With the complicity of his beautiful secretary, Miss Piecemeal, Governor Bradford is secretly abducted and replaced with a double. Fortunately he had already become suspicious and dispatched a letter to President Grant, who in turn has sent West and Gordon to investigate. Miss Piecemeal and the imposter, who is growing increasingly nervous, attempt to dispose of the agents without arousing their suspicions, while the brains behind the operation continues with his plans to bleed the state treasury dry... all for the sake of art.

!!Tropes present in this episode:
* AWolfInSheepsClothing: Governor Bradford's double. The agents don't realize he's an imposter until he (or rather, Miss Piecemeal) has taken advantage of their ignorance several times.
* IdenticalStranger: The governor is kidnapped and replaced with an actor who happens to look exactly like him.
* ImpostorForgotOneDetail: In fairness to Sam, it would be very tough to hide the fact that unlike Governor Bradford, he ''isn't'' left-handed.
* ItMustBeMine: The villain of the week is dead set on building up the world's most spectacular art collection, no matter what it takes, all for public display - except the ''Mona Lisa.'' That one's going to be for his eyes only.
* ObfuscatingDisability: Among the gang of toughs who attack Jim and Artie at one point are ones disguised as cripples.
* StealingFromTheTill: The entire point of the kidnapping and subsequent masquerade is so that the BigBad can appropriate state funds.
* YouHaveFailedMe: The villain of the week makes it very clear that death is the penalty for failure in his organization. Miss Piecemeal seems to be accepting of this fact [[spoiler:right up until given an opportunity to escape her punishment, at which point she chooses life and switches sides.]]