'''Warning, spoilers!'''

Coming directly off the previous episode, Dreadwing wants to counterattack the Autobots for having lost the star saber, but Megatron clearly points out that the star saber [[StoryBreakerPower has rendered any attack meaningless for the cons.]] While Dreadwing then points out that they have a prime relic as well [[ChekhovsGun in the Forge of Solus Prime]], Megatron also points out that they need a prime to use it. This then gives him an idea on how to get the edge on the autobots.

Meanwhile Optimus is listening to an age old message [[spoiler: from Alpha Trion. It's revealed that he sent all the relics to earth.]]

* AGodAmI: Megatron tries to convince Optimus that they are gods because of [[spoiler:the power they both now wield]]. See YoureInsane below.
* AppendageAssimilation: [[spoiler: Megatron gains the power of the Primes when he grafts the right arm of a deceased Prime onto himself]].
* BadassTransplant: [[spoiler:Megatron gains the power of the Primes by cutting off his own forearm and replacing it with one from a dead Prime. Bonus points for wanting to stay awake during the operation and barely even flinching]].
* ChekhovsArmory: [[spoiler:Alpha Trion sent the Iacon relics to Earth, not to keep them out of Decepticon hands, but to put them in Autobot hands, for he knew that the war would come to Earth.]]
* ChekhovsGun: Specifically for the episode, take a look at Smokescreen's right arm before he and Arcee go through the Ground Bridge. (This ties into the below spoiler)
* [[spoiler: DisneyDeath: It seems that, like Cliffjumper, we barely met Smokescreen before he died. Except that he turns out to have been wearing the Phase Shifter, which saved his life.]]
* FlingALightIntoTheFuture: Alpha Trion's message to Optimus. Also doubles as a [[spoiler:Fling a ChekhovsArmory into the Future!]]
* ForgedByTheGods: The Star Saber. [[spoiler:And its evil counterpart, the Dark Star Saber; forged from the blood of a god, by Megatron using a hammer of the gods.]]
* GraveRobbing: How Megatron obtains the means to use the Forge.
* ICallItVera: [[spoiler:"I call it the Dark Star Saber! Slayer of Primes, if you will."]]
* OhCrap: Easy to miss but Optimus gets one when [[spoiler:Megatron shatters the Star Saber]].
* StatusQuoIsGod: The Star Saber [[spoiler: is quickly destroyed after one episode. It gets repaired for the season finale, but it never again plays such a prominent, powered up role.]]
* TakesOneToKillOne: [[spoiler:Megatron forges his own evil version of the Star Saber to fight Optimus on equal footing, and it appears for a while that they are at a MutualDisadvantage where LikeCannotCutLike... until a particularly forceful BladeLock cuts the Star Saber in half.]]
* YoureInsane:
-->'''Optimus:''' I am but a soldier, Megatron. And you are a prisoner of your own twisted delusions!