When Apu's mother from India comes to visit him to remind him of the arranged marriage that was planned for him since he was a child (which was referenced before on "Much Apu About Nothing"), Apu decides to pose as Marge's husband while Homer is sent to live in the Springfield Retirement Castle.

!! Tropes:

* ArrangedMarriage: Apu is reminded that he has to marry a girl who was betrothed to him when they were children. He doesn't like the very idea of it.
* BachelorAuction: Despite not being a contestant, Apu wins, being the most desirable man of the bunch. He quite enjoys it, too, dating several women.
* BaitAndSwitch:
** When Apu tells his mother he doesn't want to get married, it at first looks like his mother will accept his decision...but then she tells him to prepare for the wedding.
** When a mouse appears in front of an elephant, the elephant looks like it'll act on the elephant stereotype of being afraid of mice...but then it squashes the mouse.
* {{Bowdlerization}}: The UK version of this episode (Channel 4 showings only) edits out Bart and Lisa's InnocentlyInsensitive questions about the bindi on Apu's mother's head (particularly Bart and Lisa asking if it changes color based on mood and if it's a third eye that can see into the future).
** Originally, the book Bart used as kindling for the sacred fire was a Bible. When Mike Scully (the showrunner at the time) realized how tasteless the joke was, the scene was re-animated so that way the Bible was redrawn as a hymnal.[[note]]The 'bible' version was NEVER broadcast, despite some people insisting otherwise - the change was made during production.[[/note]]
* CasanovaWannabe: All the contestants at the bachelor auction. Moe, in particular, walks straight to the "Rejects" section almost immediately after being introduced.
* ContinuityNod:
** When Bart see Apu pass by on an elephant, he says he'd like one, to which Lisa reminded him of [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS5E17BartsGetsAnElephant Stampy.]]
** At the wedding, an Indian band plays "Close to You", [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS2E12TheWayWeWas the same song that played when Homer and Marge first met]], as they're dancing together.
* CoverVersion: An Alf Clausen instrumental of "My Guy" plays when Barney is led off the stage.
* DeathGlare: Moe gets an audience worth of these at the BachelorAuction, after Krusty's introduction presented him as someone who likes ''"women who take their clothes off for money"''
** Homer also gets plenty from the Hindu attendees at Apu's wedding during his hilariously blasphemous attempt to derail the wedding by pretending to be Ganesh.
* EekAMouse: When a mouse crosses the path of the elephant Apu's riding on, it raises it's hoof...[[SubvertedTrope before bringing it down and squishing the mouse]].
* EpicFail: Homer's attempt to derail the wedding by pretending to be Ganesh. One of the guests inevitably takes offence and chases Homer around the garden. It ends with him stuck up a tree, being pelted with rocks and sticks while plaintively whimpering "All will die!"
* FakingTheDead: When Apu's marriage scam is exposed to his mother and she forces him to go through with his ArrangedMarriage, Homer suggests Apu do this, but Apu, having had enough of Homer's schemes, tells him to shut up.
* FawltyTowersPlot: {{Lampshaded}}.
-->'''Apu:''' Is it me or do your plans always have some horrid web of lies?\\
'''Homer:''' It's you.
* GoodTimesMontage: Apu enjoying life as a bachelor.
* LaserGuidedKarma: Despite the fact Homer was trying to help Apu with all his schemes, he kind of deserved the beating he got from the elephant at the end of the episode.
* MakeoverMontage: There's a montage of Apu trying out different haircuts. For every variant, Homer gives Apu a thumbs up.
* MusicalisInterruptus: Marge interrupts Krusty's closing number at the bachelor auction:
--> '''Krusty''': Well, I guess that's it, folks. ''(singing)'' Had some laughs, killed some time-\\
'''Marge''': Apu, you're a bachelor, get up there!\\
'''Apu''': Oh please, I am nothing special.\\
'''Marge''': Don't be shy. Uh, excuse me, excuse me, we have one more bachelor!\\
'''Krusty''': ''(singing)'' Cashed the check- ''(band stops playing)'' WHAAAAA?!
* OhCrap: Homer when he realizes he forgot to inform Marge of the fake marriage plan until Apu arrived at the house with his mother.
** And again when one of the wedding guests takes offence at his hilariously blasphemous attempts to derail the wedding by pretending to be Ganesh.
-->'''Homer''': Stop chasing Ganesh! You're just gonna get more wrath!
* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: It turns out the girl who was promised to him grew up into a lovely woman. Manjula didn't feel any more inclined to marry Apu than he did, and did say if it didn't work out she was willing to get a divorce, but they ended up falling in love with each other.
* ShoutOut:
** Moe walking onstage at the bachelor audition, and immediately heading to the "Rejects" section was a parody of an incident involving Redd Foxx at Las Vegas. He was planning on doing stand-up, but when he realized there were very few people in the audience, he walked straight off. This was also parodied in "Trash of the Titans" this same season.
** During the GoodTimesMontage, Apu goes to a hair salon called "Hairy Shearers", in reference to Simpsons voice actor Creator/HarryShearer.
* ShownTheirWork: The writers studied Hindu wedding traditions, such as sending a lotus as a message.
* StatingTheSimpleSolution: Homer's first suggestion is for Apu to simply tell his mother the truth that he's not ready to get married. It's only after Apu squashes the idea that he suggested the marriage scam.
* TheThingThatWouldNotLeave: After finding out that Apu's not actually married to Marge, his mother decides to just have the wedding at the Simpson house. Marge goes along with it for some reason. Lisa's the only one to question why, though.
-->'''Lisa''': Why is that woman still living here?