of the crime--so the kids would have already heard of him before the episode.

!!Episode 17: Disordered

Takes place on October 23

In the wake of the team's last mission, ComicBook/BlackCanary acts as counselor to help them through their trauma. Superboy walks out on the counseling early, taking the Sphere with him. While out, he meets The Forever People, of the good ComicBook/NewGods - it turns out the Sphere is actually their sentient vehicle, the Super Cycle. Superboy joins the team to recover other technology from their world on Earth, and they discover a scheme by [[spoiler:{{ComicBook/Darkseid}}'s minion]], Desaad, to steal the Infinity Man, the Forever People's combined self, for himself.

* In the comics, Infinity Man was not a gestalt of the Forever People; he just traded places with them.
* Superboy gets to keep the Super Cycle, which is the team's mode of transportation in the original Comicbook/YoungJustice comics.
* The Infinity Man is treated almost like a HumongousMecha, rather than a CosmicEntity as in the comics.

!!Episode 18: Secrets

Takes place on October 31

Harm, a [[ImplacableMan psycho]] who stole the magic sword of Literature/{{Beowulf}}, stalks Artemis and Zatanna as they go on patrol. They are assisted by a mysterious girl who only says the word "Secret". Meanwhile, the rest of the team goes to a Halloween party at their school, where Marvin tries to prank them by claiming Martians are invading. Miss Martian is not amused.

* The "Abel's House of Secrets" sign is a ShoutOut to ''House of Secrets'', an old DC comics title. The host Abel later turned up in ''ComicBook/TheSandman'' with his brother Cain, who in turn hosted ''House of Mystery''.
* As part of a Halloween prank Miss Martian shapeshifts into a form reminiscent of Marvin the Martian. Like the DC Comic universes, WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes is another WB animated franchise.
** When in this disguise, Miss Martian roars. The sound used is the signature roar of Franchise/{{Godzilla}}
* At the Halloween party, Mal is dressed up as [[ 90s Superboy]], calling it "Superman, done right". Also, Karen's costume is Bumblebee, who was the main inspiration for her character.
* Harm uses the Sword of Literature/{{Beowulf}}. While the depiction of the sword is unique to the show, Beowulf actually exists in the DC Universe; he had an eponymous comic in the 70s, and in recent years has appeared in ''Wonder Woman''.
* Secret and the episode's new villain Harm first appeared in the Young Justice [[Comicbook/YoungJustice comic series]].
* This episode confirms that Robin is already aware of Artemis' real identity.
* Wally's costume is either a nod to ''Film/TeenWolf'' or ''Film/IWasATeenageWerewolf''. Megan's looks like ''WesternAnimation/CorpseBride''.

!!Episode 19: Misplaced

Takes place on November 5 - 7

Klarion the Witch Boy, with the help of four other sorcerers, casts a spell that [[ParallelUniverse splits the world in two]], one for adults and one for everyone under 18. Each half of the population thinks the other has vanished.

[[ComicBook/{{Shazam}} Captain Marvel]] discovers the truth when he switches to his adult form and is whisked to the "adults' world." He helps the Justice League get in touch with the Young Justice team, and together they attack the four sorcerers and Klarion (respectively.) ComicBook/{{Zatanna}} is forced to put on the [[ComicBook/DoctorFate Helmet of Fate]] to fight Klarion, who escapes.

After the Earths reemerge, Fate refuses to release Zatanna saying his presence is needed, until her father, Zatara, agrees to be his host instead.

In the end, the effectively orphaned Zatanna stays with the team at their Mountain Headquarters. We also see that the whole deal was a distraction so other members of The Light could recover a piece of Starro The Conqueror from S.T.A.R. Labs.

* Cameo appearances in this episode include Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Bette Kane, and Rocket.
* Klarion went to Roanoke Island to start his spell which, in Grant Morrison's ComicBook/SevenSoldiers, is tied to where Klarion grew up since his home of Limbo Town was based on "The Lost Colony" that had once tried to settle in Roanoke Island, but mysteriously disappeared.
* The sorcerers helping Klarion are: Felix Faust, Blackbriar Thorn, Wotan and The Wizard, enemies of (respectively) The [[Franchise/JusticeLeagueOfAmerica Justice League]], ComicBook/{{Etrigan}}, ComicBook/TheSpectre and the ComicBook/{{Justice Society|OfAmerica}}.
* This episode is based on the story "World Without Grown-Ups" that (in the comics) led to the formation of Young Justice in the first place.
* Zatara's fate sidesteps the CruelAndUnusualDeath he got in the comics.[[note]]Burnt to a crisp by an EldritchAbomination[[/note]]

!!Episode 20: Coldhearted

Takes place on November 11 - 13

When mysterious machines cause a snowstorm across the United States, the team must work with their Justice League mentors to stop them. Except Kid Flash, who is given the mission of delivering a human heart for an urgent transplant. He's annoyed at missing the team-up, until he finds out that some supervillains want to prevent the transplant for some reason. (The girl being operated is the rightful queen of Vlatava, an European country, and her evil uncle Count Vertigo wants the throne.)

* Key characters in the episode appear in the WesternAnimation/DCShowcaseGreenArrow short film, and the same voice actors reprise their roles.
* We learn that November 11 is Kid Flash's birthday.
* Where and how Vertigo got the snow machines is left a mystery. (Though it's implied the captured ice villains were involved and that Hugo Strange covered for them in Belle Reve.)
* The premise of Wally transporting a heart through a snowstorm on his birthday and encountering Vandal Savage comes from the comic ''The Flash'' (vol. 3) #1, the first issue of Wally's tenure as The Flash.

!!Episode 21: Image

Takes place on November 22 - 23

The leader of the Nation called {{Qurac}}, situated next to the dictator-run Bialya, has just announced plans to "reunite" the two countries under the evil Queen Bee's rule. Suspecting mind-control, Batman has the team (minus Artemis, Zatanna and Aqualad) go in to investigate. The plan goes awry, though, when they're forced to save a young boy and his mother, the latter of whom Megan seems to know and idolize. This is because she's a former actress who played the character of Megan on a TV show, on whom she based her current form. M'gann is then mind-raped by Psimon, who discovers her true form and forces her to face her greatest fear - that the others will reject her if they ever discover she is a White Martian.

* The ''Hello, Megan!'' TV show is finally shown directly after some hints or teases in previous episodes.
* It is implied that [[spoiler: Beast Boy]] will gain his powers through a blood transfusion from Miss Martian.
* Miss Martian's identity as a White Martian is confirmed.
* The TV actors have counterparts (or at least namesakes) in the comics, where they really were actors before taking up costumed identities. One example is Rita Farr, the superhero Elasti-Girl of the Comicbook/DoomPatrol. The exception is the original Megan herself, but she's the mother of the future [[spoiler: Beast Boy]].

