Episode - 9F20\\
First Aired - 5/6/1993

While shopping for her family in the midst of an Asian flu epidemic, Marge gets arrested for shoplifting, and her prison time (resulting from being railroaded in court and having Lionel Hutz as her attorney) has an adverse effect on the family and eventually the whole town.

!!This episode contains examples of:

* AnythingButThat: Lionel Hutz imagines what life would be like without lawyers, which features people from every race, ethnic background, creed, and color dancing under a rainbow while a non-copyright-infringing version of "I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing" plays. It sickens Hutz.
* AsHimself: David Crosby
* BitingTheHandHumor: Flanders thinks his family falling ill from the Asian flu epidemic is God's way of punishing him for watching and laughing at ''Series/MarriedWithChildren''.
* BuffySpeak:
--> '''Lionel Hutz''': I move for a 'bad court thingy'.\\
'''Judge Snyder''': You mean a mistrial?\\
'''Hutz''': Yeah! That's why you're the judge, and I'm the... law-talking... guy.\\
'''Snyder''': You mean lawyer?\\
'''Hutz''': Uh, right.
* DesignatedVillain: In-universe Marge is suddenly treated like Adolf Hitler by nearly everyone in Springfield just because she accidentally forgot to pay for a bottle of bourbon.
* EpicFail: Lionel Hutz gets busted on jury-tampering by submitting the verdict himself...on a cocktail napkin, that ''still'' says "guilty," and "guilty" is spelled wrong.
* ForWantOfANail: Had Marge not been in prison, she could've helped out with the bake sale to raise money to buy a statue of Abraham Lincoln, instead of the Jimmy Carter statue which angered the citizens so much a mass riot broke out.
* GilliganCut: After Marge was found guilty, Apu commented on how safe the Kwik-E-Mart was. Cut to Snake and an unnamed criminal loading the store onto a flatbed truck and hauling ass to Mexico.
* HarsherInHindsight: The Asian flu epidemic that plagues Springfield on the first half of the episode stops being funny, considering the hysteria over SARS, the bird flu, and the swine flu that happened in the mid-to-late 2000s.
* InsaneTrollLogic: After Marge was accused of shoplifting, The Blue Haired Lawyer pretty much accused her of being the second gunman of the Grassy Knoll. His evidence is nothing but a blue bush that looks similar to Marge's trademark blue hair. Even though it's unlikely, the jury buys it.
* {{Jerkass}}: Apu, Sanjay and the majority of on-screen characters who gossip about Marge because she forgot to pay for the bourbon even though it was clearly an accident due to how stressed out she was.
* LaserGuidedKarma: The majority of Springfield treating Marge like a pariah comes back to bite them big time when riots break out after the city purchases a statue of Jimmy Carter instead of Abraham Lincoln, all because they couldn't raise enough money to buy Lincoln. The reason behind this is because, had Marge been able to help out with the bake sale used to fund the statue's purchase, they would've made just enough to buy Lincoln.
* SewerGator: A sewer gator appears trapped in the Simpsons toilet - and battling Grampa:
-->'''Bart:''' "We flushed the gator down the toilet, but it got stuck halfway, and now we have to feed it."
* ShoutOut: Tattoo Annie's tattoo on her back is one to MadMagazine
* SpecialGuest: Creator/PhilHartman as Lionel Hutz and Troy [=McClure=]
* TakeThat: The crowd goes into a riot when, instead of an Abraham Lincoln statue, a Jimmy Carter statue is built.
-->'''Random Townsperson''': He's history's greatest monster!
* VomitDiscretionShot: When Arnie Pie is giving his helicopter news report, he gets sick and vomits out the copter window. We don't see it, but smash cut to Otto, who is about to sunbathe. The camera takes the viewpoint of Arnie's vomit, which falls towards a screaming Otto.