Episode - 3F14\\
First Aired - 2/25/1996

Smithers goes on vacation after having a mental break over not being able to save Burns from being harassed by a drunken Lenny and Homer takes his place as Mr. Burns's assistant, but all the abuse Homer takes from Mr. Burns causes him to snap and punch the old man in the face, which drives Mr. Burns to be more self-reliant.

!! Tropes:
* EpicFail: Homer somehow setting fire to Mr. Burns' bowl of cereal -- after pouring milk and cereal into a bowl like any of us would normally do. It's the present image for its EpicFail/WesternAnimation page.
* FailureMontage: Homer tries to make Mr. Burns' breakfast, and screws up every single time. All meals catch fire.
* RageBreakingPoint: Burns' barrage of insults finally cause Homer to snap and punch him. This in turn caused Burns to fear him to the point where he becomes self reliant.
* SpringtimeForHitler: Out of fear his place as Mr. Burns' assistant would be taken by someone who'd eclipse him, Smithers got Homer to do the job. Homer was so incompetent Mr. Burns decided to do things by himself. By the time Smithers returned from his vacation, Mr. Burns decided he no longer needed an assistant.