!!Episode 22: Agendas

Takes place on November 25.

Superboy receives a message from ComicBook/LexLuthor, who is now in charge of Project Cadmus. He suspects that a second clone of Superman has been created by the project, and Superboy reluctantly goes back to Cadmus to investigate. Though Guardian assures him that no such clone has been created, Superboy discovers another clone in a capsule, labeled "Project Match". This clone proceeds to violently attack Superboy, knocking him out and escaping. After recovering, Luthor informs Superboy that he is in fact half-human, and that the other clone's full-Kryptonian DNA has driven it insane. Dubbilex, the lead genomorph from the pilot episode, guides Superboy to 'Genomorph City', an underground area where the genomorphs have been escaping to so that they could lead their own lives. The clone is there as well and Superboy uses a special patch Luthor gave to him to unlock more of his Kryptonian powers temporarily.]] After the clone is subdued, Superboy confronts Luthor directly about the incident, where Luthor reveals that he was the donor of Superboy's human DNA; Superboy attempts to attack Luthor over this news, but is subdued by the phrase "Red Sun/Son", leaving him alone some time later.

Meanwhile, the Justice League has been debating whether or not to induct new members into the League, as well as questioning the presence of Dr. Fate and Captain Marvel on the team. The episode ends with the League ratifying their decision regarding new members, though what that decision is was not revealed before the end of the episode.

* Guardian is revealed to be Roy Harper/Red Arrow's uncle, again like in the comics.
* Luthor's frequency line references [[Film/{{Superman}} Superman the Movie]].
* Superboy is confirmed to be a half-human clone of Superman, with the human DNA coming from Lex Luthor, much like in the comics.
* Superboy's "clone brother" (called Match) featured in this episode is from the comics as well, though his background and appearance are different there. In the show, he is actually the first attempted clone of Superman; Superboy was created after the pure-Kryptonian DNA drove it insane.
* Wonder Woman makes her first voiced appearance in the show, voiced by Creator/MaggieQ.

!!Episode 23: Insecurity

Takes place on December 4 - 6.

Half the team is sent to track down Sportsmaster, who is making a special delivery (the piece of Starro The Conqueror stolen in "Misplaced") to a group of villains. He's being assisted by Cheshire, and this causes Artemis to go after her rather than focus on the mission. Red Arrow (who has joined the team to look for TheMole within it) suspects her of being a traitor.

Meanwhile, the other half sneaks into Red Tornado's room to find out what he does there, and discover that he's building an human-looking body for himself.

* Artemis' parents are finally revealed to be Sportmaster and the (villainous) Huntress, just as in the comics. (Batman and ComicBook/GreenArrow are aware of this.)
* Red Arrow was admitted into the [[Franchise/JusticeLeagueOfAmerica Justice League]], but is asked by Green Arrow to join the YJ team first.
* The Franchise/SpiderMan-like villain seen at the beginning is Black Spider, an enemy of Batman. This is an in-joke since ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' writer Greg Weisman also worked on ''WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan''. Black Spider is voiced by Josh Keaton, who also voiced Spidey in said series.
* The blonde girl in the beginning is Cissie King-Jones, better known as Arrowette in the original ''Young Justice'' comic.

!! Episode 24: Performance

Takes place on December 22 - 24.

According to Robin, Batman has sent him, M'gann, Artemis and Superboy to investigate a series of robberies coinciding with the movements of a circus tour. Red Arrow, who is still suspicious of there being a mole, joins. The group joins the circus as the Daring Danger family, a group of acrobats, but finds their attempts at tracking down both the culprit and blending in hindered by a flu going around.

It turns out that the villain is The Parasite, an enemy of Superman who saps the powers and abilities of others on touch, making them his own. His danger increases much more from the talents he'd been collecting from the circus performers to those of Superboy and Miss Martian.

* The Hadron Supercollider figured in the villain's plan.
* Red Arrow concludes in the end that there is no mole in the team.[[spoiler: Which is rather ironic, given the reveal in the next episode.]]
* Superboy continues to use the power-boosting patches Luthor gave him.
* The circus they investigated was the one Dick Grayson (Robin) grew up in before his parents' deaths (they were a family of acrobats). In the end, the ringmaster recognizes him.

!!Episode 25: Usual Suspects

Takes place on December 30

Several villains (including Cheshire) lay an ambush for The Team, but the heroes beat them with help from their new member, Rocket. They retrieve the suitcase lost previously, and find it filled of strange bio-tech chips which are clearly not from Earth. Later Luthor, Queen Bee and Sportsmaster summon Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis to Santa Prisca. However, none of them betray the team, and in fact they had all confessed their respective secrets to their teammates before going there. Of the three, only Sportsmaster is captured.

Later we find out that the real mole was Red Arrow, who was an unknowing ManchurianAgent to Vandal Savage. The episode ends with the entire Justice League infected with the biotech and under Savage's control.

* ComicBook/TheAtom, ComicBook/{{Icon}}, ComicBook/PlasticMan and Red Arrow are all made members of the League. Dr Fate's membership also becomes official, inheriting Zatara's place on the team.
* In this episode, we discover that Cheshire still cares for her sister, and saves Artemis' life. Later she refuses to help her father evade capture.
* It's revealed that Superboy knew about M'gann's true Martian form since they shared a BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind in Bialya, and was waiting for her to tell him the truth.
** Similarly, Robin reveals that he knew about Artemis' shady family for a while, since he's a master detective, and decided it didn't matter.
* The Team finds evidence that the supervillain prison, Belle Reve, is under criminal control.

!!Episode 26: Auld Acquaintance

Takes place on December 31

Vandal Savage and Klarion have the mind-controlled heroes of the Justice League pretend they are now free-willed again to trick The Team, but they figure this out and escape. With help from some allies, they manage to create a cure, and sneak into the League’s space headquarters where they must battle the possessed heroes to save them. They succeed, but Savage and Klarion escape.

* The Cadmus labs are raided by The Light; among the things taken are Match and the (apparent) body of Roy, who is missing an arm.
* Red Arrow turns out to be a clone of the real Roy Harper (Speedy.) His mind control method was different from the others’.
* Some League members were missing for 16 hours, but don't remember what they did then.
* Superman finally acknowledges Superboy.

[[folder:Season 2: Invasion]]
!!Episode 1: Happy New Year!

