Episode - 4F13\\
First Aired - 3/2/1997

Inspired by reading a series of books about ''[[TheBabySittersClub The Babysitter Twins]]'', Lisa decides to become a babysitter. At first, she is turned away because of her age, but after babysitting the Flanders children, she becomes very popular in Springfield. After some time, Homer and Marge decide to go out to attend the grand-reopening gala for the Springfield Squidport and leave Lisa in charge of Bart while they're out. Bart, flabbergasted by the fact that his ''younger'' sister is babysitting him, decides to give Lisa the worst babysitting experience ever, pulling such pranks as calling over Krusty for a bachelor party, dialing 9-1-1 for a "sisterectomy" and feeding Maggie coffee ice-cream for dinner. After putting up with it all, Lisa tries to attack Bart, but she accidentally pushes him down the stairs, giving him a bump on his head and dislocating his arm. Bart then tries to make sure Lisa will never babysit again by hurting himself even more, but soon falls unconscious.

Lisa tries to call 9-1-1, but they refuse service because Bart called them earlier on several phony cases, and she does;t want to call Dr. Hibbert fearing her reputation as a good babysitter will be ruined. Not wanting to wait on line at Dr. Nick Rivera's clinic, she tries to wheelbarrow Bart and Maggie (hyper from the coffee ice-cream) to the hospital, but Bart falls out into the mud near the crowded Squidport, where everyone believes that Lisa murdered Bart, is on drugs and is going to drown Maggie. The next day, Bart has been treated for his injuries and apologizes to Lisa for his actions. Lisa forgives him, but she believes that her sitting business is in ruins until she gets calls from Ned and Dr. Hibbert for her service, since they don't spend a lot of time with their children.

!!This episode contains examples of:
* BadlyBatteredBabysitter: Lisa
* HopeSpot: Despite all of her trouble, Lisa still gets calls at the end.
* ImagineSpot: Lisa tries to call Dr. Hibbert about Bart's condition, but then proceeds to have a spot where she would be blamed for it, therefore ruining her reputation.
* MistakenForJunkie: When a flashlight is shone in Lisa, causing her to recoil from the light, Helen Lovejoy accuses her of being on drugs.
* MistakenForPrankCall: When Bart is unconscious, Lisa tries calling 9-1-1, but they refuse to take it because Bart called earlier about "a sisterectomy, a severe case of butt rot, and a Leprechaun fight."
* TookALevelInJerkass: Bart, though this is justified, as he is offended over the fact that his little sister is called to boss him around. Plus, he apologizes in the end, so it ends happily.