West and Gordon pursue Norbet Plank, murderer and bookkeeper for a crime syndicate, to the town of Epitaph, Colorado, where he expects to be protected by his boss, Diamond Dave Desmond. The agents hope to bring down the syndicate by capturing Plank and forcing him to turn over the organization's records. Working from within and without Desmond's gang, the agents do finally manage to get hold of Plank, but getting ''into'' Epitaph proves to be a whole lot easier than getting ''out'' again.

!!Tropes present in this episode:
* AffectionatePickpocket: Artie does this to a guy performing a NeckLift on him.
* BadHabits: Artie poses as a ConMan posing as a preacher. (Got that?)
* ChandelierSwing: James West does this during a bar brawl.
* FemmeFatale: Rhoda Ransom, who works for Desmond but isn't above double-crossing him just a bit if it suits her own interests. She captures and then betrays Jim when the agent refuses to help her.
* KavorkaMan: [[InformedAbility Apparently]], Norbert Plank.
* OneLastSmoke: Artie, who is about to be executed by the gang, asks for one. He then uses it to set off the fireworks hidden in his cart.
* PhotographicMemory: Norbert Plank has one. [[spoiler:He keeps all of the syndicate's records in his head as a form of life insurance.]]
* TownWithADarkSecret: Epitaph is basically owned by the syndicate.