Takes place on January 1 - 4 (after a TimeSkip of 5 years)

When Lobo publicly captures an alien disguised as the United Nations Secretary, a TV Talk show host begins spreading distrust of aliens, including the ones in the [[Franchise/JusticeLeagueOfAmerica Justice League]]. With help from STAR labs scientist ComicBook/AdamStrange, the League discovers the places on Earth where the aliens are active, and send the Justice Squad (the teen heroes) to investigate. ComicBook/BlueBeetle, ComicBook/{{Robin}} (Tim Drake) and Lagoon Boy find their main base and rescue some hostages before it self-destructs.

* A comment by Captain Atom and some simple math indicates that only 21 Leagers are currently active, while the numbering scheme indicates that the roster has 26 members. Presumably, Zatara and Red Arrow would be some of the inactive ones, but that leaves three others out of action.
* Adam Strange is not yet a [[RaygunGothic space hero]].
* Dick Grayson (the first Robin) is now ComicBook/{{Nightwing}}, and is now the leader of the team. Tim Drake has taken up the Robin mantle and joined them. ComicBook/{{Batgirl}} is also now an active hero and member of the team.
* Miss Martian and Superboy are no longer dating, and M'gann is now with Lagoon Boy.
* Nightwing, Superboy, and Miss Martian have open invitations to join the Justice League, but they don't feel like it yet.
* Other new members include Bumblebee, ComicBook/BlueBeetle, Mal Duncan, Lagoon Boy, ComicBook/WonderGirl, and Garfield Logan as [[Comicbook/TeenTitans Beast Boy]].
* The mission the mind-controlled Justice Leaguers can't remember (from the previous episode) was in the area of the planet Rann. Whatever they did was bad enough that there are arrest warrants for the entire League, not just that particular six, in Rann space.
* ComicBook/{{Zatanna}} and Rocket have joined the League. There are also three other members to have joined in that time, one of which is Black Lightning.

!!Episode 2: Earthlings

Takes place on January 5

Superboy, Miss Martian and Beast Boy arrive on the planet Rann with Adam Strange, where they are helped by local scientist Sardath and his daughter Alanna in tracking down the Kroloteans who stole their zeta-beam teleportation technology. The heroes must sneak around since Earthlings are considered criminals there (because of what the mind-controlled League members did years ago.) They find the enemy base, but are unable to prevent it from escaping (it was actually a disguised ship).

* Adam Strange becomes a space hero.
* Miss Martian [[MindRape mind rapes]] a Krolotean to find out what the Leaguers did (not revealed this episode).
* Queen Bee is responsible for the death of Beast Boy's mother, and that Beast Boy and Miss Martian are now adoptive siblings.
* The Rannians do not speak English, so they need to use Miss Martian's mind links to communicate.
* Superboy doesn't physically age. He says he's not immortal, he does age internally, but he'll always look the same as he does now.
* We find out that Superboy was the one who ended his relationship with Miss Martian. We don't know what happened, but he implies it was because of something she did.

!!Episode 3: Alienated

Takes place on January 5 - 26

Miss Martian returns to Earth and shares what she has learned. The Kroloteans try to build a spaceship to leave Earth (since the Zeta beam transport has been disabled) at a secret island base with help from Black Manta's son. The base is found and attacked by Batman, Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter along with their respective sidekicks. Manta's son is revealed to be Aqualad, who is bitter that Aquagirl was killed and that Aquaman never told him who his actual father was. A TimeBomb (set by the Kroloteans' mysterious competitors) forces everyone to escape (except the Kroloteans, who die for refusing to believe Superman).

In the end, the six Leaguers who attacked another planet while under The Light's control must leave Earth to face a trial. Black Manta officially joins The Light, filling the position left by Ocean-Master.

* Bibbo Bibbowski, the restaurant owner from the first part of the episode, is a minor character from Superman comics.
* It is revealed that the Justice League came together to repel an Appelaxian invasion, as in the ''Year One'' comic. Several host bodies are currently on display in the publicly accessible portion of the Hall of Justice.
* The Krolotean pursued by Blue Beetle and Bumblebee claims to have been attacked by an agent of the mysterious "Competitor".
* Other exhibits include the armor of Guardian, a dismembered Amazo, and what appears to be Katana's katana.
* Tula joined the Team as Aquagirl at some point during the 5-year gap, only to later be killed during a mission.
* We see a growing embitterment towards the Justice League from the media.
* Wonder Girl is revealed to have a mother, and may be living with her.

!!Episode 4: Salvage

Takes place on February 12 - 14

ComicBook/{{Nightwing}}, Wally West (Kid Flash), ComicBook/GreenArrow, ComicBook/BlackCanary, and Jim Harper (The Guardian) give Red Arrow, who is a wreck over his repeated failed attempts to find [[CloningBlues the real Speedy]], a midnight rooftop intervention. Meanwhile ComicBook/{{Superboy}} and ComicBook/BlueBeetle track Intergang members who reanimate the Appellaxian Golems with [[ComicBook/NewGods Apokoliptian]] technology. They lose control of the combined creature, and it attempts to destroy a nuclear power plant in order to stop feeling pain. The Sportsmaster and an unseen ally (the same one working with Black Manta in the last episode) then destroy the Golem and mindwipe the two Intergang members.

* According to Superboy, the Justice League first fought the Appellaxians twelve years ago (six and a half years before the start of the series).
* Cheshire quit being a villain and married Roy, but returned to her former life when his obsession with finding the real Speedy took over everything else in his life. She just revealed to him that they have a daughter together, Lian Harper.
* Several components of Blue Beetle's history are presented in this episode. Jaime Reyes claims the Blue Beetle Scarab contains an AI that was invented by Ted Kord, the first Blue Beetle. It is implied Kord died before ever meeting Reyes, but that Superboy was familiar with his work. At several points in the episode, it is shown the technology of the Scarab and Apokoliptian technology are "not compatible".
* Wally and Artemis have retired from the superhero business and are attending the same college and still dating, as well as living together.

!! Episode 5: Beneath

Takes place on February 18 - 20

An all-girl team (composed of ComicBook/WonderGirl, Comicbook/{{Batgirl}}, Miss Martian and Bumblebee) is sent to [[{{Qurac}} the nation of Bialya]] to investigate Queen Bee's new operation (since her mind control powers mostly work on men). Despite being found out, the heroines rescue some (but not all) of several teenage runaways, who had been kidnapped by the villains for unknown purposes.

One of the kidnapped teens was Tye Longshadow, a Native American friend of Jaime Reyes (ComicBook/BlueBeetle) who was looking for him, thinking he had been kidnapped by his mother's boyfriend. He's still a prisoner.

