Episode - 9F17\\
First Aired - 4/1/1993

An [[AprilFoolsPlot April Fools' Day prank]] leaves Homer in a coma. As the family waits to see if he'll recover, they [[ClipShow recount moments from previous episodes]]...[[LeaningOnTheFourthWall of their lives]].
!!This episode contains examples of:
* AchillesHeel: Homer's is beer, according to him.
* AprilFoolsPlot: Bart's prank for April 1 lands Homer in the hospital.
* BeyondTheImpossible: Somehow, Bart shook the beer can so hard that it exploded upon opening rather than spraying in Homer's face.
* BigEater: Homer temporarily recovers from his belief that he'll never walk again to reach the candy machine, prompting a repeat of his "Land of Chocolate" fantasy sequence.
* ClipShow: The first one, and, as the title suggests, one that the writers had no choice but to do. On the DVDCommentary, they admitted to feeling overworked as Season 4 went on, so Creator/JamesLBrooks suggested a clip show to take the edge off.
* DeadlyPrank: Bart's beer can prank ends up sending Homer to the hospital where he eventually winds up in a coma.
* DisproportionateRetribution:
** The flashback explaining the origin of April Fool's Day shows pagans burning Christians at the stake over a harmless prank.
** Bart's prank was way disproportional too, sending Homer to hospital due the beer can explosion. Downplayed, as he probably didn't expect it to happen and was deeply regretful about the whole situation.
* EstablishingShot: Lampshaded when Lisa's memory of playing the saxophone for Homer in "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" cuts to outside the house.
-->'''Mike Reiss:''' Lisa's memory cut to an establishing shot.
* EverythingMakesAMushroom: The can of Duff beer that Bart stuck into a paint mixer was so fizzled up, the resulting mushroom cloud was seen by Chief Wiggum and Lou a few blocks away.
* FromBadToWorse: Bart's prank lands Homer in the hospital where he's told he may never walk again. After making his way to the candy machine, Homer is put into his coma when the machine falls on him and the chocolate falls into his mouth, cutting off his breathing.
* MindScrew: While Homer and the family are reminiscing about Homer's past survival, Marge brings up Homer's coping skills, cueing a clip of the alien abuduction scene from [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS2E3TreehouseOfHorror Treehouse of Horror]], which is usually non-canon.
* MoralMyopia: Bart, in retaliation for a series of mean spirited April Fools pranks pulled by Homer, [[AprilFoolsPlot finally pulls one over on him]], only to accidentally send him into hospital (and getting in a coma afterwards). After Bart confesses to the prank, Homer wakes up and strangles him. This is just plain wrong, because Homer pulled some harmful if not potentially deadly pranks, including duct-taping Bart's eyes shut and putting milk in the fridge that had been next to a furnace for six weeks yet never apologized. Father of the year material he ain't, that's for sure.
* PoliceAreUseless: Wiggum is content to blow off the explosion at the Simpsons' house... until he learns beer is coming out of the chimney.
-->'''Chief Wiggum:''' I am proceeding on foot. Call in a code 8.\\
'''Lou:''' We need pretzels! I repeat: pretzels!
* PoliceCodeForEverything: The Springfield Police have a single-digit code for bringing pretzels to a scene.
* ShoutOut:
** A reference is made to ''Literature/OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest'', when Barney smothers Homer with a pillow, then escapes through the window and Music/DonMcLean's song "Vincent".
** The Bumblebee Man episode which Homer is watching in his TV is a reference to episode "Lavadora nueva" (new washer) from ''Series/ElChavoDelOcho''. In this episode, the main character (El Chavo) tries to use the washer but makes it to overflow.
* StockFootage: The episode is a clip show, thus uses a lot of clips from previous episodes.
** However, there is a twist on the formula, as the [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS2E8BartTheDaredevil Bart The Daredevil]] flashback contains new footage (we actually ''see'' when Homer falls down Springfield Gorge a second time instead of just hearing his cries of pain).
* WhosLaughingNow: During the flashback explaining the origins of April Fools' Day. The Christians (played by the Flanders) prank the pagans (played by the Simpsons). One angry growl later and the Christians are being burned at the stake.
--> ''[[CrowdChant "Now who's laughing? Now who's laughing?"]]''