Episode - 9F03\\
First Aired - 11/3/1992

Urged to be tougher on Bart when he misbehaves, a usually lenient Homer severely punishes Bart by not allowing him to see the much anticipated ''Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie'', the punishment coming after he neglects to watch Maggie (as asked to) and she takes the car out for a joyride.

* BreadEggsBreadedEggs:
-->'''Marge:''' "We'll bring back dinner."
-->'''Lisa:''' "What are we gonna have?"
-->'''Homer:''' "Well, that depends on what the teachers say, if you've been good, pizza. If you've been bad... uh, let's see... poison."
-->'''Lisa:'''' "What if one of us has been good and one of us has been bad?"
-->'''Bart:''' "Poison pizza."
-->'''Homer:''' "Oh no, I'm not making two stops!
* DeniedFoodAsPunishment: Marge tries this on Bart when she finds out that he broke Grandpa's teeth. Bart tries to call her bluff, but she tells him she's being serious. Just as the lesson is about to sink in, Homer sneaks Bart some pizza and tells him not to tell Marge and to try to behave.
* PoliceAreUseless: Especially Chief Wiggum, as he sees Maggie driving the family station wagon and thinks it's cute (along with a dog driving a bus), ignoring or at least not realizing(?) the very real potential danger to the community, other motorists and to Maggie.
* PushoverParents: Homer and Marge start out as this when they explain to Mrs. Krabappel that they have a hard time disciplining Bart whenever he does something wrong. Following her advice on being firm with him, they gradually get better at disciplining him.
* ShoutOut:
** Disney and [[LooneyTunes Looney Tunes]]/[[MerrieMelodies Merrie Melodies]] cartoons: Much of the backstory of Itchy and Scratchy dates back to the late 1920s, with the introduction of "Steamboat Itchy" (a parody of "Steamboat Willie," the first MickeyMouse cartoon). As the backstory moves to the World War II-era, the anti-AdolfHitler cartoons are similar to those pitting the good guys of various Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons produced during that time.
** ''SixtyMinutes'': The TV newsmagazine and specifically, news stories from the early 1990s detailing abuse of elderly residents of nursing homes. (Homer had threatened to send Grampa to the "the crooked home" he had seen on TV after Grampa mumbled incoherently (due to his broken-and-poorly taped-together dentures stuffed in his mouth)).
** ''StarTrek'': The opening gag is a parody of the then-ongoing series of movies. This installment: ''Star Trek XII: So Very Tired'', featuring a very elderly Captain Kirk complaining of health problems.
** "Mmmm, Film/SoylentGreen."
** [[spoiler:At the end of the episode, 40 years into the future, Bart is now Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and he and Homer go see ''The Itchy and Scratchy Movie''. The movie advertised to play after it is ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast''.]]
** [[spoiler:During the final scene, Homer and Bart's silhouettes as they enter the theater are a reference to ''MysteryScienceTheater3000''.]]
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Snake during his crime spree after breaking out of prison is disappointed that the [=VCR=] he stole plays only Beta (rather than the then prevalent VHS)); Beta-formatted [=VCR=]s had been retired from the United States' market in 1988.
* UpToEleven: Bart is the series' designated "bad boy" but most of his misbehavior is at worst harmless mischief that doesn't result in serious injury...except in this episode, where it is.