* The Longshadows are a reference to Apache Chief from the ''WesternAnimation/SuperFriends'' show. Long Shadow was an Ultiman, based on Apache Chief, that appeared in ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague Unlimited''. Additionally, the other children still in captivity include [[CaptainEthnic an Asian, an African-American, and someone of indeterminate ethnicity.]] [[WesternAnimation/{{Superfriends}} Smart money says he's Hispanic.]]
* Psimon has recovered from the coma Miss Martian put him in. He's still working for Bee.
* Queen Bee kidnapped the kids for an unknown villain, likely the same one who has been hinted at in previous episodes.
* It appears that at some point between seasons, Queen Bee fulfilled her promise made in the last season to claim Qurac as her own, though WordOfGod says this was unintentional.

!!Episode 6: Bloodlines

Takes place on February 28

A teenage speedster named Impulse arrives on Mount Justice from the future in a TimeMachine, supposedly just to visit, and ends up [[HilarityEnsues confusing a lot of people]]. Impulse escapes Mount Justice and heads to Central City hoping to meet Barry Allen. Nightwing is able to contact both Barry Allen and Wally West about the imminent arrival of Impulse, but before Dick can finish, Impulse rushes in on Barry and his wife Iris West celebrating Jay and Joan Garrick's 70th wedding anniversary.

Impulse reveals that he is the future grandson of Barry and Iris, and that Iris is pregnant with his Aunt Dawn and father. Iris West receives a call from her boss that a supervillain is attacking Central City. Mysterious beings manipulate this supervillain named [[ILoveNuclearPower Neutron]] into wrecking havoc in Central City. Both versions of Franchise/TheFlash (Jay and Barry), Kid Flash, and Impulse work together to stop Neutron. Impulse rushes in, and while the others aren't present, uses a device to cure Neutron.

Elsewhere, Red Arrow and Cheshire, along with their daughter Lian, travel to a a Tibetan monetary in their search for the original Roy Harper. After [[ConservationOfNinjutsu fighting off an army of monastery guardians]] they finally locate Speedy and release him from stasis.

Having visited Barry, his original stated goal, Impulse climbs back into his time machine to return to the future. Nothing happens and it seems Impulse is now stuck in the present due to the machine's breakdown. We then flash-forward once again to the future Impulse came from, where it's implied originally Barry died that day and in time Neutron and others like him devastated the entire planet. Neutron himself was the one who built the capsule device that cured the villain in the past, and together with Impulse had planning all along to use the time machine to change the future for the better. Bart knew from the start that he would never be able to return home. Unfortunately, though Bart's actions save Neutron from 40 years of crime and destruction, [[TimeyWimeyBall the rest of the future is still in ruins.]]

* Barry Allen's grandson from the future, Impulse (Bart Allen), is introduced. He was one of the three founding members of Comicbook/YoungJustice in the comics, together with Robin (Tim Drake) and Superboy.
* Jay Garrick, [[UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfComicBooks the original Flash]], also appears this episode.
* The original Roy Harper is reintroduced after last being seen in "Auld Acquaintance".

!! Episode 7: Depths

Takes place on March 18 - 20

The episode opens up with a civilian clothed Wally watching the news. The political pundit G. Gordon Godfrey exposits about the imminent launching of a Earth-Mars communication satellite, showing how despite the current invasion, the government and the league are going out of their way to communicate with extraterrestrials. He is ''not'' happy.

Neither is Wally, as his scowl can attest. When Artemis comes out, he says as much. It seems that Artemis has been asked back onto the Team for a mission, and Artemis is adamant that a) Wally did the same thing a couple weeks ago and b) they need her. Besides, "You're freaking out over nothing. [[TemptingFate What could go wrong]]?"

Cut to Cape Canaveral, March 19th. Nightwing is desperately performing CPR on Artemis's fallen body. "She's dead."

[[HowWeGotHere The episode cuts back to earlier in the day]]. We discover that the team is needed to act as defenders against the launch of the Earth-Mars satellite. Superboy and Miss Martian patrol the skies disguised as Superman and the Martian Manhunter, unwilling to let the heroes' leave of absence go public. This is much to the annoyance of Lagoon Boy, who's patrolling the waters alone. On land Artemis and Nightwing act as a final line of defense.

As they wait, the characters have heart to hearts. Dick and Artemis discuss the former's return to crime-fighting, and how Wally's afraid she'll be unwilling to give it up. Lagoon Boy fumes about being without his girlfriend. Megan gets annoyed at how Connor can't even seem to act civil around him; Superboy retaliates by asking how she could [[MindRape abuse her powers]]. Megan thinks he's overreacting, until he brings up the fact that when Superboy found out, she tried to alter his mind so he'd forget he'd ever been angry at her.

Then Black Manta's forces attack.

Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian (now in mermaid form) try to hold off the underwater attacks while the troops advance onto the shore. Caught by enemy fire Nightwing and Artemis are stuck on the same side as the space craft; when it prepares to go into an early take-off, they know they have to escape, or get caught in the blast. Eventually they use a flare-arrow to blind the troops, giving them an opening.

The attackers shoot missile after missile at the space-craft, with Superboy and Miss Martian deflecting them as their non-powered friends attack the troops. They're doing well, but there are just too many. In all the confusion, Lagoon Boy gets captured.

Kaldur decides to go into the fight himself. Artemis and Nightwing try to convince him otherwise, but his mind is made up. With the force of water, he rides into battle.

Too late. The rocket takes off.

Not giving up, Kaldur shoots one last missile. With a well aimed shot, Artemis destroys it with her own exploding arrow... prompting Kaldur to attack. Nightwing springs to her defense, but the older Kaldur gets the upper-hand. He disarms Artemis of her bow, so they fight hand-to-hand. He morphs his water from hammers into a sharp blade, and stabs her straight to the stomach. She falls, gasping in pain. Kaldur hisses, "Welcome back."

Aqualad then gives the signal to retreat, for the mission has failed. But then, somehow... the rocket ''explodes anyway''. Nightwing desperately tries to revive Artemis, but it's no use. Her chest is stained with blood, and Superboy can't hear her heart beat. She's ''dead''.

On Black Manta's boat, Kaldur's father congratulates his son on a job well done. Killing a former-team-mate, completing the mission. Kaldur admits he didn't succeed; he hadn't planted the final bomb. Black Manta admitted that ''he'' did, to see if Kaldur would take credit for an achievement that was not his own. He did not, and showed he could take failure, and so passed his final test. Black Manta says how proud he is of him.

That's not the end, however. While the Team mourns, Nightwing goes to tell Wally... at least, that's what he says. He's actually waiting in a warehouse. It turns out that Artemis isn't really dead. Her death was faked. But that means...

...[[ReverseMole Kaldur never actually changed sides]].

