Episode - 4F16\\
First Aired - 4/13/1997

Bart commits credit card fraud again (see season five's "Lady Bouvier's Lover" where he steals Homer's credit card) -- this time, by filling out a credit card application under Santa's Little Helper's name and going on a catalogue shopping spree -- which leads him to buy a wonder dog named Laddie.
!!This episode contains examples of:
* TheAce: Laddie
* LickedByTheDog: Laddie's affection towards Mr. Mitchell ''appears'' to be this...until he pushes the marijuana out of his pocket.
* RecycledScript: ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'' did a similar episode (season three's "Master the Possibilities") where Al tries to apply for a credit card and finds a credit card approval letter in the mail for Buck the dog, then gets the idea to use the card after Marcy tells him that it's legal to keep anything you didn't send for in the mail.