Episode - 4F03\\
First Aired - 11/10/1996

After Bart gets mugged for his ''Star Trek'' belt by Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney, Homer confronts their fathers and gets beat up as well -- but ends up scaring them when he takes all of their punches and doesn't react, prompting Moe the bartender to train Homer to be a boxer.

* AsHimself: Michael Buffer, doing his legendary [[CatchPhrase "Let's get ready to RUUUUUUUUUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLE!"]] opening at the Drederick Tatum match.
* EpicFail: When Moe had Homer punch a pad to test his strength, Homer couldn't even harm the fly caught between the glove and the pad.
* GenerationXerox: Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney all look like their fathers (though Kearney's father should be older if Kearney is established to be OlderThanHeLooks -- unless it's the same with Kearney's father), only Dolph's dad has an eyepatch over one eye instead of his hair.
* KarmaHoudini: As usual, Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney get off scot free for beating up Bart and stealing his utility belt, Homer contacting his parents only leads them to beat ''him'' up instead.
* MadeOfIron: It's explained that Homer has an unusually thick skull and an extra layer of fluid around his brain, which allows him to sustain many heavy hits in boxing. [[SubvertedTrope Unfortunately, it fails him as he faces Drederick Tatum.]]
* NegatedMomentOfAwesome: As Homer is getting pounded by Tatum, Marge is yelling that he has to fight back because he's not going to tire down. So Homer takes a swing at Tatum... who simply steps of the way before hitting Homer on top of his head.
* NeverTellMeTheOdds: Homer tries to stop the discussion about his impending fight against Tatum this way when Lisa reveals that Vegas odds have Homer winning at a thousand to one.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Lampshaded. Homer notes that Lucius Sweet looks like and sounds like Don King. Paul Winfield, who plays Lucius, had previously played Don King in an HBO movie. And Drederick Tatum is an obvious parody of MikeTyson.
** The Fan Man is a parody of James Miller.
* NoSell and StoneWall: Thanks to a rare medical anomaly that renders Homer near-invulnerable to knockout punches. Since he has weak boxing skills, Moe advises Homer to absorb everything these boxers can throw at them and then eventually wear them out before Homer simply uses a weak punch or a push to beat his opponents. The trope flies completely out the window when it quickly becomes clear the fearsome Drederick Tatum is far stronger and more capable of punishing Homer than any of his opponents.
* RecycledScript: According to the writers on the DVD commentary admit that this episode is pretty much the season seven episode "Homerpalooza," only it's centered on boxing rather than popular music.
* ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules: Moe ultimately gets Homer out of the match just before Tatum gets to KO him, much to the anger of everyone, especially Lucius Sweet, [[SweetAndSourGrapes though he still receives his check for $100,000 for the fight]].
* ShoutOut:
** The boxing montage spoofs a similar montage in ''Film/RagingBull''. One of Homer's wins in the montage resembles the George Bellows painting "Dempsey and Firpo".
** Towards the end, Lucius tells Moe [[Film/{{Rocky}} "You'll always be a loser"]].
* VictoryByEndurance: All of Homer's victories as a boxer. He can't win unless his opponents become too tired to resist someone who can't even harm a fly caught between the glove and a pad.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The writers admit that they never resolved the "Bart loses his utility belt" storyline.