With Aqualad and Wally watching, Nightwing presents Artemis with a magical necklace. To them, she still looks the same, but to anyone else, she looks and sounds completely different. Artemis and Wally have time for a heartfelt farewell before she leaves with Aqualad to infiltrate the Light...

* Carol Ferris, [[Franchise/GreenLantern Hal Jordan's]] love interest and occasional member of the [[Characters/GLStarSapphireCorps Star Sapphires]], makes her Young Justice debut in this episode as a member of Ferris Aircraft's Earth-Mars communication satellite project.
* Lagoon Boy becomes a captive of the Light and their partner.
* Roy Harper I (Speedy) and Bart Allen (Impulse) are mentioned as future responsibilities/recruits of the Team.

!!Episode 8: Satisfaction

Takes place on March 21

At Royal Memorial Hospital, the Roy Harpers and Oliver Queen discuss changes that have taken place since the original Roy was captured. The original Roy mentions his last memory of a botched mission investigating [=LexCorp=]. Oliver and the Roy clone fill in the blanks about what happen to Roy after he was captured and how he was replaced. The original Roy, while accepting of his clone's behavior, berates Oliver for his failures as a mentor. Oliver leaves the hospital room and seeks solace in the chapel. The Roy clone speaks to him about Artemis, Red Arrow and Speedy, convincing him that he is a good man and that the original Roy still needs him. Returning to the hospital room, they find Speedy has left through the window.

At Mount Justice, Mal, Superboy and Nightwing are updated on the Atlantean search for Lagoon Boy, the former two swearing vengeance on Aqualad. Below in the grotto, a memorial has been set up for fallen heroes which some of the team reflects on. Jaime laments the fact that he unlike almost everyone else on the team has no mentor, while Impulse assures him that they might [[NotSoDifferent have more in common than it seems]].

At Gotham Graveyard, Wally West assists Paula Brooks as she grieves over daughter Artemis' grave site. On a nearby hill overlooking them, Sportsmaster and Cheshire make plans for avenging Artemis. While Cheshire's plans are to make penance for not protecting her sister by killing Aqualad, Sportsmaster is only concerned with power plays within The Light and wants a reckoning with Black Manta.

The original Roy locates one of Green Arrow's safe-houses. Breaking in, he takes weapons and equipment, before using a zeta to travel to Metropolis. Red Arrow and Green Arrow speculate that Speedy will attempts to get revenge on Lex Luthor.

In Ivy Town, Wendy wishes Conner a happy birthday. The two share a moment on a park bench.

In Dakota City, several female heroes attend Raquel's bridal shower, though the celebration's mood is slightly ruined by the remembrance of Artemis' death. On the roof tops overlooking the party, Captain Cold is secretly casing a bank for a robbery.

Lex Luthor and Mercy survive Speedy's initial assassination attempt. After retrieving a suitcase, they try to flee through an underground parking garage. Speedy and Mercy engage in close quarter combat.

Captain Cold makes his move, but the bank heist is cut short when he is charged by a group of female heroes. A very big OhCrap moment ensues.

Speedy eventually is able to disable Mercy, but armed security guards stop him before he can get his revenge on Lex Luthor. Lex points out that Speedy could kill him, but only at the cost of his own life. Lex offers him the contents of his briefcase, asking what he really wants, revenge or satisfaction.

Green Arrow and Red Arrow finally catch up to the original Roy, who reveals the contents of the suitcase to be a prosthetic arm supposedly superior to even Mercy's. The original Roy now goes by the codename Arsenal.

* The 4 monuments to fallen heroes shown in the grotto are: Ted Kord, Artemis, Jason Todd (the second Robin), and Aquagirl.

!!Episode 9: Darkest

Takes place on March 23 - 24

Even after the capture of Lagoon Boy and the murder of Artemis, the Light still do not trust Kaldur's devotion to his father and new allegiance, and to finally prove his devotion must capture Blue Beetle. Willing to do anything to cement his position, Kaldur agrees, creating a team composed of himself, the Terror Twins, Junior and his new-right hand partner, Tigress.

Impulse, who felt like hanging out with his new BFF Jaime, secret identities be damned, shows up at Blue Beetle's door unannounced. The two of them go to show off their stuff in the desert when they're attacked by Kaldur's team. Although they're outnumbered five-to-two, and the fight is close, the two of them manage to escape, even stealing Kaldur's tracking device. However, upon reaching Mount Justice, Nightwing doesn't congratulate them on their new "souvenir" but chews them out for bringing an unknown alien tech into the cave.

Meanwhile, Mal attempts to spend some quality time with his girlfriend Karen, feeling they never interact outside their super-hero identities. However, she's still too engrossed with her work with Dr. Palmer, so he gives up, disheartened.

It turns out that Nightwing was right about the unknown tech. It was actually a Trojan which completely shut down all of the cave's security systems. Kaldur's team infiltrates the cave, managing to knock-out and disable Superboy, Wolf, Impulse and Nightwing. Although Blue Beetle withstands their attacks, Kaldur presents a bomb- which, should he be attacked, will instantly blow up the cave. Fearing for his friends' lives, Jaime surrenders. Only wanting meta-humans, they leave Super-boy and Nightwing behind, keeping the others captive.

At least for a while. The scarab is none-too happy about Jaime's peace-loving ways, and is finally fed up with it. The scarab takes control of Jaime's body and attacks Kaldur; however, it turns out that Aqualad was bluffing, for Mt. Justice remains untouched. Kaldur escapes with the captives, but no one dies.

Except that the rest of his allies doubt his sincerity, thinking his bluff yet another sign that he holds a softness for his previous team. He knows what he has to do, and signals to Tigress (who is, of course, actually Artemis) to blow up the cave. It explodes in a massive explosion, shocking everyone.

Mal spots the explosion, and quickly arrives to find Mount Justice completely obliterated. Thankfully, Nightwing, Superboy and Wolf, though unconscious, were saved by Sphere and are floating out in the harbor. Mal arrives just in time to wake Superboy up and carry Nightwing's body back to short while the cycle shuts down to repair herself.

Later, an infuriated Wally storms into the Justice Hall library, asking what the Hell happened. Nightwing explains it was necessary, as a secret slipped flash-drive from Kaldur details. He's been given information to track Lagoon Boy, and by extension, all the other hostages. The attack was necessary to secure his place in the Light, and he took precautions to ensure everybody escaped alive. And if the Cave was destroyed...well, it was just a place.

Wally remains unconvinced, saying there were far too many risks, and people came ''very'' close to dying. He's terrified for Artemis, and wonders if Aqualad is actually a triple agent, playing Nightwing.

