West and Gordon ride into Justice, Nevada on their vacation, only to find that some internationally famous criminals have arrived ahead of them, apparently to attend a funeral. They investigate, despite hindrances thrown up by Sheriff Blayne Cord, and find that a woman named Lucrece Posey has assembled the gang as part of a plan to form a world-wide criminal organization. West ends up captured by the group, Gordon infiltrates it and together they try to make all the trouble for pretty Posey that they can.

!!Tropes present in this episode:
* AnimalAssassin: In the series' grand tradition of, uh, "borrowing" from the James Bond franchise, Film/DrNo's spider-on-the-pillow scene is echoed here, with Artie in Bond's place.
* BusmansHoliday: Jim and Artie are on vacation... for about five minutes. Once they notice the group of infamous criminals walking around they realize that relaxing is going to have to wait.
* DivideAndConquer: When Artie arrives, posing as Ascot Sam, there are five other men in Posey's gang. Before his deception is exposed, he manages to get two of them killed by two of the others.
* ImpersonationGambit: Artie is very effective in his pose as Ascot Sam, especially since it seems that no one else in the gang has met the man. [[spoiler:At least until the real Sam shows up.]]
* ImposterForgotOneDetail: [[spoiler:Ascot Sam has a scar from a bullet wound on one shoulder and Posey knows it. Artie doesn't - until it's too late.]]
* SheCleansUpNicely: Jim tries to work on Posey by invoking this trope, suggesting that if she fixed herself up a bit and put on a dress, she'd be a beautiful woman. She eventually takes his advice and he seems very pleased with the results. [[spoiler:So pleased that he relaxes his guard and she uses the opportunity to escape.]]