Whether the risks were justified or not, the plan seems to have worked. Kaldur'ahm is accepted by the Light, who introduce him to their associate; the episode ends before it's revealed to the audience.

* We see Beast Boy watching "Hello, Megan!", presumably to help him remember his mother.
* Sphere greets Kaldur when he enters the Cave, and does not attack, showing she still trusts him. It's also possible that the reason that Wolf did not stir at Artemis's presence was that he trusts her scent.

!!Episode 10: Before the Dawn

Takes place on March 30 - 31

The Team launch a mission to rescue Lagoon Boy, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Impulse and the rest of the civilians from the Light's new partner - revealed to be the Reach, who have conducted series of ''extremely'' painful experiments. We are also introduced to one Black Beetle, an alien with Jaime's powers but much more advanced, who wants to get Blue Beetle working for the Reach again, regardless of whether Jaime agrees (or is alive).

The Team manages to infiltrate the ship and rescue the hostages, but all hell breaks loose, especially when a large portion of the Team is locked in with the immensely powerful Black Beetle. Impulse, however, is mostly determined to rescue Jaime - revealing that in the future, Blue Beetle is the worst villain of them all, and basically causes the apocalypse. Meanwhile, M'gann confronts Kaldur'ahm... but the cost of the confrontation shocks her to the core.

Eventually, the Team escapes, all accounted for, and now aware of the Reach. Before they can warn the world, however, it seems the invaders have preempted them, announcing themselves as peaceful visitors. The episode ends with a less-than-reassuring shot of an entire army of ships, just waiting in the Mariana Trench.

* This episode was originally scheduled to air Oct. 13 on CN, but was preempted at the last minute. It can still be watched through iTunes as of Oct. 14th.
* Among the hostages saved is one Virgil Hawkins, aka [[WesternAnimation/StaticShock Static]], and as the credits reveal, Stephanie Brown, a future Batgirl.
* M'gann learns the truth about Kaldur and his status as a FakeDefector, but in the process {{Mind Rape}}s him, leaving him a drooling heap. Artemis just barely manages to save him from a furious Beast Boy, and M'gann spends the rest of the episode in a HeroicBSOD.
* Gordon Godfrey returns to voice his kind opinions on the Reach, much preferring their presence to that of the JL.

!!Episode 11: Cornered

Takes place on April 1 - 2

As Captain Atom participates in a political outreach with the Reach, Black Canary debriefs and consoles the abductees the Team rescued, and the Team itself tries to find accommodations for those who lived at Mount Justice. After Mal rejects the dingy warehouse in Bludhaven that Nightwing sets up, the group of he, Superboy, and Miss Martian move into the Hall of Justice.

There they are attacked by Despero, an interstellar gladiatorial champion seeking a challenge by Earth's mighty heroes. He physically disables Zatanna and bests Captain Marvel and Superboy with minimal effort. M'gann is reluctant to mentally assault him, so Mal dons a costume and distracts Despero under the guise of "Guardian," buying M'gann enough time to free Zatanna, who uses her magic to disable the alien. Enraged, Despero's majordomo L-Ron self-destructs; Captain Marvel saves everyone, but the Hall of Justice is destroyed in the process.

Furthermore, the force field set up by L-Ron remains active. The Reach's ambassador uses his technology to deactivate it, revealing the existence of the Watchtower shortly thereafter. The male members of the Team move to the Watchtower, M'gann moving into J'onn's apartment in Chicago. Meanwhile, Black Canary debriefs Captain Atom and Nightwing about their understanding of the Metagene. As this happens, Jaime Reyes enters and, against the advice of Impulse and his scarab, reveals his role in Impulse's Bad Future and insists to have the scarab removed, regardless of the cost.

* The Hall of Justice has been destroyed and the existence of the Watchtower has been outed to the world at large.

!!Episode 12: True Colors

Takes place on April 7 - 9

The Reach have partnered with Lex Corp, ostensibly to improve crops and help feed poor nations. Alpha team (composed of Robin/Tim Drake, Impulse, Blue Beetle and Arsenal) are sent to investigate.

Meanwhile Sports Master, concerned about his reputation after Aqualad killed Artemis, meets with Black Manta and Vandal Savage and demands Aqualad's death. When they refuse he attacks, only to be stopped by his replacement Deathstroke. He escapes in a helicopter piloted by Chesire.

Alpha team manages to get a sample of the additive the Reach are using and are about to escape undetected when Arsenal destroys some equipment. They are attacked by Black Beetle. A CurbstompBattle ensues, but they are rescued by a mysterious Green Beetle, who appears to be Martian.

They escape to the Kent farm and Green Beetle reveals he is a Martian archaeologist who discovered a scarab on Mars. It bonded with him and tried to take control but was unprepared for his Martian biology. Apparently thousands of years ago the Reach sent the scarabs to developing worlds so they'd have inside agents when they invaded. He heard about the Reach on Earth [[AliensStealCable through television]] and decided to help.

Meanwhile, Luthor and Savage meet and discuss how the heroes got the additive, as expected. Food with the REAL stuff the Reach added is already being shipped out. They also look at pictures of the abductees the Reach had experimented on and comment that with how effective the Team has been, maybe they need a team of their own . . .

* The Atom and Bumble Bee tried to remove Jaime's scarab but were unsuccessful.
* Robin is about to tell Nightwing about Arsenal's actions, but decides against it.
* Vandal Savage has borrowed Psimon from Queen Bee so that he may bring Aqualad out of his catatonic state . . .and so he can put together his memories.

!!Episode 13: Fix

Takes place on April 9

The team questions Green Beetle. Miss Martian establishes a psychic link with Green Beetle but feels uncomfortable probing his mind, so he gives his thoughts to her. He tells the team that the Reach's additives will over generations make humanity docile and unable to resist (which they knew) and that they included stuff that will allow them to track potential meta humans (which they didn't know). They decide to go to the League but are doubtful the public will believe them.

Meanwhile Psimon is about to read Aqualad's mind. Artemis/Tigress hits him with a dart that will knock him out for weeks, though he reads her mind and attacks her before he passes out. Hoping Miss Martian can help Aqualad, she convinces Black Manta that Miss Martian put a "psychic virus" in Aqualad's mind and that the only way to undo it is to kidnap her and get her to fix his mind.

At the Chicago Zeta tube, which is in a junk yard, Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy have some brief drama when Artemis/Tigress and Deathstroke attack. Lagoon Boy's leg is broken and Miss Martian, mind linked with Artemis, goes along with it. She wakes up with a collar restraining all her powers but her telepathy, and is told by Black Manta if she helps Aqualad she'll live. Miss Martian is afraid that Aqualad will attack her if she goes in his mind, so Artemis comes with her. Aqualad's mind is a ruined version of Atlantis, and a version of Tula attacks them. Her attacks don't harm Artemis since she realizes it's not real, but hurt Megan since she feels guilty about what she did. Artemis finds what's left of Kaldur and brings him to Miss Martian. As they talk to him Tula disappears, and Miss Martian helps Aqualad rebuild Atlantis, though it will take many days. Later in private, Black Manta tells Artemis/Tigress that after Aqualad is healed he will kill Miss Martian anyway.

* Nightwing reveals Aqualad's fake defection and Artemis's fake death to Superboy and Lagoon Boy. (It's implied Superboy already knew from Megan.) He defends Nightwing in front of Lagoon Boy but in private reveals what Miss Martian did to Aqualad and chews him out for keeping secrets.
* Green Beetle helps Blue Beetle gain complete control of his Scarab. Blue Beetle is thrilled but for some reason Impulse is less than thrilled.
* Black Manta assumes, incorrectly, that his son and Tigress are involved in an amorous relationship.

!! Episode 14: Runaways

Takes place on May 13 - 14

The abductees are at STAR Labs, where scientists have them test their powers for hours at a time. Because of this (and Eduardo's anger at his scientist father) they decide to escape. "Neutron" is worried that his powers will come back and believes they're being kept at STAR Labs for their own good, so he calls security. Here (except for Tye) they get to show off their powers: Virgil can control electricity, Eduardo can teleport and Asami can propel herself with kinetic energy. A power outage lets them escape. They go to a bus station and discuss what to do when STAR personnel and Blue Beetle find them. Tye uses his power of creating a giant astral projection of himself to help them escape again, though he has trouble controlling it.

Blue Beetle finds them and tries to convince them to go back, even revealing his identity as Jaime. He convinces them to go with him to Green Beetle, but Nightwing gives him a new mission: Red Volcano is attacking STAR Labs looking for parts of AMAZO, and he's the only one close enough to stop him. The runaways follow him.

The Runaways are no match for Red Volcano, so they mostly evacuate civilians while Blue Beetle fights him. As they fight, Blue Beetle displays a highly uncharacteristic ruthlessness, unleashing his full firepower without regard for the safety of nearby civilians, or even that of the runaways. He eventually destroys Red Volcano and insists the runaways come with him, but is soon distracted by the arrival of the press, who he shows off for. The runaways ditch him in disgust.

They're found by Lex Luthor (revealed to the audience to have been behind Red Volcano's attack). Luthor tells them he was responsible for the power outage and that despite being partnered with the Reach, he doesn't trust them. He offers them the chance to work for him.

* Asami can only speak and understand Japanese.
* It's revealed that Green Beetle has not reprogrammed Blue's Scarab to put him in control of it, but has instead put him and it under the Reach's control. It seems Green Beetle was a mole for the Reach after all.

!!Episode 15: War

Takes place on April 2 (Opening), May 23 - 26

On Rimbor the Leaguers who had been mind controlled by Savage stand trial, though they're having trouble convincing the aliens of their innocence. Suddenly there's a commotion as the alien audience receives news that the Reach is on Earth. Savage is secretly in the audience, and he tells the warlord Mongul that if the Reach were to conquer Earth and harvest it's metahumans as super soldiers it would be disastrous for him. Mongul immediately takes his [[Franchise/StarWars Death Star]]-like ship, the [=WarWorld=], to go destroy Earth.

While the heavy hitting Leaguers protect Earth from the [=WarWorld=]'s missiles and lasers, the Team goes inside to defeat Mongul, turn off the power, and steal the crystal key. The Reach, who had previously maintained that they only had one peaceful ship, are forced to use their hidden ships to stop some missiles from "spoiling the meat".

Eventually Mongul is defeated, the power disabled and the crystal in the hands of Blue Beetle. Guardian II/Mal and Bumblebee, who had been having relationship trouble the whole season, finally reconcile. Suddenly, Blue Beetle attacks everyone. Arsenal panics, in fear of being captured again, and opens an airlock, nearly sucking everyone out into space. Blue Beetle seals the airlock before he is sucked out but the oxygen is drained and Beetle easily knocks out the rest of the Team. Arsenal, however, escapes into the [=WarWorld=].

* Thanks to translator devices we hear the Kroloteans speak English for the first time.

!!Episode 16: Complications

Takes place on May 27 - 28

Aqualad has fully recovered, but pretending to still be catatonic to save Miss Martian from being killed by Black Manta. Cheshire and Sportsmaster attack, with Sportsmaster going after Manta and Cheshire going after Aqualad. Megan's telepathy is cut off by the collar before she can explain things to Chesire. She destroys the camera watching them, but Cheshire knocks her out. Aqualad talks to Cheshire, but she doesn't believe him. Artemis deactivates Megan's collar, but of course Megan has been knocked out. Artemis fights Sportsmaster while Manta goes to save Aqualad until Megan finally regains consciousness. She, Kaldur, Spotsmaster, Cheshire and Artemis all meet in Artemis's mind, proving she's alive. They then stage a fight that allows Miss Martian, Sportsmaster and Cheshire to escape. During this fight Aqualad "recovers" to save his dad and the collar control room is destroyed, so he and Artemis are still undercover.

In the B plot, Blue Beetle explains to the league how a boom-tube opened up from the floor and took the rest of the team. It's confirmed that there was boom-tube energy on the [=WarWorld=], but Nightwing goes to do some detective work. He finds battle scars, and Robin's bird-a-rang, which has microscopic bits of Beetle's armor. He later sees a news broadcast where the Reach praise Beetle as the hero who single-handedly stopped the [=WarWorld=], and Beetle in turn praises the Reach. Nightwing of course realizes that they've been had.

* Cheshire tells her mother about Artemis being alive.

!!Episode 17: The Hunt

Takes place on May 27 - 30

The Justice League is guarding the key room on the [=WarWorld=]. For some reason the Reach are keeping the captured Team and the crystal key on a different part of [=WarWorld=]. Miss Martian and Nightwing are searching [=WarWorld=] for the Team but are having difficulties (Hey, it's a big planetoid). Also on [=WarWorld=], Arsenal is narrowly avoiding being captured or killed by the Reach, who are looking to tie up loose ends.

Lex Luthor gives the Runaways a mission to rescue the Team and a fatherbox that will track Kryptonians (more specifically Superboy) and teleport them near his location.They fight some Reach goons and meet up with Arsenal but when they reach the prisoners Black Beetle attacks them. Arsenal frees Mongul to distract him. He also tries to get the crystal key but it has been stolen by Deathstroke.

At this point they're found by Nightwing and Miss Martian, who had found Sphere and used her to track Superboy. They take the Runaways, Arsenal, and the Team to the bioship. Nightwing offers the Runaways a spot on the Team but when he hears about Arsenal's stunt with the airlock he kicks him off the Team. The Runaways are grateful to Arsenal for helping them, so they angrily reject Nightwing's offer and Arsenal joins them. When they boom tube back to their hideout they're contacted by Luthor. Arsenal tells the others how Luthor was responsible for his kidnapping and the loss of his arm. He also correctly deduces that the whole mission was a distraction so one of Luthor's men could take the Key. The Runaways decide to stop taking orders from Luthor and go on their own.

* The Reach Ambassador and Blue Beetle do some more propaganda, but when the Ambassador appears on G. Gordon Godfrey's show he is called out for lying about their fleet.
* The Runaways go their own way and Arsenal goes solo.

!!Episode 18: Intervention

Takes place on May 30, June 13 - 14

The episode opens with Green Beetle assisting Black Beetle in putting Mongol back in stasis. They immediately check up on the crystal key afterwards, finding it missing. As such, they decide their next objective should be to guard the key chamber so nobody could reactivate the [=WarWorld=] without their approval.

On Earth, we learn that Jaime Reyes is conscious while under Reach control, but all he can do is communicate with the Reach and his controlling Scarab. After defeating Toyman in Metropolis, he is accosted by Batgirl and Impulse. After a little analysis, the Scarab defeats the two and prepares to kill them under the Reach's orders. However, this was just a distraction for Rocket and Zatanna to combine their powers into a containment field that the Scarab doesn't know how to break out from. The Reach impotently threatens the Team members, Jaime snarking back the whole time.

To the Reach's frustration, the Team does not return to their home base, but instead heads to Bialya. After swiftly dispatching of some of Queen Bee's minions, they head into some ruins with scarab-themed architecture. Zatanna begins a ritual on the retrained Blue Beetle, but Green Beetle is sent to intervene. He is countered by the rest of the Team, who were secretly keeping guard over the site. The Scientist asserts that Black Beetle should join the fray, but the Ambassador insists that he has everything under control. He doesn't; Zatanna completes her ritual and frees both Beetles from Reach control.

Jaime resumes a non-hostile partnership with his once-again independent Scarab, Green Beetle enjoys freedom for the first time in a long while, and the Team exposits on the ritual and the Scarab's background. Meanwhile, Queen Bee talks to her beat-up minions, revealing that they actually threw the match and that while everyone else is struggling, the Light's plans are still running smoothly.

* Miss Martian breaks up with Lagoon Boy in the episode's B plot.
* "On mode" agents of the Reach are conscious of their actions, but unable to do anything besides communicate with the Reach.

!! Episode 19: Summit

The Reach meet with the Light (minus Luthor, Queen Bee, and Klarion) to discuss their grievances with each other. Kaldur, Tigress/Artemis, Deathstroke, Ra's assistant Ubu, and Monseiur Mallah are the Light's body guards. During a brief scuffle between the two groups Ra's al Ghul notices Artemis's charm. When the fighting is done he rips it off, revealing her identity. With her and Kaldur's cover blown, Deathstroke shoots them both; however, Kaldur had been holding a deadman's switch, activating a pre-recorded hologram revealing that the Reach and Light were both playing each other. They had made an agreement that the Light would help the Reach conquer Earth in exchange for positions of power, but the Reach saw them only as pawns. Meanwhile the Light held back the Reach (among other things neutralizing their mind control drink and letting Blue and Green Beetle be cleansed) as part of their plan for Earth to gain the galactic spotlight. Also, the meeting between the Light and Reach has been recorded and will be used as evidence in the intergalactic trial of the Justice League.

Then, surprise! Aqualad and Artemis aren't really dead, because Deathstroke was really M'gann. Several Team members come out of hiding to attack. Savage reveals Klarion and Ra's calls upon his League of Assassins, but some of the assassins are Team members in disguise. Outgambitted!

A battle ensues, resulting the captures of Black Manta and the Brain, along with the prior capture of Deathstroke. Savage and Klarion teleport away. Ra's is killed by Black Beetle, and Ubu takes his body to go resurrect him. Black Beetle takes the Reach Scientist but, citing his numerous failures, relieves the Ambassador of his post and leaves him for dead.

The Team celebrates, Aqualad is reinstalled as Team leader, and the Reach's crimes are revealed to the world. Savage and Klarion knock out the Leaguers guarding the [=WarWorld=], dump them on the Watchtower, and flee with the planetoid. Because the Earth's invitation to the Reach has been revoked, Black Beetle resolves to simply destroy the planet to eliminate evidence of their tampering.

!!Episode 20: Endgame
Miss Martian and Superboy arrive on Rimbor to use the evidence gathered to exonerate the 6 League members, but the verdict has already been made: guilty. However, they're able to convince the corrupt court that if they show how just they are by overturning the verdict, more people will come to their court, and that means more bribes.

The Team attacks the Reach. Black Beetle destroys Green Beetle's Scarab and tries to do the same to Blue Beetle, but it backfires and his own Scarab is destroyed. When their scarabs connected Blue Beetle learned the Reach's plan: they've deployed 20 drone-guarded devices around the world. They are causing disasters and will use the magnetic field to destroy Earth.

Meanwhile as the Leaguers on Rimbor head home the planet receives a message from Savage: he will no longer tolerate alien incursions to Earth. He then flies by in the [=WarWorld=].

Lex Luthor has made a computer virus that can shut down the devices so the not-busy League members, the Team, and even the Runaways stop them. However they missed one and it's already activated. Flash, Impulse and Kid Flash run counter clockwise to the device so the energy will bleed into their speed trails. Unfortunately, since Kid Flash is slower than the other two energy hits him and he begins to fade away. He tells Flash to tell Artemis and his family that he loves them. [[TearJerker *sniff* At this point the screen gets blurry for some reason.]]

The world saved, the Reach are taken by the Green Lanterns to face trial on Oa. The Leaguers from Rimbor return. Luthor has been made head of the UN. Virgil, now "Static" has joined the Team with Black Lightning as his mentor. The other Runaways (save Arsenal, who remains a solo act) have quit the hero gig. Impulse has become the new Kid Flash and Artemis has changed her identity to Tigress. Robin and Wonder Girl are now dating. Miss Martian and Superboy flirt. Nightwing decides to take a break and the Team now shares the Watchtower with the League.

Meanwhile, the [=WarWorld=] approaches Apokolips. Vandal Savage and Godfrey approach Darkseid. Savage and Darkseid shake hands, Savage proclaiming, "Business as usual."

Or it would've been if this wasn't the final episode.